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  1. Mad Bomber

    Using antifreeze?

    With a heater core you get condensation in cab when defrost is on.
  2. Read the article I put into procedures a day ago.
  3. Mad Bomber

    2002 rebuilt title

    There has been 53's in 2002 his isn't. Mine was and has to change it.
  4. Mad Bomber

    2002 rebuilt title

    I have been in that truck would have never guessed it was a rebuilt title. That truck looked perfect and rode that well.
  5. Mad Bomber

    Article that's really good

    The problem is where the 140 amp is connected. It should be a 150 amp from Amazon and move to the aux battery
  6. Mad Bomber

    Article that's really good

    Also in doing the WT mod lowers the AC acrods the system.
  7. Mad Bomber

    Article that's really good

    This is on Mopar1973Man.Com Don't miss the other links in the article https://mopar1973man.com/topic/15349-electrical-article-alternator-and-pcm-protection/
  8. Mad Bomber

    DRB 3

    I saw a video on u tube and it happened real time. With a used PCM they changed the vin
  9. Mad Bomber

    DRB 3

    Hello everyone does anyone have a DRB 3 to reprogram a PCM? ThanksEric
  10. I know that someone does trannys on here it's in a Chev gasser. Thanx Eric
  11. I also found that on my internatonal 7.3 the best glow plugs is the stock ones.
  12. Do you use the aftermarket sensors like the AIT or map sensor. Or do you only use the Cummins sensors? TIA Eric
  13. Mad Bomber

    Looking for a NV5600

    Peter from Southbound said Red Line MTL is what he'd recommend.
  14. Mad Bomber

    The new setup

    Sorry Phil for someone else stupidity.