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  1. Thinking we’ll make it this year lol and looking forward to it too
  2. GTroyer

    New to me - not Blue

    With your road set up a bit longer ones I would think ... just saying most folks don’t have an entry like you Rob
  3. GTroyer

    Assessing condition of 68rfe

    Kinda like we tease about nothing was done until pic’s yes I know I haven’t posted them yet lol
  4. It is .. very BTDT and have a couple T shirts , well practiced unfortunately. 🥴
  5. GTroyer

    Fire pit grill

    Make it so it uses one of your drill motor batteries 🥴
  6. GTroyer

    Elk Season 2019

    Temps low enough yet ? , need a snow to kick the rut in
  7. GTroyer

    Wanted Bench Top Drill Press

    that table turns and clamps tight ...not one of the teeth models that lower and raise by the teeth. as you said looks a bit rusty but a small cleanup of the ope through your lathe would fix the pipe with a clean up cut on the table with your new toy.
  8. GTroyer

    Elk Season 2019

    empty bag looks like do to no pic of success ???
  9. GTroyer

    Wanted Bench Top Drill Press

    70.00 Canadian converts to about 53.00 +/- a few cents in your range Ben
  10. GTroyer

    Wanted exercise bike

    When all recovered you’ll ask yourself why the heck did you wait so long, I know I did. Did both but a year apart. Good of luck with rehab Dave, sooner the better
  11. GTroyer

    Do you need a DOT# or CDL?

    Assume your relieved and can sleep now 👍😁 if if I was towing as regular as you are I’d tend to be a bit more cautious also , don’t blame you one damnnn bit
  12. GTroyer

    New to me - not Blue

    So what did u do to resolve and also loose weight ?
  13. GTroyer

    Craigslist Finds

    Saw Ben’s in use when I was there , darn nice sander !!
  14. GTroyer

    Do you need a DOT# or CDL?

    No it doesn’t Dave sorry I muddied the waters , I knew what you were asking
  15. GTroyer

    Do you need a DOT# or CDL?

    Keeping in mind they can write a ticket for ANYTHING that is non working even all the way down to a blown marker light so he sure to travel with a couple spare bulbs . The states now figure they need to support the $$ coffers via citations and have upped the cost of poker many times over past few years. Most any ticket these days is very expensive.