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My 3rd Gen 2wd- 2007 QC short box 6-speed

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Times have changed in my life and I bought a station wagon and am keeping my old truck. So that means the 3rd Gen has to go.  It's in nice shape and nothing wrong with it, runs and drives great. The flaws are a few small dings and the paint is flaking some on the right rear fender area.  The map lights are broken. The G-56 main shaft bearing growls some at lower RPM.


The biggest issue is I had a fender bender last December so that shows on the Carfax. The body shop replaced the passenger side front fender and front bumper, didn't harm the frame. 


I put 4th gen wheels on and corrected the speedo which helped MPG.  I did run a smarty for a little while for MPG but not added power.  It has a turnover ball gooseneck hitch.


Also upgraded the headlights.


I've had it up at $18,300 then $17,800 and just lowered to $17,00, but I would like to move it pretty soon.  Advertising here to the BOMBer crowd for $16,500.


Here is my CL ad.    https://kpr.craigslist.org/cto/d/pasco-2007-ram-cummins/7208924968.html


Anyway text or call me if you are interested. Thanks!  509-948-6618


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Its great to see you post Vaughn but I am shocked you put your truck up for sale elsewhere before putting it here :(

OK guilt trip over :D

Have you talked to Paul? He is quite the truck salesman! If anyone is out there looking for a 2wd he will most likely know about it. 

Good luck with the sale! 

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It's the 2wd part that is killing this truck moving.  Sorry they are just hard to move in the NW.


You could try listing it on Craigslist but in Texas and Arizona.  Hell people put lifts on 2wd's in Arizona.. LOL

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With your miles also, if you have replaced the injectors put that in the ad. 3500 to 4K already being done is a big plus for lots of people.

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I wish but the injectors are original. Runs really good and very smooth idle so they seem to be fine.

I had two very interested people wanting 2-wheel drives but the fender bender steered them away. Yeah maybe I should CL it down south.

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