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  1. GTroyer

    2014 headlights

    No he said he was keeping it bone stock. Engine / powertrain will be bone stock to clear up any misunderstanding to you knuckleheads 😏
  2. GTroyer

    2014 headlights

    Oh guess is didn’t read Mark S post well , memory said low beams were the same as high beam oh well sorry you can bet I’ll be doing a mod on mine also .. guess I’ll break my own rule of STOCK lol and like Joe C said a while back changing the pucks out also ... it dusts so bad it’s clear back to the doors . The power service ( iirc ) brakes i had Mark S. Install for me are much better than the factory 2018 stock ... my ‘01.5 stope way better than this truck in service brake only stopping .
  3. GTroyer

    2014 headlights

    Watching also so look at the thread Mark S did about upgrading his old 2018 truck also
  4. GTroyer

    Looking at a 4th gen 2014 3500 day cab 4x4 stick....

    Thinking it must have been a dream do to the fact there is no proof positive by pics
  5. GTroyer

    6x6 Ford doing it wrong. LOL

    Highly doubt it has a lockable second axle , would be hard to do in a small axle set up unlike a class 8 rig as well as very expensive to accomplish IMHO BUT HEY I’ve been wrong on many occasions lol just ask my wife 🥴
  6. GTroyer

    1000ftlbs of torque

    Staying S T O C K I say stock. Lol got a fuel tank ordered and that’s pretty much it seeing as Scotty talked me out of Mag Hytec rear end cover and tranny pan.
  7. GTroyer

    New backup lights

    Buy the 4” airplane landing lights bulbs or ones at Napa as above 4” hole saw , 4” rubber truck light holder, walla you have some cheep easy to see BRITE back up lights ... perfect for the OLDER rigs 😝 all kidding aside many years ago we had a bomb party at Hoss’s home and Ben drilled a bunch of bumpers so many he even burnt up his cheep Azz 1/2” drill ( kidding again Ben) best back up lights I have had period light up the fourty - fifty feet behind you to daylight. Easy work light status. One caution be careful where you drill as there is the bumper braces right about where you want the lights. Yes the LED’s are cool n bright but better ??? Not it sure I want the 4” look on the new rig or drilling a chrome bumper that big.
  8. GTroyer

    New backup lights

    ok Ben link it up LOL you might have to cut holes in a new chrome bumper
  9. GTroyer

    New backup lights

    Steve.. source ?
  10. GTroyer

    Prodigy brake controllers

    The old trucks brake controller is a Jordan Optima .. great controller IMHO 👍 Been in that truck since it was new so 20 years now zero issues BTW ya did good on Dads rig too 👍👍
  11. GTroyer

    New fan from Geno's 2nd gen

    Call Genos Eric , worth your time great folks
  12. GTroyer

    4th gen tow mirrors with light on a 3rd gen

    So we will watch to see results Hoss
  13. GTroyer

    Looking at a 4th gen 2014 3500 day cab 4x4 stick....

    Not making sense ... you can register a class8 as a motorhome but you can’t reguster a CnC rig as a PU ???? Don’t seem right to me