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    Well I decided it was time to do something. Good or Bad I had a smaller oil feed line made up with #4 hose and the #6 fittings to mate up with everything else I had already plumbed in there. After a few short test runs, all looked fine, no oil leaks and it didn't smoke the turbo due to a lack of oil. I thought about asking on this forum if anyone needed something hauled over the pass, but, what if I had a break down or whatever was being hauled wasn't very heavy, so I didn't post anything but took off on a test run by myself with no other time constraints or expectations. Sunday morning I put tools, coveralls, boost boots, hoses, clamps, jacks etc in the truck, loaded 3 yards of sand into the dump trailer and set out on a test run. I stopped at the Federal way truck scale on I-5, about 6am, while they were closed, and weighed my truck & trailer. combined gross weight was 17,780lbs. up hywy 18 over Tiger mountain, up I-90 over snoqualime pass, the other climb out of Cle Elum, I think its called Rye Grass, turned south on hywy 82 for Yakima, with 3 more 2500ft elevation climbs, back to the west on hywy 410, over White pass to I-5 and back to Tacoma. I pushed her hard and didn't let her get under 60mph up each climb and 65-68mph everywhere else (that I could, depending on traffic), using the exhaust brake on the way back down those hills. The trip was about 360 miles. The only trouble I had was a tire blew out on the dump trailer. Reducing the volume of oil, to that one turbo, fixed its oil leak issue.
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    I don’t leak often but my housing is definitely cracked. Sorry for slight derail 😀
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    A amphibious Jetta?????????
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    We can always bend up brackets in my press. I may even have some sparky aluminum we could use. Dave
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    Thats a fact... It's got a throttle meister on there too. I need to do some work on that, I'll pull it off when I do.
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    I hate to say it Scotty,but I’d rather see you back at work.. That means things are getting better! 🤓
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    They had one. It was blown to pieces when the compressor went. That run away was with no boost. There was no intake left...
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    leaked before and after, something is up with that turbo
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    i have drained with -10 for a long time, i also have built alot of trucks with twins and exhaust brakes and have not had any issue, also never seen a hx35 leak oil without a broke shaft. i believe there is a crack in the centre section of the hx35
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    Probably get some bags too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Had a good day shrimping yesterday. Best part was my wife backing the boat trailer down the ramp perfectly so I can just drive the boat on the trailer. Every fisherman’s dream is a wife who can back up a boat trailer.
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    If I can make it, I’m down for smokin. I wont have a smoker but I’ll assist with my eleven different herbs and spices. most likely be back to work and unable to attend. Which isn’t a bad thing in the big picture
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    BOOM. Now we just need Waggy to sell a STD.
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    My trailer came with a newer version of the EZ Lift system. The bars ride on the bracket on the trailer tongue and slide into holes on the hitch. Our 2 week road trip last year we had no issues. Of course I was towing with my 2008 dually. Haven't had it out yet with the 2016 2500. That is next week's adventure. Doug