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    I think the clutch would be one of many things to go.... Here is the next update from yesterday: The clutch and pressure plate went in great and Ben explained how having the OFE clutch design works, which was super interesting. and then the transmission was reinstalled along with the new starter, it was SUPER EASY with the sub frame out, Ben had been saying how on the other mk4 clutches navigating the transmission in and out was a pain, however after dropping the sub frame the steering rack is very easy to push out of the way allowing the transmission to just be lifted in or dropped out with almost no resistance. Ben also pressed in the bushings for the lower control arms, so we will be ready to replace all of the front suspension on Sunday.
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    Yes - a couple as a matter of fact. We'll see whats available when I sell the old one.
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    Hmmm, back pedaling already. This is a Golf thread, not a Jetta thread.
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    If that’s the case.... I have two Jetta wagons that he can’t do it to.....
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    It's worth it to see the look on Ivan's face. I think Carl and I almost have him talked into running for President. If he wins we will compound turbo the Golf. My real fear is Ivan will do it.... without breaking a sweat. LOL!