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  1. 4x4manonbroke

    Toyo m-55s free

    I have 2 285/75/16 e rated toyo m55s for free thiers some life left ... maybe burnout tires ? Or just for a roller in the shop ... Text or call me ... 253-985-5819
  2. 4x4manonbroke

    Anyone have any experience with old dozers?

    It would be slow moving chaos... like a slow motion train wreck
  3. 4x4manonbroke

    Odd transmission issue

    I recently serviced the transmission thinking it needed a filter ... but same issue ... I had this put in 2yrs ago ... this is a recent issue
  4. 4x4manonbroke

    Odd transmission issue

    Ok so i have a 47rh ... i had a trans shop put in my billet servos and a SunCoast street/Tow valve body... so i am beginning to have issues .... transmission keeps acting as if its low on fluid, so i am running the transmission 1-1.5qts over the full line .. and now it shifts perfect never misses a shift ... it wasnt going into od or lock. So i think its somthing to do with the mount from vb to trans ... like its getting air in between or something ?
  5. 4x4manonbroke

    Finally got pics of the trailer

    Nice lookin unit
  6. 4x4manonbroke

    how to re-fuel type a vehicle

    That would be great... Much appreciate the help
  7. 4x4manonbroke

    Maybe getting a local "pro" pulling track

    ould be pretty awesome to have more shows to attend... gotta get back in the groove
  8. 4x4manonbroke

    how to re-fuel type a vehicle

    Yes that's more or less what I am looking for, 4 doors, 4wd would be nice but dully is kind of were I am set at must have .... As it will be a hauler
  9. 4x4manonbroke

    how to re-fuel type a vehicle

    I am now in Spanaway ( Pierce County ) my thoughts are finding a Chevrolet 4 door truck likethe llate 70's orearly 80s and dropping my 12V drivetrain into one of those ( want a 2wd puller with 4 doors)..dont wanna buy a new truck just yet ... still wanna tiinker a lil.... So if i had to or wanted to "re-fuel type" a vehicle...can that even be done? or do u think age of the vehicle just dosent need smog anymore ? anyonegota link to those rules or laws , I cant seem to pin it down myself.
  10. Ok so i am looking into buying a gasser vehicle and doing a conversion.... What do i need t do ? retitle it as a diesel ? any info would be very helpful
  11. 4x4manonbroke

    Looking into Excursions

    Once I am back to work I wont mind buying another truck, my wife wants 8 passengers and doesn't like a big van looking thing, I will admit .... I was STUNNED when she said " I like this thing, Its beasty" ..my wife is 5' and 130 .... so this thing make her feel safe and in control .. which is good.
  12. 4x4manonbroke

    Time too upgrade my 98.5 exhaust

    I personally love my Diamond Eye Alumanized exhaust, I went with 5" andi absolutly love the tone and sound it provides, Others seem to like the sound of my truck as well, Never beenpulled over for sound issues as of yet.... But i am concidering A 5" Stainless Flo-Pro Muffler just to keep it down when I am towing as my truck is a shor cab long box, wen loaded and the back window open.... Going thru a tunnel and or next to a concrete wall the sound can be deafning .... and i do tow a 26' 5er so ... im sure the cops can hear me pullin them hills for miles.
  13. 4x4manonbroke

    Looking into Excursions

    ... yeah .. I used to own a few 4 letter F words.... Could be worse... could be walkin
  14. 4x4manonbroke

    Looking into Excursions

    Mini vans wont tow much .. tops out at around 3500# .... if my family and i wanted to go camping im stuck driving 2 vehicles... instead of 1.. And then thiers interior comfort issues as well... and i hate minivans cause i have worked on far to many and they are ridiculous to do even simple maintenance on ... i remeber hating my self when i worked for larson automotive in Puyallup
  15. 4x4manonbroke

    Looking into Excursions

    Ok .. My wife and i are up to 3 kiddos plus us ... and i we are unwilling to do the mini van parade .. and we want diesel not gas... So were looking at a 2003 Excursion, LOADED ... leather,auto,has video and all the goodies ... It up for sale at 13,999.00 ... It has 152k on the 6.0 Powerstroke ... Knowing the ins and outs ... i know 6.0 means a few major upgrades.... Headstuds,up pipes, EGR cooler, egr valve, and possible a turbo ... i also understand they have injector issues.... So ... ideas like ... a 12v swap ... what above Emission controls ? ... i know destroked has the parts,wiring and such to make these swaps "easier" ... ? Would we be better off in a 6.4 4door pick up? .. or save more and get the 6.7 Powerstroke? I know thiers lotts of variables.... just looking for more input and issues i or rugbygoats haven't discussed already...