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  1. I'd heard that the only difference between marine and regular plywood, besides the price, was the glue. That's why I opted to paint it on all sides with resin.
  2. A guy I used to work with cut the glass off the top of the transom and used a chainsaw to dig out all of the rotten wood - he said it worked well. I think he remade the transom with some plywood and some sort of concrete or epoxy product. I dont have a lot of pictures of the interior but this is part of the floor I replaced showing the new seats, steering and guages. My bitchy ex on it's maiden voyage with the looper on Alder Lake https://photos.app.goo.gl/k9pijREJwSTsLgpXA LOL
  3. I was being cheap... I filled it full of styrofoam sheet insulation and when I was done, I drilled holes in the floor and squirted spray foam underneath to fill the voids and then filled the holes back up with resin. Less that a year later I was divorced and I'm not sure how the boat did, she took it. She kept it undercover, so it may have lasted quite awhile.
  4. I searched... No pictures of the floor job... I used regular plywood on it - after I had cut it to fit, I painted it with resin on the bottom side and edges. I remember the stringers were 2X4's - I used pressure treated lumber there. The rest was cloth and resin over the top and gluing down carpet. I remember setting my skil saw a bit deep and cutting through the hull on the back side of a chine, but I filled it in with epoxy putty and no one noticed the difference..
  5. I was talking about the beer Gary!
  6. I looked, a surge tank that fits my bosch pump is a hundred bucks. Not a bad option Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  7. Got head(s)??? [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16] Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  8. I'll have to look when I get home - I dont have them on Google Photos. Here was the before picture
  9. Here's the boat I did the floors and stringers on - and me about 60 pounds heavier.... I never did check the top speed on it - I'd guess around 45-50.
  10. 85hp?? 😮 Sounds like FUN! Not much bigger than a jetski
  11. I rescued a couple of cute little Mutiny's. They are fun boats! I did the floors in the first one, it wasnt too bad. The second one (Pictured) needed a new motor (AQ130 V/P). The first one came with a locked up Merc that I got running but it needed too much to make it reliable, so I hung a 125hp Johnson looper on it and made it a speed demon. They were both 17' Mutiny's. They are great little boats! Have fun!
  12. Thanks for sharing!! Thats a nice truck!
  13. The regulator on the Sniper systems is 58.5psi
  14. "The Sniper EFI system requires a high pressure fuel pump capable of operating at 60 psi with at least 50 gallon per hour of fuel flow" The pump I have is rated at 200lph @ under 75psi.
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