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Friend needs advice on posible purchase

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A friend at work is thinking she would like this truck and is seriously looking to buy it. I do not have a good feeling about it but???





Any thoughts or insite?

She is wanting to check it out tomorrow.

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If there is written documentation that the injectors were replaced as mentioned by the owner, I would think about it. it's a nice truck and the price isn't that bad for a Dmax and Allison. If I found something like that in a 2wd, I would go look at it. if it was the stock height I would be less concerned about front end component wear, The tie rod ends and front diffs are a weak point. The drivers seat seam is a common issue with the GM leather, mine is even doing it.

I would drop it down back to the OEM ride height and change the tires.

I think it needs to be seen in person.

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I wouldn't pay 13k for it with that many miles. There better deals to be had, I'd look to spend a little more and get a LLY or LBZ.


That was my input to her but.......... anyway I passed the responses on the her.

Mike if she shows up at outfitters it would be the truck in the add and her name is Cheryl.

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