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  1. GTroyer

    One more sleep

    Good Luck on the hunt and have a great time with hunt buddies , be safe out there
  2. GTroyer

    School me on enclosed car haulers

    a 10' wide trailer would require special permits , wide load banners and probably a pilot rig in front and back is some states LOL 8'6" [102"] is maximum width allowed on US Highway system just a slight slip up Bob but who's is counting LOL none of us ever slip up
  3. GTroyer

    Question on brakes

    I sure like the Performance brakes I have on now [thanks again Mark Smith] , big improvement in braking and lil to no dusting
  4. GTroyer

    Thank God for new technology!!!

    I tend to leave mine at 80 on all corners as I am usually towing when using the truck , and the very few times I use it empty it's not worth the trouble getting to the inner duals on edit .. forgot to add it would be nice to have sensors on the air though given it mostly tows
  5. GTroyer

    School me on enclosed car haulers

    Go look at them and get an idea of junk/good brands look at floor material and thickness , below the floor for on center ribs/braces some are not worth buying , weak floors and poorly made with lousy welds ... just One mans opinion here email Scotty .. he did some real good shopping recently
  6. GTroyer

    New truck!

    am I reading this correctly Mark , your doing tranny oil change every other engine oil change ??
  7. GTroyer

    Failed harmonic balancer.

    Paul is asking for a new Purse to go with his outfits
  8. call BD and see if they have them ??
  9. GTroyer

    East side fishing

    light weight rod/line/reel with big fish is a hoot for sure !!!
  10. GTroyer

    Failed harmonic balancer.

    must be drive style LOL ... mine is a stocker and never replaced in 280K miles
  11. GTroyer

    New truck!

    Jerret ... the video's on the U-Joint are interesting especially the last two video's re. Axial tolerances Gotta say I am one who "learned" the old school way he refers to on the first video and never did any dial indicator measuring but it really makes sense [sorry if my spell checker changes your name to Ferret [tried to fix several times] LOL
  12. GTroyer

    East side fishing

    great catch !! 12 lbs WOW nice fish !!
  13. GTroyer

    Fall is here

    if not you can add a link or two on the ends.. EASY to do with a couple repair links I had a dedicated snow plow I used when I lived in the mountains of Komieville , the chains were used 100% of the time do to the steep mountain I plowed, I rebuilt them many times , was a fall to do list item ... cross links always worn badly in one season and side chains saw lots of wear over the seasons use also .. I kept on hand repair parts and could actually build from parts a whole chain best tool to use IMHO is a 24' set of bolt cutters, for cutting out the bad parts and they have a perfect notch right behind the jaws for re-crimping the new replacement parts... only tool needed for re-building .. I carried a bucket of assorted parts in the back end of the FJ40 plow rig so when I broke a chain I could jump out and fix it in a couple minutes.... same chain set lasted 15 + years when I sold the rig.
  14. GTroyer

    Fall is here

    It’s time up there , lucky U