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  1. I'll check it next time we go out - I have a feeling it's a bit off. I set it back in the fall but the manifold has been off a time or two since then.
  2. I've done that setting once, but I'll check it again. It's a pretty easy adjustment.
  3. Cranks a while before it starts, needs 20-30% throttle opening to start. I dropped the timing to 6 initial and 28 degrees at cruise, 6 degrees during cranking, and dropped the cranking enrichment down 3 pounds per hour across the graph. It made a positive difference but didn't fix it all the way
  4. Any Holley EFI tuners in the bunch?? The boat starts fine when cold, seems to warm up just fine too. It doesn't start nearly as well when its hot. It seems to flood out a bit. I've turned the fuel prime down to 75% X 5 The cranking timing is set to 15 degrees, I'm going to lower that. Timing is set to 6 degrees initial and 30 at cruise. I'll probably bring the cruise timing down too. I'm also thinking about dropping the starting enrichment down 20 lb/hr all the way down the the graph from 180f coolant temp to -40f Would
  5. signed, sealed, and delivered...
  6. Leaving the dates open... And putting it on the calendar
  7. Yea, it went a lot faster that I expected, and she was a skow, hadn't been washed since 2019 and was brown on the topsides from all the pollen. Add insult to injury, the CO monitor went bad, the batteries are weak, the alternator seized, and the belt burned off when I started the main... Costs money to make money I guess. The new owner will get some new items... He's going to try and pull it with a Tundra with a 5.7. I'm hoping they pull OK, I doubt he has the brakes to stop it. I may end up dragging it to Bellingham myself. We went down to 600 below a
  8. $40K https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/boa/d/south-prairie-2005-trophy-2359wa/7294493943.html
  9. Hamilton 2 stage in front of an LS? Ours is also a Hamilton 2 stage and I thought they were only good for 250hp. That impeller change was a good chunk of change. I've been looking for someone that works on jets on the wet side, but not very hard. I'm picking up another 302 short block tomorrow and starting the rebuild process on it, but an LS is far superior to a Windsor Ford...
  10. Hmm.... Did he have it done? Or did he do it himself? Which pump does that boat have? I'd love to put an LS in the Alumaweld.
  11. No Scotty mounts either... I'll make you a deal - four scotty mounts - connected to a Trophy 2359
  12. I didnt have a telephoto lens with me.
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