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  1. They seem to put the torque to the water better. The Trophy has a Bravo 3 outdrive which is very similar to the DP Volvo and it doesn't slip (for lack of better words) much in the water.
  2. X2 Volvo = pretty much bulletproof old skool but bulletproof...
  3. When you're done with your boat, I've got a Trophy that needs detailed too...
  4. On my old skool set (HX40 over S400), the cam made the exhaust run a couple hundred degrees cooler and spool faster than a tortoise... 🤣 For towing, stick around the 400hp level with a single turbo. It will be much more reliable and usable.
  5. Uhg.... I hope its a once in a lifetime issue... McChord said it was the first failure like that they'd ever seen... <yea right>
  6. Here's the photo Album of the few pictures I took... Sorry Scotty, not sure why they dont show up. https://photos.app.goo.gl/RGfUKxWEaJc7Tmj48
  7. Pictures from the day we bugged out of Elk Camp early Opening day from on top the ridge - we could never get up there again, the snow piled on quickly That 1400 yard clearcut I've telling Cliff about.
  8. I should have taken a picture of the invoice, they had ordered a LOT of parts - the total was nearly 2 grand with labor. warranty covered of course.
  9. It felt like I was being bullshitted... I aint never heard of no shims... but then again I've never worked on a Cummins Auto truck
  10. They send the warranty parts back for credit - I didnt ask to look at the adapter. You could see aluminum smearing on the flex plat and it was getting hot (See the blue metal)
  11. I'm trying to figure out how that happened.... They said it was "Shimmed" wrong from the factory... See #15 on the parts diagram... If it was shimmed wrong, whats that going to do to the tranny pump or the crank thrust bearing?? I see what it did to the flex plate... And why did it take 7500 miles to start rubbing? questions....
  12. Ouch Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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