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    How did shawns poor vision turn into me not being able to tell the difference between a 6BT and a 4BT???? I have personally removed the engine from this truck alone more times than a lot of mechanics have done these engines....... I am a freakin expert at this and not in a good way.
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    So shiny!!! Now the reassembly begins
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    Well Mike, since we volunteered you to have a Bomb Party, do you want us to pick the date for it too?
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    Working on the order form, 2019 Limited 3500.
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    So I picked this guy up today looking forward to quick overnight trips. Electric jacks make loading a breeze. 1992 northland polar. Still have the 5 th wheel wanted something small and easy for overnight trips be able to take the boat fishing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    All these old guys yelling “ get off my lawn!” LMAO! Hoss is right.
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    I took Terry to Rufus woods fishing for her birthday since our trip to fish Columbia River salmon got cancelled. We had a great weekend the campground was almost empty and very few people fishing. I would have loved to find some walleye but this is a lousy time of year for fishing them. We caught few decent fish the first couple days and on her birthday Terry got a real treat! I had just got lines in the water when the first pole went off and she brought in a nice 8lb fish and she got that pole back in the water and I was cleaning her fish when the same pole went off again. Before she could get it out of the pole holder it started taking line! She fought it for 10 minutes and I had to beg her to not try to horse it to the boat. The first time she saw it she went nuts! After a couple trips to the boat and a couple runs we got it in the net. She landed a 13lb hog. That was the best birthday present I could have got her. The first couple pictures are the 8lb fish the rest are the big boy.
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    Me and my wife have been looking around for some time and finally found our camper! We both like the design construction of the Northern Lite/Bigfoot campers. We found someone local who was selling the model we were looking for. The camper rides great on our 99 Dodge Ram Sport and looks like a nice matching combo. We plan to take it out soon.
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    I have to get up early and clean the shop since Shawn is bringing his car down. I feel like I need to mop with such a nice car coming. LOL!
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    I listed my 2008 3500 for sale last year when we decided to sell the Lance camper and go for a travel trailer. Not a whole lot of interest from the online ads and the dealers were only offering auction prices. That wasn't near enough for a very clean west coast one owner truck with 118,000 miles. Then about a month ago a guy from upstate NY contacted me to see if it was still available. We managed to work things out and so I had to look for a replacement. Hard to find a good clean used truck without a lot of rust here in the Northeast. Add in that I didn't want the usual black, white, grey, red or silver. But the stars aligned and I found a clean one owner 2016 Ram 2500 Megacab Longhorn in Western Brown. Not a great deal on the price, but it was local and in line with what I could find many miles away. So Friday I finally got my new truck.
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    The wife and I used to sit out almost every night when we were at the Pateros place, to watch the stars, satellites and falling stars.
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    No idea... We bought the car about 4 months ago. I told her the belt needed to be changed. She didn't make the time, when I had the time. Now it's going to cost her... Hence the long story about already having the timing belt parts.
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    Got started Friday with the new turbo install and transmission cooler. It was a little chilly out so I wasn't moving to awfully fast lol. Lost a manifold bolt somewhere, Mike happened to be at Diesel Outfitters sunday and he had a bolt and spacer. Took the truck for a drive yesterday, no leaks, turbo is SWEET !!! And with no tuning it still rips, AND NO SMOKE !!! Got some new constant torque clamps coming for the coolant lines, then I'll crank up the EFI Live and let her eat. The drive in this morning was nice and got to open it up a bit. People say this turbo or that turbo spools like stock, or has lag ect ect. This little 63/67 from @tater_built_turbochargers spools quicker than stock, pretty much zero lag and sounds bitchen. I changed the oil before I ran any through my new turbo, which was quite fun in 32* weather lol. So the truck is so much more responsive now, now the transmission works like it's supposed to, it now drives like it has efi live flashed but it's still on the stock tune. Transmission cooler is a considerable upgrade... And it was a simple install instead of trying to fab a mount for the other one I had. For some reason it is not letting me ad anymore photos...
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    Four words: SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! All of the aforementioned laws/bills are infringements to our God given right to self defense. Yes, I said God given. It is wired in from birth. Fight or flight.
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    He put in a timbo apps and it works great
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    Always good to have a tent rack on a Ford.....
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    Right. I’m gonna shut up now...hold your applause 😁
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    Kids are building trucks that can't make it over the pass....LOL
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    It took her a year to decide what she wanted to do. I told her she could get a new car or we could fix this one her choice. After we got the truck and she saw the bells and whistles I thought for sure she would want a new car. It was the opposite, she likes the heated seats and all but she does not like all the buttons and doodads to have to pay attention to. Thats what sold her on getting her car up and running again. The least I can do is make it as nice as possible for her.
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    Not insulted at all. I have no trouble knocking some money off for the Guys I care about. I’m not on this planet for the money. I’m here for the Glory!🤣
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    Move a car out... Oh wait. What was i thinking. Put the refrigerator on the porch. LOL!
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    They can leak through the seal into the space between the transfer case and the transmission. It would not leak into the transfer case itself. It had fluid in it when I drained it but I did measure what was there. It could have been low enough on fluid to cause the top bearings to run dry and seize. My guess is a combination of things one lack of maintenance and two a leak somewhere that went unnoticed. These transmissions do not need to be very low on fluid to go bad. The angle of the transmission and the low amount of fluid they hold to the drain level both contribute to the problem. We definitely do a good deed overfilling them by a quart.
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    With compound turbos.🤘🏻 This thing is REALLY nice! The only options that it didn’t come with are “heads up” display and a heated steering wheel. I am still figuring out some of the things it has. It is a 2012 BMW X5 Xdrive 35D The pictures aren’t so great. I will get better ones later