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  1. If you click on your profile in the upper right corner, you have the ability to "Ignore User's" You're welcome.
  2. I ran an FPR on mine - had it set to 15 psi. https://photos.app.goo.gl/h5fZAfmNcuLbv8YS9 https://photos.app.goo.gl/en4hKNRCfsr5sXrY8
  3. Ouch! My '18 was 48 large less than a year ago.. From what I've read, if you don't add power and treat the 68RFE correctly, it'll last for quite some time. I"ve towed at 17K gross and it's got plenty of power. I've got a buddy with a SRW 3500 6.4 truck and he likes it.
  4. Whenever I get to do the brakes on my Acura, I'll probably do drilled rotors from Power Stop - the factory rotors are warped at 80K miles
  5. Been there, done that... I wish I would have taken a picture of the sign "Winding Road next 99 miles"
  6. They've got enough power to light the stock tires up at a stop light while pulling - I dont need anymore (yet..)
  7. Sounds like my last trip to Hein bank! Know anyone looking for an electric fishing pole?
  8. Dang.... 48 hours... Have a safe trip!! My brother and I took dad's truck and trailer home to Kelso from Bangor Maine - it was a four day trip!
  9. Yes - they were about as deep as the stockers
  10. I am a fan of JBL's and had a set of 6X9's in the doors of my 2nd gen. I dont remember the model number but they sounded good. That was the 3rd pair that I had bought.
  11. I had to do that on my old Pontiac - A road sign and sheet-metal screws worked awesome - covered it all up with rubberized undercoating and it wasnt noticeable. It took them about six months to replace that speed limit sign 🤣
  12. January in Utah - even better.... The lady I sold my 99 to is having all sorts of problems with it again, I'm betting she's going to have to drop the pan too.
  13. Probably handles like a go cart too... I wonder if Air-Ride makes a seat for it? https://www.amazon.com/Heritage-Silver-Air-ride-Adjustable-Truck/dp/B01NBRDKZQ?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_1
  14. I'd vote Tacoma also - you'd have to go clear back to a square body S10 before they were any good (And a V8 fits nice in them...) Colorado's suck - maybe the newest ones are OK but the older ones were junk. High mileage 4.0L Fords need the timing chains replaced and that involves removing the motor. Ford in the wisdom decided that they would put timing chains on both ends of the motor (I know of one that has over 400K miles and is still going strong but with loose chains). Older V6 yota's have had problems with their heads. Toyota 4 cylinder manual's are the bullet proof answer. One that wasn't mentioned was a Nissan - the 3l V6 was a good motor, but the rest of the truck is questionable. Nissans can be had thousands cheaper than Toyota's of the same vintage. Honda Ridgline?? They have a pretty bulletproof drivetrain, although it's hard to call them a truck, I'm not sure that I'd haul dirt or rock in the back but I'd pull a small boat or trailer with them. I've got two J series Honda V6's in the driveway right now and I've had good luck with both of them.
  15. As my 99 did also - kinda exciting when the crank sensor goes out while crossing the Hoods Canal Bridge towing and 8000 pound boat...
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