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  1. Big Russ

    Fishing 2019

    Went out for Kokanee on Merwin last Sunday. Didnt see Scott We were rocking a new TR1 Autopilot and planer boards dragging six sets of gear through the water! Only one hookup, but the day was more about getting the autopilot and gear dialed in!
  2. Big Russ

    Winter weather

    We had a skiff of snow down here in Puyallup... https://photos.app.goo.gl/5gMpi5XeuKQU6x1h7
  3. Big Russ

    VW DSG trans

    I loved the DSG in my Passat, you had to learn how to drive it but it was a far superior tranny compared to the 6sp slush box in my Acura. All I've heard about them is keep the service done, DSG oil and filter every 60K.
  4. Big Russ

    Using antifreeze?

    HX40/S400. I think the cam change helped a lot, 60psi Max before the cam, and 55psi Max after. I'd be lucky to hit 40psi right now, I have no electronic enhancement anymore, and to tell you the truth, I'm not missing it. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  5. Best wishes on your new venture Bill!
  6. Big Russ

    Using antifreeze?

    There are plenty of us....
  7. Big Russ

    Skif Knives

    I was doing some more research - They are Chinese made, although there are no markings on the knife. Still a decent knife for the money.
  8. Big Russ

    Skif Knives

    I may have to try that, but it feels like the detent is stiff, once it gets past the detent it opens pretty easily.
  9. Big Russ

    Skif Knives

    I was watching a YouTube channel (Demolition Ranch) and they demo'ed Skif Knives - they were shooting at them and splitting bullets... (The 308 finally broke the knife) They looked expensive, IE Spyderco, Benchmade, SOG and so I checked them out. They arent expensive... I bought a "Sturdy" for $29.99, it was $34 and change to my door. https://skifknives.us/collections/all I'm really impressed! It's made in Ukraine and the quality is outstanding! Time will tell on how the edge holds up but the blade is beefy. Here are a few pictures. My only complaint is its a bit stiff, but I'm sure it'll loosen up with use. https://photos.app.goo.gl/WAAn8Zx9MLPrHyDN9
  10. Big Russ

    Interesting read

    There were a couple of sleeve valve engines that were produced - 1908 Knight Daimler and the Bristol Hercules for Aircraft. I think keeping them from burning oil was a problem back then but could be overcome now. Did everyone see that you can get a variable compression engine from Nissan now? Look no further than the ubiquitous Altima. I'd probably stay away from buying one for a few years...
  11. Big Russ

    2020 Chevy HD

    Are these trucks from Canada??
  12. Big Russ

    John Treibel

    I talked with John for a bit on the parking lot at work Saturday morning - he's still looking good and healthy! He's got a ton of new car projects, one of them is a 2000 Dakota RT :). His Ram is sitting on its wheels again but I'm not sure it's ready for action yet. Maybe he'll chime in here and tell everyone what he's currently driving - its SWEET!
  13. Big Russ

    Fishing 2019

    No time like the present to start this thread....
  14. I thought about doing this upgrade myself a few years ago. It only makes sense!! Nice work!