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shout out of thanks to Mark Smith

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Mark came through as usual .. did some much needed PM service to my truck while I was up in the area


not only was the bill $$ VERY REASONABLE and even less than I expected


had some new ball joints installed [ https://emfballjoints.com ] , also a full brake rebuild , rotors calipers , pucks , brake lines and DOT 5.1 fluid flush/replacement ... and a few misc. things


I schedule the PM services for my yearly trips to Mike n Sallie's river lot , drop off the truck and rent a car for a few days ... so built a list for each years PM needs ... for an old 280K mile truck I have no fears of long hard pulling trips mostly do to Marks efforts.


THANKS AGAIN Mark your a God send for this old and busted up feller that can't do the crawl around and bend over needed for my own repairs.



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Glad I could help Gary.


Still looking for a new DEE 01.5 ecm



Roll the dice on a used one no problem. Nobody can guarantee anything except 'truck will start and run'

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