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    Made it home!! About 3k miles total. 1050 in 1 day. Fuel economy suffers a bit going 85-90mph!! These 4th gen trucks sure drive nice, still getting used to an auto...
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    What's it like getting it into the US? If it was a Challenger I might be getting in trouble.......
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    Shouldn’t you focus on making it move under its own power first???
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    I have seen a bunch of those 4th gen bumpers on second gens they fit pretty well. Maybe I should buy one to put on my 02 and set of those jacked wheels and tires and then it will for more
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    I got the fuel pin and spring in. What a difference! Also gave a turn to the power screw. Not sure the purpose of the smoke screw but I left it..
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    Staying S T O C K I say stock. Lol got a fuel tank ordered and that’s pretty much it seeing as Scotty talked me out of Mag Hytec rear end cover and tranny pan.
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    Don't ya just hate it when your own words come back to bite you? Haha. Been there, done that. So Gary, now that you have a new one, what's the first mod gonna be?!
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    Update: sold on fleybay for 425.00 I was hoping to see a member here pick it up. Proflow
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    Just an FYI if’n anyone is inclined to drill a hole for the round lights in any bumper. I’m 99.999% certain you will need a 4.5” hole saw not a 4” due to the rubber mount for the 4” round lights. It would be a hassle to try and cleanly open the 4” hole to accommodate the rubber gasket/seal and the light.
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    Since its more than 20 years old
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    Finally some good news. Seattle injection found a piece in the governor armature broken and 5K springs installed. They said this definitely could have caused the missing problem. Otherwise the pump checked out good. They are going to correct the issues and the pump might be back on the truck as early as Friday. Hope she turns out good as new. Based on how the prior owner built this thing, I hope I got here soon enough before there was any damage done to the engine.
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    Happy with the brightness and low profile. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Yeah stuck on wet grass [emoji1787] for realz! No mud nothing but wet grass
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    Bust your balls and you get all serious and stuff. Should I find a 4th gen bumper then???
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    I installed the new lights last night. The puddle lights are WAY brighter than the factory ones. I had the older grey color panel with 2 LED's in that was later changed to a color matched panel with one LED that I understand is a better light, The ones I bought are a smoked panel that matches the mirrors and have 5 LED's in them and they are very bright. The replacement blinker lights are just like the factory pieces but the fit is not quite as good as stock however if you didn't know you wouldn't see it. The puddle lights are completely sealed in that clear plastic stuff and the wires are good quality and have heat shrink all the way to the edge of the terminal. Very water tight.
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    I installed a P3 in a 3rd gen Dodge and the display turned off when the truck was shut off.
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    Sounds like straight from HDM48. Don't worry about the auto. wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Mine was an auto as well. I broke it. I do miss that 91.5. Also plan on getting familiar with the manual shut off on the VE. Mine used to eat the rubber tips on the fuel shut-off solenoids. Only way to turn it off was go out and manually close the valve. Don't buy the solenoids from Dodge or Cummins if you need one. It was the same as the VW VE solenoid which was available for something like $32 vs $110. I went through so many of them for a while that I actually bought a manual choke cable and attached it to the shut-off so I could stop the truck without popping the hood. I think I still have either a PDF or printed copy of the Bosch VE pump manual. I'll see if I can locate it if you are interested. I have a few spare parts and 1st gen specific tools I can send your way as well. As much as I would like to have another, it is just not in the cards for me. Something else I did that made a world of difference on my first gen was replacing the front springs with MOOG Super Heavy Duty springs for the 1 ton. They picked up the sagging front end as the stock springs were just not HD enough.
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    Fuel pin and governor spring first. Advance timing. Look at supply pressure. Replace both soft fuel lines at back of block. Drive it and enjoy 20 mpg.
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    I believe a Super B is a 64mm turbo. In my opinion, especially with 12v trucks, a 64 isn’t very driver friendly. They have to be driven 15-1600 rpm and above to be responsive at all, and the shift from third to overdrive puts the fire out. Almost every time. Personally, I’d put no larger than a 62mm charger on it with an efficient wastewater housing. Tune your fuel to the charger and call it a day. If you need more, run compounds. This will help overall drivability greatly.