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Bob V

Would you tune a newer truck?

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37 minutes ago, C Paul Go said:

I keep reading when Parts Fail they will fall off.. I think you guys are missing what's being pointed out here.


The Parts and the Tuning may not be available for that option.

It’s interesting how times change I remember the early 6.7 you could get the dodge dealer to install a tune and delete or the would send you to a shop now they aren’t even supposed to work on one until it’s compliant. I’ve been told Cummins will not touch a truck with missing parts unless they replace and return to compliance I believe this has to do with crackdown and covering your butt. 
diesel brothers were sued by local group of due gooders for deleting as far as local coverage they settled out of court and no longer publicly talk about removing components other than saying not to, must be hard spot to be in 

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I personally wouldn't tune a new diesel truck. However if I did own one and it started to have expensive repair costs, I'd probably look into switching back to an older truck.


I've already made up my mind with my '17 Challenger. I don't have any problems tuning EFI but if the car starts to have lots of elec problems or the EPA gets retarded, I'll remove everything electronic and install a 440-6 pack and 727 trans. I may only get 10mpg then but F the EPA and their self-righteousness. 

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