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Signs of a blown head gasket...

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1. If your heater does not work as well as it use too. Mine just started to blow cold air all the time....I think this could be a symptom. It always worked before I saw green stuff on the side of my block.


2. If there is green stuff on the ground.....(maybe a dead dog next to your pickup)


3. I for one saw my water temps going up. It always ran about 180 or so. Two or so weeks before my head went out this last time, the water temps where running hotter like 190-195 or so.


How I know that my head went out he first time:


I could hear water running in the cab. Looked under the hood there was NO green stuff on the block....But when I looked in the radiator there was oil in it.....


How I know that my head went out he Second time three weeks ago:


There was no oil in the radiator and there was no antifreeze in the oil. It was just leaking out the side between the head and the block on the right side between 5 and 6 just a little for two months. Three weeks ago it went, when I got home there was steam coming up from under the hood. Gone again.


Took everything off the head this last week and the head bolt between 5 and 6 valve cover was broke off.....


So we go back to when I did it the first time I should have found the extra 400.00 and got a set of ARP Studs.


Now I hope that the head is not creaked and I can still use the head. Or the 1000.00 I sent on it a year ago is no go and I have to start all over again because I did not listen to everyone that told me to get a set of ARP if I was going to run over 50 lbs of boost.





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Mine used just a little water. No leaks of oil or water. You could hear it in the cab when you started it up in the morrnings. It would draw from the cab heater and you could hear little bubbles running throught the line. The head was cracked and was leaking between 3-4. And as far as the studs go I don't know how there going to be any better then the stock bolts. Maby you over torked them? Used them to many times? I don't know. My old truck ran good with 50+ for over 60k after the first 3 heads were cracked (crapy dealer rebuilds (under warranty)). I ran the stock bolts and checked tork on them about once a month or so. If one was off I pulled/cleaned and re-installed them. I ran my tork up to 115 on all of them. I did not have o-rings or firerings or any of that cool stuff. But it did hold smile.gif Good luck!!

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Guest quietguy

If your water temp starts going up real fast and you find you're crank case is flooded and puking out the overflow, remove the valve cover and check the freeze plugs that are under there. I had one blow out and flood the motor quick, fast, and in a hurry. Alot easier to fix than a hg. Might be a 24 valve thing only.

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I do not know about the little "hints" when mine goes you know it blink.gif

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I do not know about the little "hints" when mine goes you know it  blink.gif



Yup... Sometimes you just know. biggrin.gif


Presurised coolant, oil in the water, overheating, oil or coolant leaking from the gasket itself, or a spray of oil and coolant everywhere after it lifts.

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