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05 LLY Head Gasket Shop?

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Guys my son bought an 05 LLY earlier this year- nice truck with crew cab, short bed 4x4. He is interested in finding out if there is a local shop that anyone on the board would recommend for head gaskets and a rough guesstimate of cost. His runs and drives fine, doesn't need gaskets now but he'd like to be prepared. Thanks for any information.



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Thanks for the input, guys. I've dealt with Diesel Outfitters- great bunch of guys. Mark, we'll keep you in mind if/when he gets to the point. It's all conjecture as to if he's going to have problems, but it seems they go around 200K or so.


Anyone have any thoughts as to what a head gasket job should cost?

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I think it cost my neighbors kid $5k at a local shop here. I'll ask him for the details.

Here's what he said.

Just shy of 5k that's will oil change and fuel filters the works and it also included re surfacing of the stock heads of there good.

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'Simple' and Duramax head gaskets don't work together.


The duramax has the most stuff to take off before the heads can actually come off.


6.0 Fords are easier, but have more crap to throw at them while they are apart.

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As for cracks, I haven't seen a cracked duramax head. The machine shop should check them before machining them (mine always does)


Injectors can wait... Unless you are having issues. They are external, so not a huge labor cost like the lb7.


As far as coolant, I use final charge global coolant or dexcool. Distilled water to mix

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