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  1. Change /swap the rear end 5sp v/s 6sp better gear ratios in the 6 no huge 4 to 5 ratio gap in the 6 sp where as the 4 to 5th in the 5 sp is not good especially in mountain driving no 5th gear nut issue in the 6sp as the 5 sp has is your 6sp a NV or G ? If G a much improvement over the NV ( lubrication issues on the NV needs 1 extra qt. Tranny oil. ) and G has more support for the 6 th gear over the NV over all better ratio’s throughout in the 6 sp For starters 😁 Just one one man’s opinion
  2. 7-10 lbs is all that’s needed , I know you probably said “hold my beer -watch this “ come on fess up 😁
  3. Cheep to make using PVC caps drilling a Schrader valve hole installing one and walla a test cap add to Hoss above... wonder how much crapola was being taken into the inlet air also .. “hoping “ enough outward pressured air kept it out .
  4. Congrats on job well done , even if you did have “left over parts” 😁
  5. When the tires are new they feel like they are on fingertips, after a couple hundred miles the settle in and ride “normal” .. especially the traction treaded tires , the Michelin XPS I ran for many many sets of tires between all the Dually's I had all felt that way for a couple hundred miles then settled in. If you have a heat gun suggest you shoot them in unloaded and loaded state .. ESPECIALLY if sidewalls touch after loading them. That air gap is important so heat escapes . Are these tires full steel belted ?
  6. The shops are looking to replace the high cost of lead and buying cheeped steel weights you can ask but many won’t have lead anymore
  7. Suggest you see what’s been done before adding additional HP or do anything you might just cause more headaches to yourself , auto , 5/6 speed ? , if manual what clutch if auto stock or helped out and if helped in what way older 2nd gens have weak head gaskets and that needs to be in your total HP thoughts I know you know all this but I’m just being the good devil on your right shoulder cherping in your ear 😁
  8. BOL = bill of lading , for those not in the business or knowledge of it
  9. Boy do I agree with the last part 2 Nd gen v/s third gen
  10. So thanks to the replies this was a real learning curve lol .. my unit was with the heater mounted from inside the trailer next to the fridge . Had to remove then tear apart the thing to find the sail switch ( it was hidden inside the squirrel cage attached to the inside on the cover ) I had to remove the squirrel cage cover after getting into the unit tearing it down a bit ... one big lesson have a bottle of liquid bandage handy .. four bleeders later wiping blood from floor , fixtures and me ( four separate occasions 😖 ) up down like a yo-yo for this alone . Being on Warfarin blood thinners it doesn’t take much to have bleeders, mix that with all the sharp tin and screws on this project you get the picture . Good news it’s now working and wife’s teeth removed from my Azz , we’ll be needing the heater next weekend as we go down to Mammoth Mountain for Grandsons Mountain Bike race with near freezing night time temps .. BTW Grandson on track for 4th in a row championship in his division ( he’s racing one age group above his age group) he won third in a row race last week .
  11. I know the early days of Aluminum had problems until they figured things out , that home was built in that timeframe... but sure left a bad taste in my mouth for that product.
  12. Straight line by x’s the fifth wheel ?
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