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  1. Old school racing , but on a drag strip like Mark said .. bring enough and it better be stout .. and they call call them street cars 🥴😏
  2. Let’s seeeee oh ya I’m retired , ok ok we’ll plan on it , probably be coming from Mike’ n Sallies place going to national parks in Utah sometime after that ( waiting for school to start and cooler weather but before snow flys ) for a few weeks
  3. My 2001 SPORT had better lights than this 2018 on low beam , I haven’t done the swap YET but plan on it when I get home . As it is now I run the fog lights when ever the lights are on the day I bought the new truck I drove it home at oh dark thirty .. I had lights on and was trying to figure if I was turning on only the parking lights and not headlights it was way darker than my stock Sport 2001.5
  4. Think as long as it passes the smog your probably safe ??????? 🤞
  5. Old question asked again we ok on $$$upport funds now ?
  6. Who ever said EPA made sense hummm
  7. Imho worth every dime of that 👍
  8. And what a sweet rig Dave’s is 👍👍👍👍 I’d love to have it too
  9. Thanks for all you do Russ and Kevin , much appreciate your efforts !!
  10. Didn’t know , don’t care either as I’ve never used a face book 😁
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