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So with my limited availability the timing works out person my 17 year old nephew recently got his drivers license and has been saving for a truck we found him a 99 dodge 1500 needed little work story I got was died on freeway wouldn’t start the seller replaced the ignition stuff under hood so Ethan replaced fuel pump then we tried computer still didn’t run finally we cut exhaust found plugged cat runs great so we paid $850 for truck he will be $1500 running and driving have a solid decent first truck. With me laid up I’ve been able to sit and supervise while he does the work using my knowledge teaching him been win win and great for my mental health so I don’t feel useless right now it’s been good for him as well I’ve been able to pay him to do some labor projects for me that I can’t and wanna get done meanwhile he’s learning life skills his dad hasn’t taught him. I might even have him work on my 57 next month while I’m on chair for recovery. It’s nice he does online home school so he can stay here does his school work then works for me lol 😂 I’m glad we could find him something decent instead of money pit that’s always needing something. And it’s nice having someone taking care of my animals takes some stress off April doing everything I normally do and can’t will post pix later. 

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