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  1. California is always different. I can never get pages to load here but go to GOOGLE and type in CALTRANS TOWING WITH CHAINS your relevant info will be towards the bottom of the page
  2. big jake

    Some people have TOO much money!

    I saw that show awhile back, totally crazy
  3. big jake

    trailer and car for sale

    I could live very nicely in that trailer, but as always cash is a little tight.
  4. big jake

    House Project

    preparation takes a lot of time
  5. mods please delete this as I cannot seem to get the link to post
  6. you should have had Peter just do the install while he was out here
  7. big jake

    Any Experience with Jaguar XL8

    these cars dont appear to be beat all to death either
  8. big jake

    Any Experience with Jaguar XL8

    Go to rental sites like Enterprise and shop for a used Chevy Impala, nicest car I ever rented, got 30 MPG all day long and seats like you were on your couch at home. These were cars 5 years ago, so I bet its even nicer now
  9. big jake

    15th anniversary party! Aug 20th

    there is always a first time, thats how we all got here Large Guy, did you check your PMs
  10. big jake

    15th anniversary party! Aug 20th

    also add to that list Denny, Chris Sutton and Bill Fletcher Haycube: [f I can drive 800 miles one way, why couldnt you drive across town????? this has only been on the schedule since forever j/k
  11. I am humbled to be mentioned in this group, all I ever did was come and watch
  12. big jake

    15th anniversary party! Aug 20th

    Thanks for sharing Blair
  13. big jake

    16th annual Bombers party

    I will be there
  14. I forgot to pay for and get my Bomber decals so I need to send someone some money. I am still in the area since I didnt get my arse out of bed this morning and will try again on Tuesday. Please remind me who has the decals and how to get them. I promise they wont be going on the Honda.