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  1. Doubt that extends to Re-built titles , but don’t know for sure ... worth a call to dealer IMHO IF THAT’s important to you.
  2. Good luck Hoss edit do to fat fingers lol
  3. There will be adjustments on the height of the hitch , your leveling kit probably made a slight lowering of the bed at the same time as lifting the front . And most fifth wheel king pin boxes also have a lil bit of height adjustment . a fifth wheel with 16” tires if you can find one in your price range is also very desirable . Helps in many ways , trailer to truck heights , adjustments, load capacities , trailer heights etc . If ordering new ??? 50 amp electric service ( availability to have two air conditioners especially in longer units. If I was buying new also I’d
  4. IMHO David S post above is the best choice to fill your needs Floor space being your needs I’m assuming so you’ll be with a 29 ‘ + probably larger unit guessing as smaller won’t give you much more floor space for fur family , just keep in mind state n national parks are not well suited for longer units IN MOST CASES so RV parks are the answer there More $$ per night and neighbors usually closer our unit is a 32’A Arctic Fox measures about 34 foot plus pull frame mostly for the same reasons Jake and Rizzi take a bunch of space lol we only use RV parks unless boon
  5. YaButttt your only one foot one inch 😁
  6. Might include cost of parts , soon to be repairs might be in the scope of things too so parts are part of the equation IMHO
  7. As well as the fact our cam bores are cam to bore with no cam bearings from factory , something I have always wondered about but with our engines seeing so many miles in normal operation guess I’m overthinking it lol
  8. There is in archives a wire diagram from light switch trigger to relays to make this wiring to sports using relays , don’t remember who did it but was a good one a long time ago I had it in my “documents “ folder but long ago cleaned out sorry
  9. And when your done you’ll wonder why you waited so long to upgrade the old girl 👍 good on ya for giving yourself some more safety and night vision
  10. Yo Dog are your bumper facia deep/tall and paint matched to truck colors ( sport indicator) Is truck original new to you factory/dealership purchased , if second owner maybe first owner changed out the headlights ???
  11. Only negative I remember from the posts a long time ago IIRC the brute box ( not sure what brands were being talked about) some were tight as to the wiring length .. they worked but the posts said they wished they were a bit longer ... ya might do a search and re-read what was being talked about back then maybe not as if I remember there were a bunch of threads over the years
  12. From past when I did loose a cam , lobes ground off in less than 500 miles ( gas engine. SBC ) what caused it was the new cam old lifters were of different hardnesses and the lifters ground the lobes of the cam totally round the lifters harden and if cam isn’t treated right the lifters will eat the cam one of those cheep rebuilds when your broke and try to save some $$$ ... bad idea I found out .
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