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  1. The reduced menu is because of they way things are made there / Covid precautions reduced menu = fewer people in that dept = better spacing of employees bla bla bla better food handling ect. those folks didn’t loose their jobs they were reassigned to jobs like the front end register areas or cleaning the carts after every use bla bla when this is over the menu menu will be adjusted again I’m sure
  2. Polish Dogs.... Not offered in food court in US warehouses , Canada is run as a separate company , different buying group and operators at the corporate offices and regional buying offices ... real treat to shop there when across the border just to see what they have v\s US warehouses and have. Polish at the food court 😝
  3. And our best back to you, prayers still active for your continued healing and relief
  4. Soooo what difference does it make if you can’t drive the truck with the nose on the ground and rear wheels three or four feet off the ground 🥴😁 lol love to see the fitment though lol
  5. 👍 have funnnnn with that old girl
  6. Electric fence and beef .. a better answer just as Mark Smith did 👍 a couple feeder calfs , one to sell one to eat .. pay property taxes off the sale of the one = no more mowing except for around the outside of the fence 👍 endless supply of great eating grass fed beef at low cost to you
  7. lol lol lol thats funny right there
  8. Lol oh so true ... besides everyone knows those are pets and don’t get slaughtered.. all the meat in stores just grows that way on trees lol
  9. Sounds like a nice rig , with a ton of options = $$$$$ to get the price way up there ... but even so many will opt for them , ability ,time or wanting a “ ready to go “ rig giving blue oval a sweet desirable rig I’m sure will do a good number on Jeeps looks like the video was speeded up to give a illusion of strength and ability .. any off roader in his right mind wouldn’t operate like that IMHO .... we’ll maybe Pat would as he’s got lots of repair $$$$$ On edit .. just looked up pricing $30”K - $61k and I’m sure you won’t pay that first year new model will 99% chance be market up from there 🥴
  10. Have Dan drop off a couple goats , aka mowing machines
  11. Test continuity at wires both sides of plugs , look at grounds ... if you already haven’t done this
  12. Ron .. if you can handle a lil snow look into the Idaho panhandle not the larger towns though , they are getting to big ( Cd’A ) but outside city limits are good just had had a good friend move to the river area between Cd’A and Post Falls some great areas around there and they can use another good country minded conservative ( plenty there now but never enough lol) some nice places in eastern Oregon but the big cities politics govern the state badly .. southern Oregon is nice too but same issues on politics Flat Head Valley of Montana and south of there is very nice too ( snow country too)
  13. 100 +/- around here ( mostly high 90’s) no rain ... water this year for totals are very low , snow pack was very low also ☹️ Be happy to trade some with you 😁
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