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Quartering a moose

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Well,as expected, woke up at 430,too excited to leave. Gotta wait for my one hunting partner to drop off his gear at 830.

I am glad I have lists for all my gear . Just about forgot one of my best tools that I started using a few years ago to Quarter a full moose carcass.

Almost always we can winch out the moose whole and suck it into one of the trucks in one piece fairly quickly...

Back at camp we have a meat pole set up high between two trees. Snatch block on pole and winch line hauls moose carcass vertical for easy skinning.

Splitting the carcass into two halves is always a chore cutting along the spine until I had a vision of using my big Makita recip saw with a 12 inch pruning blade.

Set up the Honda generator nearby and off to the races. Nice and straight cuts,clean and quick...Lop off the bottom front quarters and hang all 4 on a low meat pole for final cleaning and wrapping in game bag materials.

no fuss ,no muss, big animal ready for the butcher.

Not sure if any of you guys quarter big animals like this,but, a full size bull moose is rather intimidating if you don’t have the right equipment or are alone...



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Yes it is!!! I knew they were big but until I actually stood next to mine and started gutting it I did not realize how big.

Ivan has a really slick setup for transporting and quartering moose! 

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