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  1. Speaking of Peter , wonder how many SBC clutches this group is responsible for in sales , bet a ton of them Mark .. reply needed on food $$ donations / fund post . Need a paypal site for that also !! We do not expect you to buy all the meats , especially at today’s meat prices !!! I’m in for $50.00
  2. Track days for the NorCal Shelby club , my old buddy is tracking his Cobra again ( his car is a track car) .. he just installed fuel injection a couple months ago so first outing with that fuel delivery . He’s a very accomplished driver and this should be a nice addition . Fresh tires all mounted and ready to race. The engine spent several hours on a Dyno getting tuned to max power levels . Should be fun .. he de-tuned the engine and ended up with more HP with the injection lol the engine is a nasty 427 and hurts your ears with the idle rap. The track is SCCA owned and r
  3. First time doesn’t count ( learning tool lol). that radiator hose tool is probably the most versatile and used tool in my box , best to have a couple ( think I have three) keep in different boxes so have one when needed 😁
  4. Wasn’t my statement , meant as a just kidding as I know the cut off is good ( we have them in the Lexus ) correction ours in the Lexus are HID not LED
  5. Do has the bank of Dad taken a line of credit for the “after Malone” visit 😂
  6. Bunch of pimp mobiles lol J/k guys ... looking good
  7. We are looking forward to this also , been Tooooo long since we’ve been there you doing a food fund for the meats to smoke ? If so you know I’m in.
  8. Before it was lazy azzed bums , now many are affected from the Covid loss of work/homes/futures/gutless voted local government officials .... MHO
  9. So bottom line it’s all repaired now ??? sorry your new found product caused all the grief you experienced , a shame on such a well cared for beautiful boat . Hope it’s fixed and not causing more work . Are the waters you normally boat in a bit alkaline causing extra efforts ?
  10. Agree with Paul above , head gaskets changed for the better on newer trucks ( 3 gen and up ) i would recommend studs though to control head lifting by added cylinder pressures
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