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  1. GTroyer

    1999 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT Laramie 5sp 4X4

    Hey Russ .. if your schedule allows I’d be happy to buy ya a beer or breakfast while your down here in Reno area sent you a email with phone number
  2. GTroyer

    Winch wiring on 2018 Ram

    Well worth the price of poker , have had a couple over the years .. you did find a good price , thought that wasn’t a Canadian thing = about twice the going rate usually 👍
  3. 👍👍👍 nice job guys and financier aka Bank of Dad 🥴
  4. GTroyer

    Next project

    Outdoors .. how often does it freeze there in winter ??? Might be a thought re insulation if you haven already .. especially the pump on the washer
  5. Looks very nice Paul 👍
  6. GTroyer

    Winch wiring on 2018 Ram

    I’m in the unplug the Anderson connector faster to get at just give your self a few extra inches available to hang it out a lil bit ( not much just so you can get at it quickly) after all your out front with you winch remote lead anyway (usually) .. assuming you winch normally with hood closed ??? Joe I believe they make much higher rated Anderson connectors also , low amp to high amp in their line up ... I know they use them on very high amp draw and high voltage forklift batteries as an example .
  7. GTroyer

    Project Mads

    sounds like a fun project , especially given Maddi would be involved 👍
  8. GTroyer

    New Transmission

    Pat what vintages does the box and hydro assist cover ? And a link to site where your sourcing the products please.
  9. GTroyer

    12V EGT/smoke Problem

    Have you considered a DMV search the prior owners , place a call to the last owner and ask what was done you have many ways to spend $$$ right now trying to get your needs , if you were able to find and talk to previous owner it might save you a ton of cash and narrow down what you have now .
  10. GTroyer

    12V EGT/smoke Problem

    Sounds like you have $$$$$ lots of spending to do to get the truck you want. IMHO high horsepower and towing do not mix well or even mild driving habits and high horsepower in 12 valve auto of the vintage do not mix well .. in my 24 v truck I tried to mix the two horsepower and towing and quickly found that was also the case , they don’t mix well with clean burning rig. I’m running old school turbos ( 40/3B combo) and that didn’t help but the solutions were very $$$$ also . In my defense the knowledge of the day wasn’t as high in turbo selections as today’s and the fix is again $$$$ thrown at the issue or enjoy what ya got lol some injector change or fuel plate change might help also but at the expense of the HP so the trade off on older platforms is high. We suffer from the old designs. The 12 valve being even worse for daily driver/towing with HP as it’s all mechanical , at least the 24 valve can be “tuned” down a bunch by interior switches / box adjustment Our lessons are not well received I’m sure but towing is for sure a different animal as to requirements .
  11. GTroyer

    1997 Dodge 2500 4x4

    Congrats Steve
  12. GTroyer

    Dodge Performance ECU

    Thanks Paul .. signature doesn’t show up when on phone or at least not on mine
  13. GTroyer

    Dodge Performance ECU

    Was your ecm from an automatic truck or manual truck ? also HO truck or standard truck ?