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  1. Russ Roth

    fuel pressure issues again

    I would check the diaphragm inside the isolator to make sure it is pushed to the fuel side of the can. It is not unheard of for a tiny leak on the gauge side to let it go far enough over that it will not read correctly. You can use the eraser end of a pencil to put a little pressure on it to move it where it belongs. Unfortunately you have to drain it to do that and I found that to be a real pain although Eric had some way of doing it that was easier than what I did. Can't recall how it was done but I would call him to find out. Personally I hate those things and have mine plumbed directly to the gauge with a small valve turned tight enough to not let the needle bounce. Just the way I did mine which many do not care for.
  2. Russ Roth

    Trans is bad.....

    It's quite an education isn't it? Some guys don't like someone looking over their shoulder but Jon said he enjoyed my company and we actually have become friends. He is pretty easy going from my perspective and when we were chatting throughout the day it really took me back to some of my time with Tony as he talked pretty much the same tranny language.
  3. Russ Roth

    Trans is bad.....

    Forgot to add this link. =) http://dynamictransparts.com/index.php?route=common/home
  4. Russ Roth

    Trans is bad.....

    I highly recommend Jon. He should do you right. He is actually east of Spokane in Newman lake. I was fortunate enough to meet and work a bit for Tony Garcin of Dunrite. At some point we were going to do the trans in my '01 but he contracted cancer and was quite sick and eventually succumbed to it. I not only lost my tranny help but a very good friend as well. Eventually it got so I had to git er done and in trying to pick someone I saw Jon helped some guys on a couple of the forums and really seemed on top of it. We had some private messages and finally called and chatted with him to satisfy myself he could be the one to do mine. He really had the right answers so I set a date to show up. He was kind enough to let me look over his shoulder and we also chatted as Tony and I used to do. It was very much like chatting with Tony and while he did many things the same as Tony he also had his own ways of accomplishing some of the same thing. I knew from Tony there was more than one way to do some things and so was good with it. Since the '01 got hit and totaled after about 5,000 miles it was replaced with an '02 and I had Jon build that one also. Was happy with both of them.
  5. Russ Roth

    External wastegates

    Winter steelhead are already here for me! RR
  6. Russ Roth

    EGT gauge died...

    They only wholesale at the factory. I am within striking distance and did some pickups for Eric @ Vulcan and my experience has been they will bend over backwards for you. Could be worth a try if all else fails.
  7. Russ Roth

    U joints and carrier bearing

    Dave, I had to replace mine about 6 months ago. I just dropped by Costless auto parts here in the Couve and got whatever they had listed. Nothing special, is working fine and solved the vibration and noise that had developed.
  8. I haven't heard that in years but knew what you meant! Does that make me old???
  9. Russ Roth

    Locking front hubs

    Every time you start with cold oil the shafts do some turning. I have a '67 W200 and this has never been a problem. I also pull the transfer case into gear and run down the road a bit to get things lubed up. Owners manual says to lock hubs and run it for a few miles once a month. HTH
  10. Russ Roth

    Perma Cool Remote filter kit. Anyone using one?

    I have one on my '67 W200. I don't think this kit is any different and if it is it would only be the fittings from the look of the picture. Maybe not even that. The Ford filters are the same as we use on gaspot Mopars. As mentioned it probably is a good idea to have hydraulic hose made up for it. I didn't and was fortunate it did not cost me an engine over in the mountains of eastern Oregon. After I thought about it there would have to be a different adapter to go off the OEM filter base for the lines to run out of.
  11. Russ Roth

    13 speed tranny conversion

    IIRC the splits are a bit wider than a regular 13 speed. They gave me some trouble until i figured that out and then I got so I liked them except for the whine in double OD. Used it some since the rear gears were 6:14's. They were able to hit 84 MPH though. Tried it out coming out of Tillamook on the straight before the Banks git off.
  12. Russ Roth

    Rear Brake Cylinder Swap

    We have a motor home with a driveline brake which seems to hold as well and the same as any other parking brake.
  13. It can be frustrating at times and cold in the winter. I used to live in the OR coast range and I was able to fish 3-4x's a week during the winter season even though I was working. Now I'm about 15 minutes from the Washougal and about 35 from East Fork Lewis and family situation is much different and can't go nearly as much even though I am retired. Really down side is when I lived in PDX for several years I started fishing the East Fork and did really well. Since I moved this side of the Columbia about 15 years ago have not done so good. Been pretty few and far between. Not so much that way when I go to the OR coast later in the season. I need to get out real soon.