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    I gave the stock steel trans pan a chance to seal with a new gasket but it didn't. In the trash it goes. Put this on last night.
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    Drove it to work today. Took a couple guys at work for a little spin around the block. 45psi, boots held, tires didn't I'll admit, its hard to wipe the grin off my face when I'm behind the wheel! Thank you to everyone that helped me get this thing together!!!
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    Well I decided it was time to do something. Good or Bad I had a smaller oil feed line made up with #4 hose and the #6 fittings to mate up with everything else I had already plumbed in there. After a few short test runs, all looked fine, no oil leaks and it didn't smoke the turbo due to a lack of oil. I thought about asking on this forum if anyone needed something hauled over the pass, but, what if I had a break down or whatever was being hauled wasn't very heavy, so I didn't post anything but took off on a test run by myself with no other time constraints or expectations. Sunday morning I put tools, coveralls, boost boots, hoses, clamps, jacks etc in the truck, loaded 3 yards of sand into the dump trailer and set out on a test run. I stopped at the Federal way truck scale on I-5, about 6am, while they were closed, and weighed my truck & trailer. combined gross weight was 17,780lbs. up hywy 18 over Tiger mountain, up I-90 over snoqualime pass, the other climb out of Cle Elum, I think its called Rye Grass, turned south on hywy 82 for Yakima, with 3 more 2500ft elevation climbs, back to the west on hywy 410, over White pass to I-5 and back to Tacoma. I pushed her hard and didn't let her get under 60mph up each climb and 65-68mph everywhere else (that I could, depending on traffic), using the exhaust brake on the way back down those hills. The trip was about 360 miles. The only trouble I had was a tire blew out on the dump trailer. Reducing the volume of oil, to that one turbo, fixed its oil leak issue.
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    Had a good day shrimping yesterday. Best part was my wife backing the boat trailer down the ramp perfectly so I can just drive the boat on the trailer. Every fishermanโ€™s dream is a wife who can back up a boat trailer.
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    Sale Pending ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
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    Working on the order form, 2019 Limited 3500.
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    So I picked this guy up today looking forward to quick overnight trips. Electric jacks make loading a breeze. 1992 northland polar. Still have the 5 th wheel wanted something small and easy for overnight trips be able to take the boat fishing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    All these old guys yelling โ€œ get off my lawn!โ€ LMAO! Hoss is right.
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    Sold the truck tonight... Got what I was asking for it.. Very strange. The young fellow who is buying the truck is the son of an RCMP helicopter pilot that my wife knew well. He was killed in 2012 when his chopper crashed. I had an idea who the kid might be,it was a funny feeling when I told him his name sounded familiar and he said โ€œyou might have known my dadโ€. Weird how things happen sometimes. This kid was one of the most respectful young men my wife and I have dealt with in a while. A breath of fresh air.. He has a 2009 Duramax he is selling tomorrow . He said his truck has a fair bit of rust on it . He was quite happy with the condition my truck is in . I told him thats from the habit of washing any wet mud off the underbody after off roading! Will be glad when itโ€™s gone from in front of my house.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ My wife will be even happier...๐Ÿค“
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    sold my 2005 in feb. got this 2017 today. flew to spokane this morning, sales guy picked me up at airport. dealer was pierce auto center in Sagle ID. just south of sandpoint. talk about a no hassle deal...anyways its an SLT with center console, aisin trans and 3.42 gears. 1 owner.
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    Oh I know I will. Every time I hear a VP truck pull up next to me I make some comment about how horribly loud it is but what I am really thinking is God I love the sound of that! On the other hand I do enjoy the sound of silence for the new truck.
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    Yup you sure have the view to die for , enjoy that place my friend , you deserve it !!
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    Vaughn I can send you over a smarty jr and sr to play with at no charge. If your brother wants to play around and no waste any money. let me know if this helps. The junior may be all he needs and he can keep it. bob
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    Got the sucker! Couldn't get nuts on the tail end, in which case I had to work on the head end. Before cutting the head off I figured I'd give.a shot with vise grips. That proved to be the winning ticket. Initially moving like hundredths of an inch. Took a ton of patience. Once extracted got it cleaned up and assembled. Project now finished except aiming.
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    Before and after video. Cold starts on stock exhaust and then the Vibrant resonators in place of the mufflers. Its just what I was looking for. The factory exhaust sounded really sweet and I didn't want a super loud system, I just wanted a little bit more than factory levels. The active exhaust valves are still functional and you can hear them cycle after the initial startup. They're wide open on startup then test cycle closed then back to open and after warming up a bit they slowly close again.
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    I have to get up early and clean the shop since Shawn is bringing his car down. I feel like I need to mop with such a nice car coming. LOL!
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    I listed my 2008 3500 for sale last year when we decided to sell the Lance camper and go for a travel trailer. Not a whole lot of interest from the online ads and the dealers were only offering auction prices. That wasn't near enough for a very clean west coast one owner truck with 118,000 miles. Then about a month ago a guy from upstate NY contacted me to see if it was still available. We managed to work things out and so I had to look for a replacement. Hard to find a good clean used truck without a lot of rust here in the Northeast. Add in that I didn't want the usual black, white, grey, red or silver. But the stars aligned and I found a clean one owner 2016 Ram 2500 Megacab Longhorn in Western Brown. Not a great deal on the price, but it was local and in line with what I could find many miles away. So Friday I finally got my new truck.
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    Start pullin and hope it still behind you when you get to your destination. That's how i do it with ANYTHING behind the camper. LOL!
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    Got started Friday with the new turbo install and transmission cooler. It was a little chilly out so I wasn't moving to awfully fast lol. Lost a manifold bolt somewhere, Mike happened to be at Diesel Outfitters sunday and he had a bolt and spacer. Took the truck for a drive yesterday, no leaks, turbo is SWEET !!! And with no tuning it still rips, AND NO SMOKE !!! Got some new constant torque clamps coming for the coolant lines, then I'll crank up the EFI Live and let her eat. The drive in this morning was nice and got to open it up a bit. People say this turbo or that turbo spools like stock, or has lag ect ect. This little 63/67 from @tater_built_turbochargers spools quicker than stock, pretty much zero lag and sounds bitchen. I changed the oil before I ran any through my new turbo, which was quite fun in 32* weather lol. So the truck is so much more responsive now, now the transmission works like it's supposed to, it now drives like it has efi live flashed but it's still on the stock tune. Transmission cooler is a considerable upgrade... And it was a simple install instead of trying to fab a mount for the other one I had. For some reason it is not letting me ad anymore photos...
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    That sucks! I caught a guy breaking into my truck one time. He kept falling against the corner of the cab with his face. When he finally fell to the ground I called the police. They asked me what happened, he fell. ๐Ÿฅด๐ŸฅŠ
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    Four words: SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! All of the aforementioned laws/bills are infringements to our God given right to self defense. Yes, I said God given. It is wired in from birth. Fight or flight.
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    He put in a timbo apps and it works great
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    Always good to have a tent rack on a Ford.....
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    Right. Iโ€™m gonna shut up now...hold your applause ๐Ÿ˜