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  1. When I had to remove and replace long block I just turned engine upside-down no problem.
  2. Cummins gave me 1500 for the cracked motor. When I bought my manufactured from them and then went to visit RIP. I had to start it out right
  3. When I got my rear end pan the I had to get a new rubber piece for the sway bar to give more room for the pan
  4. This sounds just like what piers did to me when I was at a dyno day. He put it on my truck and said go try it for a couple hours while at dyno day. Then it came off my truck and I had to drive home without it.
  5. I had the same leak new long block was the answer. You must have a #53 block. I bought a long block from Cummins in Portland to save the taxes. That saved 10%. The price was 7500 with the core. Cummins was the only one who would refund the core charge. Even with buying in Portland I was able to return it in Everett.
  6. Has anybody bought the fan blades for the 2nd gen truck from Geno's garage? Does anyone know if they are from 3rd gen or just similar to 3rd gen? By the pictures I've seen it looks like blades fit a Ford not a Cummins. Any ideas??? Thanx Eric
  7. This article covers a lot of trucks and the injection pumps https://www.drivingline.com/articles/new-product-spotlight-ss-diesel-motorsport-s-cp42-bypass-kit/
  8. Here is a good article about pcm and ecm rebuilder. https://mopar1973man.com/cummins/articles.html/24-valve-2nd-generation_50/51_engine/electrical/list-of-verified-and-reliable-pcmecm-rebuilders-r534/
  9. Stock tires at 70mph with 3.55's and at 2k rpm
  10. My dad had a 73 Chev truck with a 454 cu the only thing it wouldn't pass is a gas station. It got a whole 5 mpgs loaded or unloaded up hill or down
  11. With a heater core you get condensation in cab when defrost is on.
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