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Bob V

A little run of GOOD luck

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I usually dont have runs a good luck. Usually, its  bad and worse.

 But yesterday things really went good for me.

 We bought a newer 2008 Chevy Uplander minivan last week. Nice rig with only 90,000 miles.

 Anyway, it did not have the key fobs with it, did not have the built in child seat like our old van, and did not have the storage bin behind the rear seats (mostly because it makes a flat surface when the seats are folded down) that my wife really liked on the old van. And REALLY wanted on the new one.

 First thing was to order remotes, I got two with the power door openers for $25 on line. BUT, they have to be programmed with a programming tool. This is where my good luck started.

 Hooked up my Sanp On MODIS got to correct section, followed instructions and bang, both remotes programmed!

 Next, off to South Portland pick n pull that has 4 Unlander series vans.

 I find a rear seat storage bin in the correct color, and a few other small things I needed, but no child seat chair. 

 The Sherwood PnP had ONE uplander van. I thought "I am only a half hour away, might as well go look at "

 Get there and find the one they have. Hey, the interior is the right color, and even the right pattern, and could it be, YES, that is a child seat! It's a little dirty, but no tips or tears. 

 I spent less than $100 total on everything including the remotes.

 Yes, I did buy a lottery ticket on the way home, haven't checked it yet. But it looks like no one was the big winner.

 But, my wife is happy, and that can be just as good as money

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Gotta love it when a plan comes together. :) 

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That is a great feeling when it works out. I wish I knew what it felt like.🤣🤣🤣

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