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  1. DrSpeed

    Portland, OR to SF Bay Area (CA)

    BUMP! Still need this moved! Let me know if you have room!
  2. In a racecar, yes. In a stockish truck, not so much. The SS keeps the swelling of the line down (happens when lines get old), and the ss braid keeps it from swelling. for big tires - ss brake lines and synthetic DOT 4 goes a long ways.
  3. DrSpeed

    Portland, OR to SF Bay Area (CA)

    thanks guys!
  4. DrSpeed

    One Up Offroad traction bars

    That's true 90% of the time. HAHAHAHA
  5. DrSpeed

    One Up Offroad traction bars

    Looks great Dan! Let's get some of the entire truck and we'll add it to the OUO FB page! you know how to get a hold of me - we'll set you up with NWB pricing.
  6. Hi! Have a motorcycle - sportbike: Kawasaki ZX6R, that needs to go to the Bay Area. If anyone is headed that way - please let me know. It'll fit in the back of a short bed in an angle, and obviously in a long bed. Have cash if you have time. Thanks! Here's a photo of the bike:
  7. DrSpeed

    One Up Offroad traction bars

    Hey Dan! Is it time to come visit and borrow your trailer? 😜
  8. DrSpeed

    One Up Offroad traction bars

    Ben -the bars are adjustable in length. OD of the forward is the ID of the after bar, and slides in. You don't need to cut them. Once assembled - you drilled and pin the bars together to set the length.
  9. DrSpeed

    One Up Offroad traction bars

    Gary - those were some good times with the Gestapo crew. And yes - you can only imagine how many traction bars I've built, bought, land broken. I remember those ones! They bent so hard they nearly touched the ground!!!
  10. DrSpeed

    One Up Offroad traction bars

    Sasquatch - post up the photos of your setup! Love to see it.
  11. DrSpeed

    One Up Offroad traction bars

    Hey guys and the props from Sasquach. There are quite a few options on how you want to build out your Traction Bars / Traction Blocks. http://www.ouostore.com/ is the main site. http://www.ouostore.com/Products-Traction_Rear_Lift_Systems2.html Has the details on the bar configuration (short/long gusset), axle mount (traction blocks vs bolt on vs weld on), and different frame mount options for the rigs. All should use the besides frame mount, except the 4th Gen with AMP Steps, which require an under frame mount. The selling feature on these bars is that they don't bind up, allowing the full suspension travel. Having rod ends and joints will cause binding, which effectively changes your spring rate, affecting ride quality. OUO Traction Bars utilized OEM bushings on both the axle and frame mounts - so you don't get clunking from the eventual wear of the parts. That, and there's a lifetime warranty on the parts. Some of you guys have seen me sled pull - 800 HP and 40's, and I've never broken my Traction Blocks! So, if you break it, I'll personally see to it that you get it replaced with upgrade parts.
  12. DrSpeed

    Revival of SOTM

    I'm in.
  13. DrSpeed

    On craiglist...low low mileage

    I would rather buy a newer half ton for that price. 1500 Diesel People are high. And the new ones come with seat heaters, and tow 80% as much as the old trucks. Best part? No VP44.
  14. DrSpeed

    Misc ramblings about the boat.

    Boat name: Reel Wet or Wet Spot
  15. DrSpeed

    Truck pulls at the King County Fair. July 16 13:00

    Man - I'm out of the country!!!! <sigh......