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Well it's been a good few years since the mighty 97 Ram 2500 farm truck made a visit to Mark Smith to cure its multitude of oil leaks. He went through and replaced a lot of seals and dried that engine right up. It's been wonderful and I admit, I've taken "dryness" for granted for a wonderful time


Well that ship has sailed. I am loosing an unacceptable amount of oil out of the blow by tube. Then engine has about 240,000 miles on it and had about 215, 000 on when Mark went through it. I just did its pre-winter oil change and there is a lot of oil on the underside of things, mostly drivers side.  Now I have read about a lot of things regarding this problem. My truck runs great, no loss of power or smoking beside when starting(white smoke). I read about a leaking "vacuum pump" causing this sort of situation and coincidentally I have lost my cruise control. It was out when I took it to Mark and he fixed it by replacing a vacuum line (I think). I would appreciate anyone who can help me understand how to diagnose this problem and how would cause crank case pressure and oil puke?


The only other odd thing it has taken to doing is when I park it on a slope, head up. If I leave if for a day or two, I can start it but within a minute it sounds and acts like it's choking on a hairball. It shudders to a stop and then the only way I can get it going is by messing with the throttle, it starts eventually and blows out a cloud of grayish, settles down and runs like the champ it has been all these years.


I live in a pretty remote area and trying to repair something like this with my limited skills, facilities and equipment is problematic. If I turn it into a brick it will need to be towed somewhere so I need take it to this mechanic while it is still usable.

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Follow the vacuum line from firewall, next to brake master cylinder down to vacuum pump. Remove hose from right there and see if it’s pulling vacuum. If not, fix the vacuum pump. As well as the ol girl was running, I cannot imagine a blow by issue from anywhere else. 

White smoke on start and rough sounds like fuel lines at back of block in drivers side. 3/8 and 5/16 about 2’ long each. I remember resealing the tappet cover, which requires removing injector pump. I cannot imagine me putting it back together without new lines, but I don’t remember specifically changing them either. I would put an overflow valve in it. It can also cause the same issues. 

I am now living in southern Oregon or else I would tell you to bring it on by. 


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Great to hear from you Mark. I tried to call you on your old number and when I got the funky fast beep I was afraid you had gone and done something silly like move further away. Trust me, if you were still in Post Falls we'd be paying you a visit and bringing some of pork from our latest breeding triumph.


Hope you are having a great time down there, the fires didn't get too close and if we find ourselves heading southbound towards Eva's family in CA we'll call and see if it would be convenient to stop by.


I will take your advice and hopefully find someone a fraction as skilled and competent to look after the ol' darling. If the pump is the problem would you recommend replacing it or finding someone capable of fixing the leak?


G2 still is pulling heavy loads and is much happier when she is, my goal is to keep her working as long as possible. By the way I've got a dump lift for the bed and that is a great accessory for anyone using one of these on a farm.

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