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I have found someone to move my trailer PROBLEM SOLVED, I need someone to drive my Pete, to bring my toy hauler home.

mr. cob

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4 minutes ago, David S said:

Good to hear you are getting equipment moved around. Sorry to hear your rebuild is not going as expected.

I am trying to get back into the swing of things, after my knee replacement. Wish I could have helped earlier!

Howdy David,

I knew going into the knee replacement that they would come with their owns set of problems, I know quite a few folks who have had new knees installed and everyone of them has had some issues.  But I really didn't have a choice, I could barely walk as it was and it was getting worse, its only been a few months over a year since this was done so there is still quite a bit of healing going on won't know the final result till another year or so has passed.  The not being able to comfortably kneel and the difficulty moving after being in one position for a long time is what bothers me the most.


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Amen to the kneeling , the pits for sure 

mine needed replacement 20+ years ago so I had stopped that a long time ago . I do wish I had done it when the Drs started saying to do it , I could have missed so many years of bad knee pain but it’s done now so no worries lol


enjoy the south we’re not going down this year , too. Much Covid issues down there VS lower levels here . 

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