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  1. It will be a 100% car now , many many great miles ahead 👍
  2. the gas one or the electric one ? home depot used to have different tips for both styles but have not looked in a long time , Snap On via parts book has a ton of different tips for the high heat electric ones ( somewhere in my junk I have probably 25 different styles of tips , new ones I have never used for my soldering station)
  3. DUH really lol i want to use one for my spare and replace the junk firestone tires with Michelin , and then have some spare rims to mount additional Michelins for spares on trips [2] . been in no whereville with flats before .. now owning a single tire v/s a dually i would like to carry a spare or two on long trips.buying roadside via emergency not only gets you raped for price of replacement as well a several hours wait and usually junk tires as they rarely have what you have for exact match replacement. need not ask how I know all that useless info :(
  4. you have your thoughts I have mine 🥴 but thanks for your input
  5. Many a “quality job” is no longer do to what’s going on now or about to be gone , and also commercial rates are dropping also , allowing even better bargaining price ... the above offered 0% rates often don’t give the other discounts being offered .. buyer beware of the real bottom line pricing or actual commitment
  6. Sweet ride Paul 👍
  7. I’ll pass , they don’t match mine
  8. Might be a deal after I see what they look like ... I don’t know what all was offered in 20” rims
  9. With multi cars it never ends Eh
  10. snow in the forecast , assume your using I5 , anyway the high elevations have forcasted snows over several times in the next 10 days around the sierras , we got snow 2 times this week Just a heads up .. safe travels Buddy
  11. Had my very first water in fuel warning light after all these years of diesel , and of course right after putting in a load of fuel ( 60 gallons) from a Sinclair station .. we had cabin fever and took a drive down to Carson City about an hour from the house , diesel fuel is 20 cents a gallon lower down there so decided to load up. 15 +/- miles later ding ding ding warning light comes on. Didn't even know where the drains (2) are in this new truck . Drive it home and looked it up . So have to crawl under with snow on the ground lol for the guys with newer trucks ... can you reach the engine mounted filter drain from the top (opening hood reach down ) ??? ill do it tomorrow or next day as rain snow on forecast next several plus it’s cold and I’m just at the end of a bad chest cold boohoo lol
  12. We’ve had snow past couple days but mostly night before and last night , got about 4” is all but the most this season on the floor of the Reno/Sparks Bowl been a light year for snow around here. Way early to open up for spring. Forecasts are more snow over the next week. Home is at 4636’ according to the altimeter app. On the phone. We are hunkering down also , went out today for the first time in three week as I’ve been fighting a bad chest cold and didn’t want to pass that on to others as well as the possibility of exposing myself to the virus in weakened condition. Kelly higher elevations around this part of the states are still getting snow , traveler beware
  13. Pat do you own your home ? If you do how about a cement pad outside to work on say a 10X25 or so , room outside the width and length for crawling space 😁 whole different thing if you if you don’t own .. some sub flooring 1” or 1.25” if they make it that thick ? sheets might help not a fan of rocks in the back here BTDT but not in years and years
  14. Good to see friends in a new place Eh 👍
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