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    So I am just going to say it................................................ We are officially cancelling this years party. Anyone who had still planned on coming up is welcome to I guess it we could call it a campout? I have plenty of room but I am not going to spend a coupe hundred bucks on meat and take time to cook and so on and have no turnout. We can make up for it next year.
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    I am taking Ben and Pat out halibut fishing this morning! Making Ben get up at 3:00 am priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Getting them out in my boat and heading to Hein bank when the forecast is calling for 3-5 foot seas by 11:00 am even more priceless!!!!! Any bets on which one of them I can make puke first???????? Its going to be a great day!
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    It was great to see Shawn and his car! We had a great talk while practicing social distancing. Thank you very much Shawn for making the trip up to my place! I will say the sung in not kid safe. Parental advisory for language!
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    Had a young guy call me today from Luke AFB, heard about y car from a friend and asked if he could come see it. I said sure. Well after about an hour of looking it over and a long drive he said he wanted to buy it. Called Navy Federal and they said they would approve him for 12k. We chatted a while, he is only 19 so I was suprised that he was looking at such a car. THen he said he used to take his E30 to the track before he joined the AF. After a year in Italy he learned to love a sport sedan Benz. He knew I wanted 13k so he thanked me for my time and called an Uber to get back to Base. Something in my gut said help this young man, I said if he could wrap it all up by Saturday I would take the 12k the CU would loan him. His eye's lit up and he smiled then said thank you sir i would be glad to have it. I know I left some on the table but after the last year with all that has happened in my family I decided I needed to have a positive impact on someone and my gut said he was the one. We meet here at 10am Saturday to go to my bank so I can deposit his check from Navy Fed. Then I will give him the car/title. Something tells me this is right, I can not explain it.
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    The car has 33K miles on it, untouched stock ECM on Costco 92oct fuel. Only mods done are mufflers swapped out for Vibrant resonators and larger rear tires, 315/35s vs stock 275/40s. The car is rated at 485hp/475tq so these numbers at the wheel seem fairly accurate. I really like the power under the curve, that torque curve makes it fun to drive! I'll upload a video later on.
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    If I ignore users, how will I know when a smartass comment is required? I can rarely pass up a required smartass comment!
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    The funny thing about me giving away free stuff is I get to decide who gets it. So take your passive aggressive statement and shove it where the sun don't shine.
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    So there is no more vehicle emissions testing done in WA state. You can still get a ticket for tampering with emissions equipment though, just no more required testing. Everyone on the way to work today.....
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    We are leaving today and hope to be on the road for 2 weeks. We are set to meet up with our friends at the KAO in Elensburg, WA. tonight. I’m just waiting for Amazon to deliver a new propane detector because the first one they sent was defective. Then for the Wife to get off work and we are out! I’m a little nervous after our last long trip with the truck and camper, to Yellowstone. We spent 4 days trying to fix the screw up the shop made changing our power steering pump. Mark Smith found me a new pulley and Lisa Smith drove 9 hour there and 9 hour back, to deliver us the parts we needed. I really don’t want to go through something like that again. What ever happens we will deal with it. Other than that, I’m pretty excited to hit the road. we are scheduled to start in Montana and go to 4 corners in Southern Utah/Colorado.We are hitting a bunch of hot springs on the way. I will try to update this thread with pictures as we go.
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    Maiden voyage with camper. Jackson hole Yellowstone then spending weekend in island park Idaho good trip long couple days Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    On my way home from work. I had the opportunity to take s picture of the truck with nice sunset.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Left at 3:30 AM with Dave , we took Dave’s G/N trailer and went after my broke down ‘01.5 got back home @ 8:00 PM .. long day and near 900 miles new 3/4 ton did a great job towing about 20k total lbs. his 10k G/N with my lil over 10K truck on its. Figured out in the mountains this new to me driving an Automatic likes 5th v/s towing heavy .. also think that 3.73 gears would have been better than 3.42 but it is what it is and maybe towing lighter like my RV pull trailer at 10K might be fine . Over all all very satisfied with the new rig. Tired for sure as i stopped doing these iron butt runs a few years ago lol just wanted to get this ongoing saga over with . Waiting for Daves repairs to be completed so we can tow his trailer back down to Sacramento area to connect his truck and trailer and say thanks and good by to my old friend lol now to sit and read the manual on my new truck and see how to work this airplane cockpit dash lol in all this new rig will be a fine addition to my Ram experience and do a great towing job.
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    Yep! But it still says ‘that particularly special person said something, but you just can’t see it’ Curiosity gets the best of you, needing to know just how special they’re feeling today, so it gets turned back on...... and you get pissed all over again. Wash rinse repeat.
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    who's truck is that? i see dust and dirt?
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    OK so...………………. Back to our regularly scheduled programming, sorry for the highjack Bob I for one REALLY want to hear about both your tractor builds. How about somebody start a Poor Babe thread so Bob can have his build thread back
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    Picked up a nice 2017 CanAm Maverick XC today. Now I have a lot to learn. And stuff to buy. Found right here in Richland. Also a new friend to hang out with. He's just a couple years older than me. He just bought the new Maverick turbo model. Sent from my LM-G710VM using Tapatalk
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    TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a hypocritical dilemma every time I see a truck with 22" wheels and enough backspacing that the calipers are clearly visible and the tires are 3/4 of the way outside of the fenders. Of course they are straight piped and very tons of fuel. I ask myself why would they do that?????? Then I think about 1/10 of the stuff have done to my own and others trucks and remember why they do it. Cause the chicks dig it! 🤣 Humans as whole have spent our entire existence as young people trying to find ways to piss off the older generation. We have all gotten very good at it. Now this whole rolling coal thing???? That I will never understand! Why would someone make a truck smoke like that???????
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    We’ve driven past this place hundreds of times and never stopped. Yesterday we decided to take the kids there for a bit of a road trip. I gotta say, this place blew our minds and was so much more than we were expecting. An older gentleman who’s a surgeon (and Air Force vet) and his wife hunted these animals all over the world. Had them stuffed, mounted etc and built this place to display it all themselves. The dioramas they built look like they belong in a National Museum and really make you feel like you’re actually there. But it’s not so much a display of hunting trophies more of a museum and educational experience. The best part was that him and his wife toured us through and they are genuinely super nice people. We spent 2hrs there and we’ll go back again, there’s so much to see. Needless to say I highly recommend checking it out. This is the flyer, they also have a Facebook page. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I got a call today...………………………………… my pick-up is done, now I just have to put it all back together.
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    Awe... It's a labor of love gents... I grabbed the posts from late Thursday night, so sorry if there are some missing now. I'm so glad everything turned out ok, it seems to be running better than ever. Thanks again for the help Kelly!
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    No he said he was keeping it bone stock. Engine / powertrain will be bone stock to clear up any misunderstanding to you knuckleheads 😏
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    Made it home!! About 3k miles total. 1050 in 1 day. Fuel economy suffers a bit going 85-90mph!! These 4th gen trucks sure drive nice, still getting used to an auto...
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    Sounds like you’ve been around a while!!!
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    That just means I could go 1200 miles just to run it on empty. 😁
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    I had been feeling a grinding in the brakes to last couple times I drove the truck. Sure enough, the drivers side rear brake was metal to metal. The rust is really bad. I have decided to rebuild the brakes at all 4 corners. I went with Power Stop brakes from Amazon. This is what I am starting with.... Rear, I forgot to get a picture before I removed the calipers. Front I am also going to rebuild the emergency brakes and paint everything I can with POR 15. After sandblasting and paint, this is where I left the passenger side rear hub. So the list looks like this... New rear wheel seals New rear emergency brake pads and hardware New rear calipers (so far) New slotted and drilled, zinc plated rotors New ceramic brake pads Everything I can possibly get too will be painted in POR 15 New 2600 lbs air bad for the rear. The list is ever expanding... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got a bit more done. The front lower links are painted. This is a before and after of one of the rear shocks. Here is a picture of the rear end now. I’m waiting on a shock boot and the new air bags haven’t showed up yet. Just need to bleed the brakes. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I'm won't be able to make it. My first summer off. But both grandson's birthday that weekend. They are 2 and 9. A week and seven years apart. I can't miss out on cake. was really hoping to make it over this year. Sent from my LM-G710VM using Tapatalk
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    New transmission is in and we are underway. This transmission has a .658 5th gear and 3.16 r&p. Right now cruising at 80 (gps) at 2300 rpm. [emoji41] 312 miles and the fuel gauge reads 3/4 of a tank. We hope to be at pike's peak in time to drive up tomorrow. The uphill gate closes at 6pm. We will make it. Joe, I'll have a first hand report on the route down through co springs, raton, Amarillo, dallas for you. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    Well I've had my EOS for 15 months now and in that time my top has never worked. The sunroof worked fine but that was it. The other day I had my son shut me in the trunk so I could see what was going on with it while he operated the switch. What I found was one of the 8 hydraulic cylinders was not working, you could tell it wanted to open but one side wouldn't unlock so it stops running. Today since I knew what was wrong I started to remove some plastic covers to get to the cylinder in question. I removed the lines from the pump and cylinder and cleaned them out. Put them back in the position they came from and it just wouldn't move, So I disconnected one of the lines and fluid shot all over...it was a mess. So I thought about it for a minute because there shouldn't have been any pressure in the system. I went back to the pump and started to look at the lines going into the pump and everything is numbered so you can put every line in the proper port. There are 16 lines in all. There was some gunk on the side of the pump so I cleaned it off so I could see all of the numbers that are stamped by the ports. Come to find out that 2 of the lines were in the wrong ports. So someone must have swapped out the pump and the top never worked afterwards. So I switch the lines back to the proper port and Bingo! I now have a topless car! It looks like a dang Transformer when the top is in motion. So now I have some incentive to put the new quarter panel on and maybe some new struts and springs while I'm at it.
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    Emergency rolls
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    Was able to trade the old girl in on a new to me 2007 5.9 truck. Has a few dents and dings but It's an upgrade for us. Got 3000 trade with the block issue and high miles. I'm happy with that Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    I think Ben already removed those. This is Frank's way of getting back for the neutering.
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    Now!!!!! I cannot imagine one of your vehicles needing a ‘big bath’
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    Thanks for the offer but no we are good I have my generator keeping the fridge and freezer running and we have plenty of fuel. Worse comes to worst I will Todd my chain saw in the tractor and cut the tree out of the lines so people can get out. My friend at PUD called me and said he is sending a crew out later today to get the power back on. We have moved up the pecking order a bunch somehow! [emoji16] I guess it helps I work on his truck
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    I will be the SOB (some other brand)
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    Someone's gotta be the redheaded stepchild of the group. 😂
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    I think I may have found THE truck. 2014 Laramie Longhorn w/Aisin. Granite exterior and saddle brown/black interior. Private party. Original owner. Stated, and pictures tend to confiem as being in "immaculate condition." Price creep for sure, but it is in the general range.
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    Don't need no stinking hole. The river is just across the street.
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    Ready to make a trip for some attitude adjustment. Heading north since I'm STILL not supposed to lift much to not separate my sternum. This adjustment will require just a little bit of grunting.
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    We got to go see Mesa Verde today. Very cool! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    So far 1900 and some change, miles driven. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I should also add that whatever Bob says about the condition of the block is the truth. I trust him completely
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    Gary is on the slope of BOMBing 😀 🎢
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    What's it like getting it into the US? If it was a Challenger I might be getting in trouble.......
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    I have seen a bunch of those 4th gen bumpers on second gens they fit pretty well. Maybe I should buy one to put on my 02 and set of those jacked wheels and tires and then it will for more
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