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  1. Big Russ

    Phat Kaw's Spring Maintenance.

    Not nearly as much traffic at midnight but still quite a bit.
  2. Big Russ

    Phat Kaw's Spring Maintenance.

    Rode to work last night, Used the cruise all the way home, kept speed at 71mph within 1mph, even coming up south hill on 512. I'm happy with it.
  3. Big Russ

    Phat Kaw's Spring Maintenance.

    Thats a fact... It's got a throttle meister on there too. I need to do some work on that, I'll pull it off when I do.
  4. Big Russ

    Phat Kaw's Spring Maintenance.

    Last picture post... Finished up the wiring today, completed the self diags successfully, and took it for a ride. It surged a bit at 50mph in OD. At 60 it seemed OK. I'll put a few more miles on it and make sure. Lifted the front off the ground in two gears, the throttle seems to work as well as ever. When I engage the front brake with the CC off, it turns on. Seems a little odd. It doesnt engage or anything, it just turns on. Set, coast, engage, and resume all work as they should and if you push the off button, the light goes off. I'm using the Rostra 250-3592 switch and I used the front brake switch instead of the rear. the CC does not turn on when you hit the rear brakes. I'll have to look at the schematics and see if I can see a wiring mistake.
  5. Big Russ

    Phat Kaw's Spring Maintenance.

    Got quite a bit accomplished today. Ran the cable under the battery box and back up the other side. Bent the throttle end cable bracket to fit, trimmed some extra off the end, and put some vinyl tubing on it to protect the main wiring loom. I installed the bracket on the 10mm bolt that is used to hold the wiring loom, I'll tie the wiring loom to the bracket. I used the flag nut on the cable instead of the snap nut. It's smaller and holds the cable quite well. I also used four beads on the bead chain so that it would slack better when the throttle was manually being used. I trimmed the foam rubber that goes around the overflow tank a little to keep it out of the way of the CC cable and chains.
  6. Big Russ

    Phat Kaw's Spring Maintenance.

    I miss my KLR too - a lot!
  7. Big Russ

    Phat Kaw's Spring Maintenance.

    Got some work done on the servo bracket today, it looks like it'll work ok
  8. Big Russ

    Phat Kaw's Spring Maintenance.

    Now for the Rostra cruise control installation... I got frustrated working on a VHF DMR Repeater this morning and decided to start this project.. Sure wish I had Ben's garage capabilities right about now. Brackets are not fun to make in my garage. I started out this morning by removing all the plastic and approximating where the servo was going to live.
  9. Big Russ

    Offroad Lights

    I like them! I was hoping for LED though. I'll have to do some measuring
  10. Big Russ

    Offroad Lights

    I think youre correct. Maybe when I get some time this weekend.
  11. Big Russ

    Offroad Lights

    I'll take a look at lifetime's Thanks gents!
  12. Big Russ

    Offroad Lights

    Looks like I'd have the same trouble or worse with these, they are deeper. but interesting..
  13. Big Russ

    Offroad Lights

    Mine want to point up for some reason and I cant get the far enough away from the bumper steel to make a difference. Maybe if I take the rock protectors off.
  14. Big Russ

    Offroad Lights

    My budget isnt near as rich as yours.