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LB7 Intake Heater Delete

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You will need EFI Live or HP tuners to turn off the code, otherwise you will pop a check engine light for a open circuit. Its not a big deal, but it can be annoying. As long as you have a scanner you can just clear it and it shouldnt pop up for another 2-3 starts...If you want.


First, you'll want a 2001 Cummins oil drain plug(got mine at napa) size 22mm x 1.5. The intake heater is located in the y bridge, just in front of the turbo. So, you'll want to remove the nut on top of the IAH, Remove the wire and wrap it in eletrical tape then zip tie it up and out of the way. Then remove the IAH and install the Cummins drain plug. The IAH is a huge restriction, It probably honestly takes up 30-40% of the room in the Y bridge. Dont forget you'll want to turn off the code via EFI Live or HP tuners.


Enjoy the extra air flow :thumbup: I have never had a problem not running mine, it starts 100% the same even in below freezing temps.




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I forgot to add. Some guys have tried adding a 12v light to the wire going to the IAH delete. I've never tried this and have heard mixed reviews but it is an option to try so you wouldn't have to deal with the code. I don't see why it wouldn't work, as it should complete the circuit. If someone could try this, or I will myself when my trucks back together. Can even disconnect the wire and try it before purchasing a drain plug.



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