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  1. I think the quad cab windows are shorter than the non-quad cabs.
  2. Selling for a friend - B&W Gooseneck for a 4th gen, brand new in boxes - $300 OBO (Appears to be for 3rd gen too)
  3. and then Frank will be happy?
  4. Is that one of those fuel saving water pumps? Less drag on the motor?
  5. Here's a flushing tool I saw someone using - I was going to buy one to flush out the core on my 2nd gen - but I sold it instead https://www.amazon.com/OTC-6043-Blast-Vac-Multipurpose-Cleaning/dp/B000F5ECRW/ref=sr_1_30?keywords=air+radiator+cleaner&qid=1579680802&sr=8-30
  6. Added it to the calendar! Hopefully I can make it up there this year, it should be before we go fishing for a week.
  7. I'm probably headed down that way soon too. Kokanee are calling...
  8. Please take note of the below maintenance notification for Network Upgrades: Location: Troy, Michigan Data Center Start Date: 2020-02-08 22:00 Eastern Time End Date: 2020-02-09 02:00 Eastern Time Work Window: 4.00 Hours Status: Scheduled Risk: Impacting; expect downtime to occur during the planned window. Maintenance Type: Network Infrastructure Upgrades Reason for Work: Increase bandwidth capacity & preventative maintenance Description of upgrades: Data Center and Network staff will be adding additional bandwidth capacity to our core network. This will increase available bandwidth by 500%. Includes replacing core routers with more robust and new model units. Also, upgrading peer connecting equipment to facilitate handling new bandwidth. Description of Preventative maintenance : Includes replacing all Power Distribution Panels that feed the core networking gear. Also replacing end of life switching gear on selected racks. Thank You for your understanding during this Planned Maintenance Window. You can track the status of this migration in our forums at https://forums.totalchoicehosting.com/topic/47423-scheduled-network-maintenance-network-upgrade/ As always our technical support team will be online to attend your queries. TotalChoice Hosting, Inc. PO Box 518 Oxford, MI 48371 Choice Does Matter!
  9. Unnecessary... Thanks for offering Gary!
  10. Could be the reason for the "Godzilla" motor too... A big gasser with copious amounts of torque and simpler emissions can fulfill a similar mission to it's diesel counterpart while being cheaper to produce and with a higher profit while the retail price is lower for the consumer.. I bet GM and Chrysler/Fiat follow suit soon... New bigblock anyone??
  11. and with that being said, how is the EPA catching folks unless they have a complaint about a coal roller? I'm more than happy to keep the 2018 compliant until the warranty period is up, but as soon as one of those $600 NOX sensors takes a dump, I'll find it hard to keep the sawzall away from it. Especially if it's hard to get caught. EDIT: $425 for a Dorman NOX Sensor on Rockauto... The SCR is $1300 and the DPF is $1200 to 2 large..
  12. I've got extra... If you clear your browser cache, the pictures have changed - I'll try not to let them get so stale - Bob V's old Ram was on there for YEARS after he got rid of it. and for some reason unknown... Gear Jammer's GMC is first up... 😂 We're a "diverse" bunch here...
  13. I've gotta see how many I can put in there! I think its setup for 7 or 8
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