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Camper maintenance and repair

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I have been going through my winterizing of the camper getting ready to put it away in the shop for the winter. Flushing and draining all the tanks, antifreeze in the P traps, replacing the anode rod, removing all food any other unnecessary items.

One thing that happened this summer that surprised me is the trim seals started breaking apart. Mostly where it wraps around the front of the camper.

The more I looked the more I realized it was the same everywhere so I went to camping world and picked up a 100ft roll of the stuff and started removing all the old stuff and replacing it. It's easy to do just time consuming and leaves tiny broken pieces or trim all over the place. It's very brittle and breaks apart easily. Installing the new stuff you just push one side into the groove and pinch the seal to get the other side in then run your finger along the edge to push it into place.

Here are some before and after pics


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It's a never ending job. Staying ahead on keeping a RV maintained. The sad part is that the newer ones are built worse than the older one. I bought a 2001 Sunnybrook 5th wheel. Still has orginal caulking on it, and it's in great shape. Now my 2013 Crossroads 5th, I've replaced all the caulking, it had separated.

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