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    So there is no more vehicle emissions testing done in WA state. You can still get a ticket for tampering with emissions equipment though, just no more required testing. Everyone on the way to work today.....
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    Well finally took a bit of a trip to Portland and back, got 44 MPG so not too bad.
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    I think I may have found THE truck. 2014 Laramie Longhorn w/Aisin. Granite exterior and saddle brown/black interior. Private party. Original owner. Stated, and pictures tend to confiem as being in "immaculate condition." Price creep for sure, but it is in the general range.
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    Spent a little time cleaning up the paint and put a coat of wax on it. Interior is all back together now also. The carpet cleaning trick worked well. Still a few stains and fading but it's much better. It certainly smells better, lol!
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    Don't need no stinking hole. The river is just across the street.
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    The slope for Gary is closer then I thought. 😝
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    Ready to make a trip for some attitude adjustment. Heading north since I'm STILL not supposed to lift much to not separate my sternum. This adjustment will require just a little bit of grunting.
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    She got her first taste of mud, gravel, and racked down the sides with brush and blackberries... The little scratches came out with cleaner wax. I didnt buy it to show! We were looking for a lost hunter up in the White River drainage - 73yo diabetic guy, got his truck stuck and was stranded without meds. They found him this morning alive and well
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    We got to go see Mesa Verde today. Very cool! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    So far 1900 and some change, miles driven. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    There is so much to update I am not sure where to start. We spent 2 days in Steamboat Springs. We went to Old Town Hot Springs in downtown Steamboat Springs the first night. The next night we went to Strawberry Park Springs up in the mountains. It was a crazy party! All the swimsuits started coming off after the sun went down. Crazy for people watching. We then went to Buena Vista and went to Cottonwood Springs their. We stopped at Hot Sulphur Springs We went past the Climax Mine at Fremont pass (11,318ft.) We also went across Wolf Creek pass (11,924ft.). We are now at Pagos Springs, CO. We are staying at an RV park across the street from The Spring Spa and Resort. This is the last Hot Springs we will be going to... I think. After this, tomorrow we go to Mesa Verde and Four Corners then we will be making a bee line for home.
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    I should also add that whatever Bob says about the condition of the block is the truth. I trust him completely
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    That’s exactly how I would have done it. Nice job and thanks for keeping this place rolling!
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    Yikes! Funny thing about these dash cameras, it becomes peace of mind when you have it, knowing if something stupid like this happens you'll have it captured on video. Then when you forget to put the card back in or don't have it running one day you feel like something is missing. A while ago while pulling my gooseneck I caught up to a car following a cop that had his cruise set at 59.5mph in a 60mph zone. Every time I tried to do 60 I was riding the guys butt, in order to maintain a safe distance I had to do 58mph. So I passed them in a safe area, set my cruise at 60 and proceeded to pull away from him then got pulled over, he promptly told me everything is being recorded. The cop used to work at the dam emptying trash cans and quit to be a cop, so he was out baiting drivers at 5AM who were going to work at the dam. He asked why I passed him when he had his cruise set at EXACTLY 60mph, I said I was doing 58 and wanted to do the speed limit so I passed. We had a long stupid conversion while he lectured me about safe driving. He said he wasn't going to give me a ticket because I wasn't speeding lol. I told him I'm not the reckless driver your looking for, I drive this road every day and see a lot of stupid stuff, that's why I have that dash camera. He changed his tone when he realized this whole stupid conversation was being recorded by me as well.
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    This is hard for me, but the time has come to admit that I am in over my head. I NEED HELP! I have tried but just not getting it. I need someone to come SHOW me how to wash and wax my truck. This will take someone with patience and dedication, as it will probably take YEARS. In fact, I may never get it, but that is a chance I am willing to take. I will buy the beer, after all I will need something to do while I am watching, sorry, LEARNING. You will need to bring your own products. At least till I am confident that I can buy the right stuff, again, it might years. TIA!
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    Boy, I am learnin lots now! Hot tires +warm truck +cold beer= clean truck
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    18" rail is at the goat ranch, thanks Mike and Ben.
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    i dont pre fill. when taking an engine apart even after it has sat for months, there is still oil in the bearings. a few seconds of crank/run without pressure doesnt hurt anything IMHO. and Hoss i am struggling with the length between changes on my 17. im close to 8k now since i bought it. OTR trucks go alot more between changes and its the same oil...
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    Top of battery has several fuse links if I remember correctly.
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    Nitromethane is just simply awesome. No matter if its a 4cyl, 2cyl Harley or a V8, nitro turns any engine into the most awesome thing on earth. https://www.dragzine.com/news/larry-spiderman-mcbride-smashes-motorcycle-record-at-the-man-cup/
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    Well I bit the bullet yesterday and a bike followed me home in the bed of the truck. Picked up a discounted new 2018 KTM 1090 Adventure R yesterday. By the time I got home, it was dark and my trailer was a sheet of ice. So, I put a sheet over the bike and left it strapped down in the bed. Pictures will happen later today after I unload it. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
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    Also could go with the name iron man? Has the same paint scheme... Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
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    Hahahaha sometimes I just cant help myself. Was drooling over their site last night. Pretty crazy systems. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
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    With your road set up a bit longer ones I would think ... just saying most folks don’t have an entry like you Rob
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    congrats Austin, a couple of things you probably already know: after 35 years of riding (accident free) these are my go too rules everyone on the road does not see you! drive accordingly. don't ride beside people if it can be avoided, they will try to run you off the road ride a loud bike, i prefer a harley , with loud pipes and a louder stereo (personal preference) don't play chicken with cars, they always win try not to be a a$$! it helps the biker image, when you follow the rules of the road (this is hard to do sometimes)
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    Because I am constantly working on these...….😁
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    Here is what I used. https://www.moparpartsgiant.com/parts/mopar-steering-steering~52122362ae.html I did buy it locally. According to the parts guy at Rainier Dodge using this part number gets you the most recent version for 08 and up trucks. They do offer a fastener upgrade as well but I did not purchase it. It bolted right up. I've read that people have had issues clearing the tie rod studs with stock wheels on 2nd gens. Some have said it can be done with a little trimming of the stud.
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    It is .. very BTDT and have a couple T shirts , well practiced unfortunately. 🥴
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    Mine has the 20" wheels.
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    Assume your relieved and can sleep now 👍😁 if if I was towing as regular as you are I’d tend to be a bit more cautious also , don’t blame you one damnnn bit
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    Besides NOBODY wants to see me in a thong [emoji1787]
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    Please don't type out your guys weight loss programs. I have a feeling "Big Brother is Watching"
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    Looking very good in there ! you have come a long way on that project !
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    The bumpers still havent grown on me. I like the Sport bumpers better. I can not agree more on the wheels and spacers. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
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    According to that link I need a CDL to pull my gooseneck lol.
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    I know you can find deals on 4 th gen giving you big back seat and the bells you want just gotta shop.
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    We made it to LaGrande, OR. today. We left Mesa Verde, CO. at 6:00am and rolled in here at 7:30pm. 856 miles and 75 gallons of diesel... I’m tired now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have a route planned out and saved for my retirement. It's a giant loop from WA through ID MT WY SD NE KS CO NM AZ NV UT OR stopping at all the old west points of interest Like Dodge City, Tombstone etc. Gail and I always think like you said on our road trips. The old west seems fun and glorious until you really think what it was like traveling by horse and wagon over all that area and terrain. Harsh doesn't even begin to describe it.
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    Bags are not to replace the overloads just to assist and control the sudden shock loads , also stop the bottoming out with very heavy weights. To be used in conjunction with springs . unless of course it’s a air ride suspension system IMHO they are well well worth the use and installation and costs.
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    Buy an older truck and install the options yourself. I think heated seats are going to be next in the Dodge. Mama was not happy getting this morning on our trip. My truck came with adjustable pedals, power heated mirror and windows. The power seats I installed. The homelink system I installed. The navigation/CarPlay system I installed. The only thing that will eventually get me to sell this truck is the manual trans... I won’t be able to drive it forever.... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Mike if you do want to have this engine looked at and fixed right there's a guy that lives pretty close by where it is. He does really good work 👍
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    Solved thanks to Mark Smith the thing is a bare necked usb , it flips out of the credit card sized sheath for it. It was very tight and didn’t look like it “opened” but walla it does. It’s a key card to the online tech authority . Now to use it tomorrow.. tonight is Granddaughter’s special night , restaurant of her choice and sleep over .. Mom and Dad taking Grandson to concert of a group she doesn’t like so we get her all to ourselves lol
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    I have seen so many old trucks and cars on this trip it is insane. I’m tempted to rent a 3 car trailer and go picking! You could sell 2 of the cars to pay for the 3rd and fuel for the trip! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    It’s been a few days since I have updated you Guys. Internet was pretty bad at Jackson Hole. We went through Yellowstone and saw the bison. We didn’t want to get as close as Carl and Ivan did.[emoji1787] We came down through the Teton National Park and holed up in Jackson Hole for a few days.It got pretty cold (I saw 19*F in the truck) and we got a little snow but it didn’t really stick. We all loaded up in the truck and took a 30 mile drive up the mountain to Granite Hot Springs. We took my truck as the last 10 miles of road to the springs were in very bad shape. We didn’t need 4wd but a kidney belt would have been nice.[emoji1787] These are Granite Hot Springs Today we drove about 400 miles and are now in Steamboat Spring Colorado in a KOA. We will be here till Sunday. Supposed to get into some single digit temps tonight. We are all filled up on propane and plugged in so we should be fine. The Ladies haven’t really told us why we are here just yet. I am sure we will be finding some more Hot Springs around. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Found these in the back parking lot of the Hotel. The 30 sedan has been modified into a pick up. It appears to be mostly intact. Pretty sure there is a reason they are behind chicken wire. I would LOVE to have either one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sorry posting from my phone, the pictures are huge. It's ready to go back home to Buckley. A little before and after shot.
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    Geoff is a great guy! I am glad to see he is still checking in here from time to time.
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