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  1. GTroyer

    Sockeye opening

    attach it to her waist with a lanyard , when she drops it you'll be able to retrieve it ..... 'course she might be suspicious of you LOL
  2. GTroyer

    Aug 18th roll call

    Dan .. may Gods grace be with Liz and you and your family , you all will be in prayer
  3. GTroyer

    The Freightliner, has been SOLD.

    👍 congrats on the sale Dave
  4. GTroyer

    Sad day...bye bye our 12V

    good on ya
  5. GTroyer

    Seattle city loud exhaust fines

    used to be a city worth visiting on vacation , great restaurants and tourista things to do but now dodging the bums and crap on the street isn't worth getting close to there ... enjoyed many a great meal at FX McCorey's [sp?] and Metropolitan Grill and Gauchos in years gone past TOO BAD
  6. Oaks are famous for rotten centers , if it’s a big old one more than likely rotten out, one has to be extreamly cautious ( even more than normal) some of the old live oaks get 4-6’ or more diameter and are shells of 4-6 inch good wood , rest rot .. real scary
  7. Bunch of dumb azzez
  8. GTroyer

    Sad day...bye bye our 12V

    Congrats to both of you
  9. GTroyer

    Sockeye opening

    love your thoughts about fishing with crowds , I'm very sure there are several of us here that feel that way a great fishery in N. Calif used to be heaven but for many years not worth fishing .... Klamath River unless your many miles up stream and fishing Steel Head during the week when most are working ... Salmon not worth it too many A-HOLES I haven't fished there in many a year but have been in the area during season and seen the wars
  10. GTroyer


    no offense ... I can not see a difference , you do such a nice job of keeping your rig in better than show room condition !! my poor rig is a mess these days , shame on me
  11. Most call them porta power I believe just looked at harbor freight on line 4 ton $140.00 10 ton $200.00 if in your budget buy the 10 ton , because now that you own one you’ll be lending it and some smuck will blow the seals on the 4 ton one trying to do a job that needs more 😏 Oh and that smuck will forget to tell you he blew the seals and you’ll find out when you need it again
  12. Dave .. the lower priced imported ones are pretty low $$ , if no one has one to lend look at "good ol Harbor Freight" for one
  13. GTroyer


    good luck on the back holding up Paul !!
  14. GTroyer

    Annual August bomb party! Aug 18th

    starting to sound like a shop LOL
  15. I do not think they are the same ... when you install sport lights in a non sport truck there is some metal trimming that need to be done as to the turn signal IIRC they are a separate unit ... trying to remember what my wrecked 98.5 sport had and CRS is right there lol ... suggest you go to one of the after market replacement parts guys catalog and look what they show [LMC or the like]