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  1. GTroyer

    The end of last years list

    Come on Down Shawn , temps in the low 70’s today and sunny Mike n Sally , Dono an Joyce , Becca and I are all here 😁 Dono and Joice are a short drive further away but I’m sure they will be here soon lol
  2. GTroyer

    1000ftlbs of torque

    The excitement mostly comes from RV world where the numbers are the magic sweet numbers for box stock pull rig iff’in I had a new one it would stay box stock
  3. GTroyer

    Builing a compound set up

    Love all the different routes folks use to make home made systems .. thinking outside the box is great shade tree work nice job 👍👌
  4. GTroyer

    2018 last year for manual trans?

    Lol Steve
  5. GTroyer

    New to me 2nd gen project

    Paul is spot on here IMHO .. replace it no matter what condition it’s in it’s one of the PM service items
  6. GTroyer

    The end of last years list

    Keep that bad boy in shape Buddy 👍
  7. Great re-do Hoss 👍
  8. GTroyer

    Project Firebird

    Rest the back and on to the next project 👍
  9. GTroyer

    Fuel milage not as good as hoped

    Don’t know about the “new ones” but my 85 Golf non turbo model ( first year Golf) needed to be in mid to higher RPM band for best mileage NO LUGGING it or mileage suffered badly , used it to commute 150 miles a day to and from the mountains to valley about 4500 ft. Elevation . Ran like a striped Azz ape if it was again in upper RPM bands .. it died a sad death when I lent it to a woman who was down n out and needed transportation ( same type drive as mine) she lugged it and pulled the prechanbers out of two cylinders and a third was on it way out but didn’t make it. I averaged 42 mpg with that commute. play with drive style and see what happens.
  10. GTroyer

    John Treibel

    amen to missing John's posting still see emails regularly but not like conversing on here like old days
  11. GTroyer

    Long drive tomorrow

    Glad u r safe n sound .. sounds like it wasn’t fun
  12. GTroyer

    Long drive tomorrow

    Joe Baker City Area is not for the weak of heart either , ice / snow and before La Grande on that hill it gets hairy also I’ve many times in winter travels had severe winter roads , and probably the most white knuckle drive of my life near Baker City towing very heavy so do your homework Buddy
  13. GTroyer

    Long drive tomorrow

    As long as it’s clear over the passes a nice drive , safe travels Joe
  14. GTroyer

    Fishing 2019

    Mark CdA or Or. ?