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Where to buy a PCM for a 1999 dodge 3500 std.

thumper 549

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Flagship wants 1400   BUCKS!

Which i guess would be fine , I am not even sure what is wrong with this,  and now dwn to handgrenade aproach .

I do have a PCM here but it is for an automatic -should I dare try ti and see if it cures some of the problems?

If it did i think that would be the thing to buy.?

H E L P..............?

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Module experts   in Florida-

They flunked the test for me 

Hard to comunicate with, RUDE on the phone.

VERY rude and that should have been my first clue.

  His name is Adam and he actually hung up on me !

I Finaly got  the PCM back with two sheets of paper that no one but they could understand .


I called "them " up again,  Adam asked my name and NEVER said a thing,  just put me on hold ..

Some gal finally came on and aske wht my proebem is .

Apparently  she was  ready?

I said I have no clue what was done or anything  here.

She asked for the work order number and then said "nothing was done as my VIN did not match the PCM VIN ".

Ya think they could have called me back B4 shipping it?

SO, no notin from them.

Some days are diamonds and some peple are just turds.

Your exp may be different....

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On 11/22/2021 at 2:33 PM, J Dansie said:

Give me your address I holding one in my hot little hand from 99 std 4x4 I will drop it in the mail to you merry Christmas only issue I had was cruise control would sometimes change speed little everything else seemed good 

THIS!!!!!!! Is what I love about this place!

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