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Just picked up a 07 Yukon Denali, one owner, pretty clean rig. Got it 6k below book. Got it mainly because the girlfriend and I are expecting, and she had two before me so we needed the room with 3 kids and the pup. Plus she was over having her charger.


Think it's going to need front breaks soon...backs look good. Wondering about fuel economy what I should expect. I have a v2 already for the duramax so I for see a exhaust intake and efi tune through black bear In the near future. I'm half tempted to order it now but I shouldn't get a head of myself haha! Anyone have any advice/tips? Never owned a vortec motor looking to help the mpg some. Not expecting anything amazing but 1-2mpg extra wouldn't hurt and 20-30hp lol.


I see a duramax swap some day in the future(long future lol)



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I would put a cold air intake, a good cat back exhaust, and a tune. EFI live and good tuner will get you a little in MPG. I would recommend BlackBear ... http://www.blackbearperformance.com/


They are very up to date on the GM SUV's if I didn't already have my Diablo tuner I would have went with them.


PowerStop has a good brake package for it.

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I'm by no means expecting a big gain in mpg. But wouldn't mind yielding a little hp and also slightly better mileage.


The only real tuner I've heard of it black bear. Probably who I'll go through, hopefully my v2 is good to go and I don't need to buy any software for the gas models. If not then 240$ for a tune hell ya!


Also heard of guys just doing the intake tube? I've got a lot of research to do haha


I'm doomed I can never leave anything stock smh

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I got some of the Delco pads for our 08 Hoe last spring. They seem to be fine. It was on the squealer for a few weeks but when I finally got around to it I found that the pads were fine but the squeaker was bent. :rolleyes: I changed them anyways since I had it all apart.




If I had a tuner I think I'd kill the 4cylinder mode forever. I didn't really believe the newspapers and stuff before we bought ours but man it likes to drink oil!

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I don't believe the 07s had the fuel management system.


Was planning on doing the front breaks but they'll have to wait a week or two now as I just replaced the battery. Has always seemed slow cranking and battery has died once fast while the kids were watching a DVD. Starts so much nicer now

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Yeah dead battery's always cause weird crap.


Well looks like breaks might even have to wait a little longer. Our 8 month old pup got hit by a car Friday. Chipper/broke a bone in her leg and also some hair line fractures. She will live, the bones should heal fine but we are still in the dark about if she can move her leg fine. We will have to wait and see 6-8 weeks and if she can't move her leg(bad tendons/nerves) then it has to be amputated. We are already over a thousand deep in vet bills, she has to visit the vet once a week for around a month. Had to sell some go fast parts with the anticipation that in a month or two we could be spending 2-3 grand to have her leg amputated. Poor girl didn't deserve this!!!

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I put some auto zone pads on the rear of my Denali, they were the Duralast gold SD. $63 and change I think. they work real good, next to no dust.


I put some Wagner ThermoQuiet on the front, again no dust and they stop real good. I tow a 10k trailer and I have great stopping power, much better than 97 3500 Dodge!


Next time I will upgrade to the 07+ front brakes and use this stuff...





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