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  1. GTroyer

    Taking input and interest

    Thinking Rob might be pre-disposed with medical issues to find time to be on the computer ??? maybe a call ??
  2. GTroyer

    205 Transfercase conversion ?

    Don’t worry our wife’s let us know how often we’re wrong just for drill lol
  3. GTroyer

    205 Transfercase conversion ?

    The 271/273 is a mighty strong one for sure.. many a sled puller can attest. gears blow up also and usually /many times take out the case , chains many times are rebuildable at lower $$ than ones like a 205 some things to weight out lol
  4. GTroyer

    Taking input and interest

    You mean that’s all , gees a low end rig. Lol just kidding Paul in case there might be doubt
  5. GTroyer

    Cerma Coating

    yea what he ^^^ said
  6. GTroyer

    Project EOS

    Did I miss a note on the results of the heads , did the guides have damage or any cracks caused by the bent valves
  7. GTroyer

    OXE 150 at Miami Boat Show

    Always interested in new stuff. !!!!!!
  8. GTroyer

    Airbag install

    You could install a small air tank / reservoir under the bed and have the reserve air needed to keep the pump to a minimal amount of run time
  9. GTroyer

    Airbag install

    Do you have tool box or fuel tool combo if so section off a piece for air pump
  10. GTroyer

    New truck def gauge

    Wonder if a high mileage driver could install a cab n chassis tank to have more capacity i know why why do I care with my old truck ... better off modified baby lol
  11. GTroyer

    New truck def gauge

    Guess something you don’t want to happen lol
  12. GTroyer

    New truck def gauge

    Any harm if DEF tank run/out dry ?
  13. GTroyer


    No really lol .. power vision here i was being a smart azz
  14. GTroyer


    I just push the button and bring them in when not needed
  15. GTroyer

    Andersen ultimate (5th wheel) hitch.

    State by state requirements, but never seen anyone question it in any state , my G/N has chains welded on so I attach them to the mount lol