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  1. GTroyer

    Odd wiper issue...

    Scotty ... I took the liberty , copied and pasted your concerns to the only contact I still have in the corporate headquarters and asked him to talk or forward your comments to the Canada General Manager over the buying office in Non Foods buying and also to the US counterpart .. in hopes that they would take notice and revisit the training / buying policies in the areas of concern we've been discussing here. .My contact is an original OG 30+ year guy and really cares also as to Costco's reputation / word of mouth comments in both direction good or bad
  2. GTroyer

    Odd wiper issue...

    Sorry you had that expierence , wish I could do something about that, boils my blood to hear those type of stories
  3. GTroyer

    Rear diff covers put to the test!

    A healthy large dose of skepticism is certainly called for with him AS ALWAYS . im with others re. self serving videos and his way of doing business , found the earlier videos “interesting at best “ but am over that now lol
  4. GTroyer

    Odd wiper issue...

    Got 3 Odyssey batteries in use now one old one , one in my CJ7 that’s stored at Skips place on maintenance charger, one in my Side x Side that’s replaces the stock one but I replaced it with a 925 amp one , also it’s on a maintenance charger haven’t been started in a long while . They all are different vintages from 18 years +/- as I don’t remember the exact year purchased , the one I got for the CJ7 a few months before I left Coeur d’Alene and the one in my Arctic Cat that maybe 2 years old .. not one issue with any of them. So my my expierence is 100% positive with Odyssey. Oh ya and the one I drowned for a year ( totally submerged under water growing algie on it ) I slow trickled charged it for 3 weeks and then used that battery for another few years
  5. GTroyer

    Odd wiper issue...

    Imho .. not at that price point Joe I will be replacing my Odyssey 2150 amp soon .. bought in 2001 IIRC maybe 2002 but think 2001 .. I will be buying another Odyssey 2150 for replacement yes more $$ but service life makes it worth it . Only issue with current battery is I don’t drive the truck enough and forget to put on the trickle charger to keep it topped up. This time of the year as you know is very taxing and this old one can’t do well if I don’t have the oil heater plugged in also something I forget mostly
  6. GTroyer

    Odd wiper issue...

    Just an FYI Scotty ... The Kirkland ones were made by Johnson Controls , I do not know if they were specked with higher quality than their normal batteries ... I do know that all the Kirkland Signature food items are specked higher quality than national branded products.
  7. MHO .. it's best to go to a high volume tire dealer like Discount Tire Direct [on line] to make sure the tire will be as fresh as possible as to prices , I have found them to be very competitive ... if I can't buy a tire at Costco that's where I go
  8. GTroyer

    Question on brakes

    so many choices out there many are marginal pads unfortunately ... would seem to me the standards should tighten up of manufactures on what they can put out TSB needs to be more effective with the standards. But it seems those positions are filled by greenies and not by knowledgeable engineers with vehicle safety backgrounds MHO here . seems like they are more focused on electric cars and clean air regulations.
  9. GTroyer

    Odd wiper issue...

    if it wasn't such a PIA to reset everything I'd pull the battery cables and see it if reset the computer , but all your settings would go south too I think [don't know if the new ones store memory]
  10. GTroyer

    Odd wiper issue...

    I sent you a voodo doll to ostracize it from the truck
  11. GTroyer

    Woodinville to California.

    Reasonable $$ IMHO
  12. GTroyer

    Looking for a NV5600

    be cool if you could find a location for a sight gauge
  13. hope you have better luck with that style ring compressor than I have , of course it's been many a year since I have assembled an engine but never liked that style compressor if I was there Ben I'd be all over giving you a hand ... but I'm not near ya sorry how well does that O ring style plug hold with crank case pressure ?? assume well .. I have never seen one like that.and I really don't know what pressure our engines produce either so there's that LOL
  14. remember to add a piece of carpet under the cushion so it doesn't cut down into the springs , that's the real problem with the stock ones nothing under the foam. your springs might be fine after ya dig the foam out of them and add the carpet ?? butt [no pun intended] you know the heavier guys [ME] are tuff on seats anyway LOL