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  1. GTroyer

    Doin outside work

    they also make them with a river rock front [rounded rock]
  2. GTroyer

    Doin outside work

    Looks great Hoss !!! i needed to do that at my shop but no worries now lol
  3. GTroyer

    Truck needs some love

    how funny .. brings back some good times EH
  4. GTroyer

    Truck needs some love

    They still make those lol
  5. GTroyer

    Low voltage on the gauge

    Do the newer ones have grid heaters still ? ( obvious I haven’t kept up) is they do what temps were you at , cycling ?
  6. GTroyer

    Newbie with first Dodge/Cummins, 2nd gen

    sounds like very good follow up on PM services needed , one lil thought to pass on does this truck have steering wheel tilt ? if it does when you get a chance check it [joint] for play also as they do wear or get loose from many thing including using the wheel to pull oneself up onto the seat . also FYI [sorry if you have read or are aware] many of the second generation trucks have poor steering from the factory and are RUT hunters do to the geometry and much of what you have done tightens this issue but doesn't cure it unfortunately. a steering box stabilizer helps but again doesn't cure it all. it's a brace that goes attached between the frame rails and adds a bearing that picks up the bottom of the box to stop frame flexing/box flexing. some trucks had great factory steering and there seems to be no rhyme nor reason as to why some had good or bad steering. My 2001 from the factory had the worst steering I have ever felt of any car/truck I have owned over all my driving career .. I have spent many a $$ to improve this issue and it is many times better but it being a dually is still to some degree a RUT hunter although much improved on good roads.
  7. GTroyer

    Silverwood trip

    check Costco for discounts cards / coupons also , and sometimes the local one will have them when others don't [Coeur d'Alene Costco ]
  8. GTroyer

    Silverwood trip

    already is down in Komieville , north and south and central affected , one right at the Oregon border that will probably spread into Oregon care with camp fires and outdoor tools needed , ma nature does a fair job with lightening strikes also with thunder storm activity in summers causes hellll for the fire fighters very hot temps in SoCal .. they are well into the 100's down there
  9. GTroyer

    Adding two speakers to the boat.

    use a boom box LOL sorry I have no idea
  10. safe and pleasurable travels Dave and Mrs. Dave
  11. GTroyer

    Tool Box from Longview, WA. to the Goat Ranch.

    Dan .. thoughts and prayers out to Liz and your family dealing with this.
  12. GTroyer

    Pay It Forward Tool Box

    Speaking to the man above in your behalf Ben
  13. GTroyer

    Pay It Forward Tool Box

    getting a stitch or 10 in the drooping / hanging nut sack Eh
  14. GTroyer

    Birthdays ?

    no auto listing as before, have to remember to look up now ... might be a bad thing for us CRS guys lol
  15. GTroyer

    Birthdays ?

    So where do birthdays show up these days , any daily list show ?