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92 6.5 replacement options & shop recomendations

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I recieved a call last night from a friend with a 92 chev 1 ton with a 6.5 (Diesel).

Sounds like it has some major engine issues.

He called a couple places and recieved quotes on replaceing the motor.

The quotes he was getting sounded a little high to me.

Recomended shops (he lives in Everett)?


Thanks Gary

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What are quotes $7500-10k install or worst

That plus (depending on the quote).

I asked him it the truck was worth putting the money in, or if a gas motor would be a viable option?

It's a dump bed, I think he was kicking around just getting a dump trailer to replace it.

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Man if he has to dump that kind of money into it might as well look at dropping in a 12 valve.


But here is a place that sell long blocks for $3000, $140 shipping.... http://remanufactured.com/6.5GM_Diesel.htm


Yank the engine, swap the parts, drop the engine back in.... done in a day.

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That is what I told him (both the 12V & it not being worth it).

I have been trying to talk him into a Cummins for a while now.

I think this is making him think long and hard about going with a dump trailer.

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id be hard pressed into replacing a 6.5 in a truck ( and i actually like 6.5's) esp if i had to pay some one else to do it.

figure diesel shops are over $100/hr and i doubt you would find any that would quote you less than 10 hrs to do the swap, esp if you buy a long block and have to swap parts over. so figure a reman @ $3k would still be 5k ez.

whats the rest of the truck like?

trans? brakes? suspension?

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