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  1. Thanks for the replies all. Keep the good comments coming! Appreciate it.
  2. I appreciate the info guys. So if i gathering this all correctly. Compound turbo is really a reliable option if the size is kept in check. Otherwise reliability becomes an issue? Or is are twins generally not reliable? I have no desire to buy a new or new me truck at this point in time. I like my 24 valve.
  3. I want to have a little fun but also want to keep it reliable and EGT's low to prevent any damage. Towing around the NW has it's challenges from all the hills and curves, slowing down for pot holes...etc. is it possible to make a honest 600HP and 1000 torque? I'm new to this a little bit.
  4. Hey Torque Monkey! Any idea on what power this kit would produce ? It looks pretty badass!
  5. I'm going injectors too. I plan on doing it right!
  6. Fellow bombers! I own a 2002 3/4 5.9 CTD. I bought this truck off a board member back in 2012 (gasitman) and have added some upgrades. New trans and converter new yukon 4.10 gears with dura grip posi spin free kit with steering pump Edge juice with attitude Airdog FP-150 lift pump I tow to places like Neah bay, Sekiu and Westport. This is a 23 foot offshore boat so probably 6-7K on the boat plus trailer. I like the idea of compound turbos. Anybody running this combo?
  7. Ya kind of odd...I went over last year with my all wheel vehicle...no problems. But I remember seeing some 4x4's having to chain up. I guess my question is if I drive the cummins, do I need to buy at least rear wheel chains??? Hmm the world may never know.
  8. Hey fellows. Quick question...I'm going over snoqualmie pass in route to leavenworth. Do you guys know if I need to put on chains if they are required. My truck is a 4x4. The law seems rather vague. I don't have chains for my dodge but my other vehicle has all wheel drive...which one should I take. I would rather take my diesel truck, not the car! Thanks!
  9. I should have added in my post that I haven't really had time to experiment with the boost pressure levels yet. I'm not even sure how much my stock turbo is even capable of making.... But I do like the mileage feature. I'll be checking out the EFI deal!
  10. I have the Edge Juice CTS Attitude. I really got it first for the electric gauge functions. It's not a bad little unit, but I don't think I'm making the power I should be. I really don't feel a big power difference between the power levels. I've read on other forms of guys having the same problem.
  11. Hi Mark, The fuel filter is about 1 month old. I just replaced it. I'm concerned my injection pump wont hold up with the current lift pump.
  12. Couple questions from a new guy. I recently bought a edge juice with attitude. It provides fuel pressure readings. At idle it gives me a reading at 11-12 psi. Under acceleration it dips down to 4-5 psi with the lowest at 3 psi. Do i have a fuel pressure problem? Should I invest into a new lift pump? Is the lift pump on my 2002 in the fuel tank or under the hood? I'm considering buying this pump do you think it will work for my application? http://www.xtremedie...ystemfp150.aspx Only upgrades besides the juice is a 4 inch exhaust and air intake system. I'd appreciate
  13. 8/11 & 12 Port Orchard, WA Tractors (No truck yet?) 11:00am Does this mean no trucks have entered yet???
  14. Good to here Mike's transmission is working out for you...BTW you got some pretty cool pictures on your web page!
  15. Howdy back at ya Mr. Cob. So your new tranmission was built by Mike? And tranny the went south was built by Bill? Are these local private builders? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to get a feel for who's who in the zoo for when I decide to whom will beef mine up...
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