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    I came back to Rufus Woods (Bridgeport state park) to get Terry and Amanda and bring them home from their camping trip. I brought the boat over and took them up to the net pens to catch some trout. Got back with out limit the smallest was 5lbs and the biggest was 12lbs. Not a bad batch of fish for 3 hours work.
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    if not you can add a link or two on the ends.. EASY to do with a couple repair links I had a dedicated snow plow I used when I lived in the mountains of Komieville , the chains were used 100% of the time do to the steep mountain I plowed, I rebuilt them many times , was a fall to do list item ... cross links always worn badly in one season and side chains saw lots of wear over the seasons use also .. I kept on hand repair parts and could actually build from parts a whole chain best tool to use IMHO is a 24' set of bolt cutters, for cutting out the bad parts and they have a perfect notch right behind the jaws for re-crimping the new replacement parts... only tool needed for re-building .. I carried a bucket of assorted parts in the back end of the FJ40 plow rig so when I broke a chain I could jump out and fix it in a couple minutes.... same chain set lasted 15 + years when I sold the rig.
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