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Big Russ

TDi Beetle Alternator Replacement

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This procedure removes the alternator from below the car and might work on other A4 ALH cars too.


1) Disconnect the negative battery cable and engine cover

2) Remove clamp on the AC line from the compressor near the vacuum pump (10mm)


3) Remove hose bracket to gain access to lower AC line clamp


4) Remove clamp on the AC line from the compressor (10mm)


5) Remove upper passenger fan screw (T25)


6) Remove the CAC(Intercooler) pipe


7) Jack car up and place on jack stands. Remove skid pan and the passenger side skirt. (I'll get pictures if someone needs them) (T20)

8) Remove serpentine belt using a 16mm wrench on the tensioner (Easiest if done from below)

9) Remove electrical connector from the AC Compressor


10) Remove two 16mm bolts from AC Compressor, carefully pry the compressor off of the bracket. Feed the AC Lines down and support the compressor on something so it's out of the way.


11) Remove the other two screws holding the electric fan onto the radiator (T25), remove the fan and place it out of the way.


12) Remove the serpentine tensioner - three bolts, two short, one a bit longer (13mm)


The tensioner looks like this out of the car


13) Protect the radiator with some cardboard


14) Remove the two 13mm bolts holding the alternator in. Note - there is a 8mm bolt holding the alternator wires on the back side of the alternator that can be removed before the alternator is removed. You might possibly be able to remove the 13mm battery wire from the back of the alternator too before removing the unit.


15) Pry and wiggle it out of there being careful of the AC plumbing. I found it easier to twist the alternator 90 degrees so that the pulley was pointing towards the engine block.


Install is basically the reverse...


Alternator Bolt Torque = 18 ft/lbs

AC Compressor Torque = 33 ft/lbs


(These pictures are not mine)

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