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DIY: Injector line cleaning

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So you have to replace your injectors and you don't want to drop another 800$ on new lines or 300$ on reman ones?

Here is a cheap way to clean and polish your injector lines and save a LOT of money. Also works on a lot of other parts. I've become fond of CLR big time. You can see how well it worked just by how nasty and dirty the CLR got in the bucket. I was shocked.



1. Clean plastic oil pan, plastic oil bucket, or any container really you have around will work.

2. Jug of CLR cleaner

3. Dremel tool

4. One beer(Optional, maybe more than one haha)

5. Can of brake cleaner

6. Compressed air


First, remove your injector lines if they arent already off the truck. Next find a container of some sort to put all the lines in. I found a small bucket I had in the garage, worked perfect. I used 100% CLR in the bucket since I was able to fill it completely with it without having to add water. If you use a bigger container and the jug wont cover all the lines, add water. Now go do something...for a good 4-6 hours minimum. I let mine sit over night then cleaned them the next day. Take them out of the CLR, Wipe them off with a rag, spray them down with break cleaner and wipe off again. Next I used a dremel tool to polish the rust off the lines where it meets the fuel rail and injector. Then sprayed them again with break cleaner, wiped down and blew them out with compressed air. Now you have lines like new that are ready to go back on!!! The CLR works awesome for other things also. I soaked a fuel line in it, came extremely clean with just a wipe down with a rag. So really, this procedure would work great for any grimy, rusty, gross parts.









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Thanks. It won't be so bare anymore with me around I still a ton to post haha not many duramax guys on here I've noticed.


Our Prez - even though he is an X-duramax guy - had one of the first twin turboed Chevies...


Juice - Chime in here...

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Our Prez - even though he is an X-duramax guy - had one of the first twin turboed Chevies...


Juice - Chime in here...

Oh really? Nice. I'm not just a duramax guy anyway, while its my favorite I love all diesels. Look forward to learning more about the cummins. Really wish I had a friend with a Cummins. I want to tune one with EFI live and help mod it...only have had chances to tune a few duramaxs.


Thanks for making me feel welcomed

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I'm not positive on aluminum. The container does say don't use it on alum. I've done CLR on injector lines more than a few times never any negative effects. But you do need to make 100% sure to clean all the CLR off. It can create issues but I've never had any.

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Welcome to the NWBOMBERS!

I had a Duramax for quite a while. Great trucks, and with a few tasteful mods, they perform very well.

Thanks. I'm no newbie. Hopefully have my trans built by next summer. Then I can work on my duramax swap into an S10 hehe
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