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  1. Good for you, us old farts like the good metal trucks v/s today’s plastic rigs lol
  2. Did you try using a victor wrench to warm it up a bit ?
  3. Let’s hope he ( dumb Azz on leash) finds the left over broken glass the clerk who did clean up on aisle 3 left behind 😁
  4. I see two dogs also or should that be three 😖 bet she she would be the first one to complain “why are you looking at my T**s “
  5. Pics of yours Hoss , not all remember what stock is or better said which “stock rim “ you have as there were several offered . I need to investigate the prices of tires as mine have 15K on them now and look like the stock tire will wear out way before a good replacement tire would .. maybe another 15K but who knows ? Mine are now 20” but “ stock” were 18” and if tire price is huge difference might consider going down to 18’s just thinking ahead here
  6. As above .. and sorry your having to face another medical issue and pray for perfect outcome dammmmmn it’s hell getting old
  7. Let’s see now ‘bout 18 + here ... geeees where does time go and what does time mean anyway lol ... after retirement just a loud ticking in the head ‘cause your not concentrating on someone’s else’s issues and problems ( work)
  8. I was asking about the tranny for shift points and lazzzy shifts, not power level as I’m happy with what the factory level is now
  9. Mark are trying to say stock LEAVES much to be desired ?
  10. Give you boy an atta boy from us 👍
  11. Mike .. ONLY when pulling constant hills type pulling , the manual is better overall but not necessarily when your packing a bunch of higher HP. And large to medium twins AGAIN MHO I’ve driven high HP trucks with autos and much more usable in mountains when pulling up the hills but definitely not overall .. imho lots of trade offs too much power and pulling is a PIA as to drivability nice in certain instances but not overall big injectors/larger turbos/varying topography = not fun
  12. For a VP truck .. yes it’s possible but in truth on the outer end of reliability of the platform AND not a good tower in that configuration your tranny will need major improvements , your fueling needs help all the way from tank to and including injectors , obviously with air improvements as you have asked about. Big $$$$ for failed usefulness. Again for a VP injection system your asking at or very near the top of what it can produce and keeping things in prospective for towing not a good idea IMHO i have been there and failed at a good tower with big pow
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