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  1. Solved! I milked this as long as I could and then took it to a shop recommended down here. http://ntgracing.net/index.htm Why couldn't it be the FCA or something easy (and cheap!) Living in denial was easy, wishful thinking and all of that didn't correct the problem. It turns out it was the #1 injector leaking down. Replaced the injector and it starts like when I bought it. I'm now at 125K. I understand the other injectors could fail as well but the budget and all... If it happens again I'll replace all 6 and not with stock. My son has an 03 and has had no issues.... then I thought about it, his injectors fire maybe twice per cycle. I think on the 06 it's 3 times and can be as high as 5. Hmm.... gotta love emission controls (Ugh!). At any rate... back in the saddle, running well, Love the truck! Thanks guys for all the help and input.
  2. dminer

    Weds Aug 6th

    So Vaughn... what is the life expectancy on those headers? They must get cherry red.
  3. Yep Dave, that top photo was it. Enjoy the new digs !
  4. Wow Dave.... The last rig of yours I remember was up at Mike's place on the river. I believe you had a cab-over camper and a 12' covered trailer. My son has that same brand of toy hauler, not quite as long. Big change... Enjoy!
  5. dminer

    Fine '96 LB 2wd

    Hello Gary. I seldom get time to cruise the bomber site and catch up. Tonight I got to see a nice 96 that Vaughn had posted and caught the apps reset from Juice. I believe I'll give that a try and see if it helps Ol Sickly (credit to Joe Donnely). I trust all is well with you and the four wheelers are still running fine.
  6. dminer

    Fine '96 LB 2wd

    Nice Truck !
  7. dminer

    Mods To My Truck This Year, so far!

    "Just because you can...." I'm in the same boat 1 ton srw towing a 39 fiver... Not by design but more necessity. I have a truck driving background so some sense what's required. (and a current CDL) On our way south I stopped at the hat rock scales (they were closed) just north of Hermiston and I grossed out at 27K and change. We drove carefully and made it safely. I have the same 19.5 wheels but chose the Toyo highway tread. No real gains in mileage or wear over stock. My tires probably have another 10K left on them before I'll replace them. I priced some the other day and about fell over... Wow! Anyway, great post, great mods, enjoy the new rig. If my experience can help in any way feel free to reach out. Dan
  8. dminer

    Latest CTD to come home

    You were in Southern Cal and my phone didn't ring....
  9. dminer

    Batteries not holding a charge

    A good Husband would leave his truck at home and drives the wife's.... I'm just sayin.
  10. Torque Monkey, thanks for the offer but right now I'm a little to far south of you.... however, there's always vacation and warmer weather I'm struggling with everyone saying injectors... I don't have the $$'s for that so... right now, denial is my friend. I'll keep you posted on what I find.
  11. dminer

    What have I done.......?

    Yes, Kennewick off Hwy 395 by the Harley dealer.
  12. dminer

    Selling your truck? Really??

    Well I had no idea... I guess I've been out of the loop too long. What was wrong with the red 24V ? I thought that was a looker for sure. I would suggest a 3rd gen but I'm not sure I can withstand the wrath of Milosh Okay, well update your signature so guys like me won't be confused. That rust thing.... look over the Michigan truck real good!
  13. dminer

    What have I done.......?

    Nice ride...! Nice view of the river from W. Canal Dr.....
  14. dminer

    Tri Cities Pizza Time

    Will do Vaughn.
  15. Fuel filter replaced.... still have the long crank issue. No fuel pressure gauge nearby... Will take a look at the FCA. Why do you suppose.... what's making the difference between start and no start at 40 degrees when it's plugged in? If it's bad injectors, bad lift pump, bad FCA, why will it start warm and not cold? If I have a failed part, shouldn't it just not work? It's running the best it ever has so.... this is frustrating. Thoughts, ideas? Thanks !