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  1. Would love to see this event , and see my all time favorite Chaparrals run
  2. Just be sure new pins and high temp grease them on install what ever you do For my Dually, i bought new not rebuilt / reman. And slotted dimpled rotors as well as DOT 5.1 brake fluid and ended up with the best brakes I had ever had in a Dodge/Ram or any other truck for that matter .. even better than my new trucks brakes Had my Buddy Mark Smith do the install
  3. Pic #2 hummmm who’s the teacher in that one ... look at the size of that persuading tool 😁
  4. Oh as to climbing elevations the 5 /99 / 58 route is mostly down hill .. the other routes you talk about gain a lot of altitude /higher desert 5000 +/- much of the route
  5. Day time past noon will be hot on most any route you use as it starts to cool in Early October .. August and September are still hot. If you you can make the trip in later October and life will be good in most routes. I-5 is good until Sacramento but it is a easy short crossover to 99 south ( about 15 minutes if you use the lower cross over it’s just past downtown and if you miss that crossover go on south until hwy 4 crossover in Stockton also a short cross over) there .. 99 has had a lot of work done and it IMHO much better road than I-5 by far, I-5 is bad south of Sacramento north of there isn’t bad at all. If you leave your area in afternoon you’ll be down in mid/lower Calif in late evening when it’s cooling down 99 to Hwy 58 over the pass isn’t a bad pull at all and the part that is steeper is short. Find your pull over place and get back on back on the road EARLY and you’ll beat a ton of heat
  6. As you plan further.. to go south repost your route might be some input that will help
  7. Joe either route will be hot and near the same temps .. it’s not cool on the northern route shown it’s their hot season also if you plan it out and leave in the afternoon from home and use I-5 overnight somewhere and then go early the next morning you’ll beat some of the heat in Az and east .. but in all reality it will be hot either way. Also I-5 will be the less hilly way going south
  8. Every brand has its + & - issues none excluded just like our trucks I’ve pulled or seen pulled more RZR’s out of the back country than I can remember , I usually go on 100+ mile runs when I go out . That would not be my choice brand of SxS , lots of them out there so guess more opportunity for failures. Also they are a PIA to get in and out of especially if one has a back issue or is a larger person. but i’m not looking or buying so not my input as to what’s right for Gary
  9. Safe travels , good new Sis is home .. pray for healing and rehab success
  10. All above ASSUMING you are aware of how to load a trailer for proper weight distribution as that makes a huge difference with how a trailer tows . do you use any form of anti sway ? If not look into that also . Is trailer level when being towed not nose down or nose high ? Many times new towers don’t have trailer /truck set up for proper tow and make a large mistake and a towing headache by that. air bags on truck to help with load stabilization? with all above not part of the equation then borrow Grandpa’s truck and check it out for a better tow rig .
  11. Glad to see that , I need to replace the factory rear with a heavier duty ( just cause I don’t like the factory cheepo ) also would like the front one for occasional use AND collision safety
  12. Good luck finding your needs if you still look Dave , agree seams like all used vehicles prices have sky rocketed as new prices have gone through the roof it dragged the used market up also, that is unless your selling lol i do have a lil issue with seat to roof height in imports ( all of them) .. anyone over onefootone has to drive with chin on chest to keep from adding a bubble from his head to the roof on holes or dirt roads
  13. Absolutely fantastic , great job to all
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