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A good place to buy factory Ram hood parts?


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Just wondering if anyone knows of a good place to buy a factory hood piece. The plastic scoop insert on my SRT 10 hood has seen better days. It has 4 plastic posts that secure it that have those self tapping nuts that go into the posts. 3 out of 4 of those plastic posts are broken on mine. It could be possible to epoxy something in it's place maybe. It looks like a new insert is expensive at $300. 



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I really dont think you could find anything that new but have you tried looking at pick n pull? Maybe you could find a good used one?

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I used epoxy on some bolts and it seemed like it would work.

That is until the first semi I passed on a two lane highway, and the rush of wind ripped the scoop clean off, up over the roof and into oblivion. I turned around and looked in the ditch for a while but never found it in the tall grass.

So the wind was trying to rip the hood off going through the large hole. So I duct taped over the hole so I could press on with my 1,800 mile journey.

So it looks like I'll have to buy a new one now anyway. Oh joy. cd42c5123a75f0eb0cbb50fc82a23592.jpg

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5 hours ago, GTroyer said:

Try WD40 to remove the glue residual glue when you remove that tape 😁


Yeah, I wasn't real happy about using duct tape on the paint. But after driving with the open hole for a while and seeing the amount of flex from wind, I figured tape residue was better than a smashed windshield and hood from it flying open at 80-85mph. 


Although I did contemplate letting the hood smash then have insurance fix everything. :lol: lots of things went wrong on this vacation and the hood scoop ripping off and disappearing on the way home was the icing on the 💩 cake.

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