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  1. superglock

    Looking for a 98.5 Smarty

    I had one on my old 99 and it worked great, I don't change settings I just put it on 9 and drive it. Thanks It would be nice to verify.
  2. superglock

    Looking for a 98.5 Smarty

    Just like title says, I picked up a 98.5 auto and want to heat it up some, Thanks for the look. Thanks
  3. superglock

    1996 2500 body totaled

  4. superglock

    3.08:1 rear end

    I might have a set of 2.56 ford 9" gears.
  5. superglock

    3.08:1 rear end

    Do some reading because I think the housings are different. The pinion hole offset might be in a different place. I think when we would look at regearing the dana60 you might have to use a ring gear spacer, Maybe. It has been so long ago I cant remember for sure.
  6. superglock

    Rebuilt 4L80E

    How tall is this from input to ground? Am interested also would like to be next.
  7. superglock

    Switching from a SBC to a 5.7 Vortec

    I like running roller tip rockers on my engines, It helps with valve guide life alot. The stock vortec heads are only good for .450 or .470 lift, Be carfull on cam choice.
  8. superglock

    trading trucks

    Well the deal is done, The old 99 is gone and the 05 is in the driveway. The old 99 had one injection pump, One track bar and 2 auto transmissions in it. It still had the factory installed ball joints, front wheel bearings, axle u-joints and all drivline u-joints. The truck was great and hope I have the same luck with the new to me 05. I will miss the truck and it feels very different in the new one, I feel lost. But excited!
  9. superglock

    Diesel runaways

    In Detroit diesel class I took the instructor said "engines over speed and mechanics run away". Also why my Dad always had a "Oh crap plate" on the tire to chock one out when ever we worked on an engine. Dad has seen some run away in his time, One took off and someone knocked the feul filters off of it and it still ran, It was running off the oil in the crankcase, Someone tried stuffing a set of coveralls in the intake and it chewed it up and spit it out in a shower of flaming material. This was on a 2 cycle Detroit diesel, I always loved the sound of one when it was running at rmp.
  10. superglock

    trading trucks

    I have a 99 4x4 with 207,500, Well maintained, New trans and main fuel pump changed around 165,000. Looks are ok. I have a chance to trade the truck toward a 2005 with 83,000 and looks great. Both have guages and low fuel pressure lights, It is a great looking truck. Of course I have to put up a fair amount of cash with the old truck. I have been serching and I have mixed ideas. The vp pump seems to be the red headed step child of the cummins, I have had pretty good luck with the old truck kind of worried about the upgrade. Anyone have any opinion?
  11. superglock

    front posi or limit slip

    Look into the true trac lsd, They word very well and drive well.
  12. superglock

    Auto trans again, 48,000 miles

    Picked up the trans on Friday, Got it put in on Friday night and t-case and shafts on. So it moves again, Changed diff oils and t-case oil while it was in the shop. Drive around a little, I will run it around more Sunday. Trans was built the first time with billit convertor, servo, arm and strut. Also had kevlar band and 5 clutch pack. Plan was to rebuild convertor and dissassemble trans to clean. Convertor was beyond repair so got another one, Cleaned and new soft seals. The bands and clutchs looked like new, I was told so they were reused. Truck seems to work good, It does feel a little different, Time will tell how it will work and if it is as good as before. Am I happy? No. Could it be worse? Yes The repair cost ok. I wish it was less but It could have been worse. The shop that did it was Apt, Automatic performance transmission, Now Known as Olympic transmission. I wish the bill was less but can live with the cost, It was out of warranty. If it works of before I will be happy, As long as it lasts a little longer this Time.
  13. superglock

    Auto trans again, 48,000 miles

    The trans is on the west side, I am on the east side.
  14. superglock

    Auto trans again, 48,000 miles

    It didnt shift that hard, It was just very firm, If you backed out just before it happened to shift it would ring the driveline pretty good. Talked with they at 5:pm tuesday and the convertor is what went bad, Trans is going to be dissassembled and cleaned, New soft parts and solinoids and what ever else it needs. Hope to be done tomarrow if the covnertor comes back from being rebuilt, Probably hope to pick it up on thursday. Anyone coming to the west side with room to carry a trans and convertor?
  15. superglock

    Auto trans again, 48,000 miles

    The bad part of letting someone else work on your truck is you have to trust them, I do beleve the proper parts were put in. I also think the convertor is the main problem and it contaminated the rest. I know it needs to be totally disassembled and asked for this as I also want to make sure nothing else is bad. The amount of aluminum in it was crazy. The convertor was a single disk billit, Billit servo and apply arm and hope the cluches were upgraded, The valve body was worked over and shifted hard and the trans was installed and adjusted by the builder.