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Anyone ever had blk. oil puking from the A/C PUMP?

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Been trying to chase down this stupid oil leak on my 01.5 for too long now. 

Being a 24vet in the collision trade, Ive added oil to freon etc...

However does that pump cary a decent amount of oil in it besides that?

I see a fill plug on top...Tired of cleaning and seeing this crap mess over and over again.

Ive done the front case etc,etc...That is the only place I can see .Ug. 

Turbo line is clean, etc...its spitting up from a/c pump onto belt & making a hell of a mess:(


Any help appreciated--Proflow

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The oil in AC pumps is generally clear. If you have BLK oil coming out of it you have serious issues. I also second the evacuation of the system to eliminate it from the list of suspects. 

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