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  1. Big Russ

    Rear hitch on new Rams

    Yep that's the cold weather front there should have been an adapter in there as well. My 14 had both of them. The adapter wasnt in there. I'll have to check the beer coolers
  2. Big Russ

    Rear hitch on new Rams

    I found some sort of vinyl brassiere thingy under the passenger side rear seat, but you're talking about the little cubby hole "beer coolers" in the floors?
  3. Big Russ

    Rear hitch on new Rams

    There's an adapter under the seat??? I went out and bought one...
  4. Not the same, but someone was thinking along the same lines.
  5. Big Russ

    Dash cam for 2018

    This is from my Mini 0805 - I purposely have turned off the microphone. I think you tube compressed it, if you look at the numbers in the lower right corner, they get clearer at the end.
  6. Big Russ

    Dash cam for 2018

    Which one do you have in your VW? I have this one in my car - I took it out of the VW and put it in the Acura. I had the same one in my 99 https://www.amazon.com/Capacitor-G-Sensor-Detection-OverTemperature-Protection/dp/B01MEDLYAB/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 I had something like this one in my Beetle https://www.amazon.com/Upgraded-Dashboard-Recorder-Recording-Detection/dp/B07W924CHB/ref=pd_cp_107_3/146-8590816-4496557?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07W924CHB&pd_rd_r=ebc062d1-cb6e-4fdc-914f-e35d11095583&pd_rd_w=rcm2r&pd_rd_wg=9dw4B&pf_rd_p=0e5324e1-c848-4872-bbd5-5be6baedf80e&pf_rd_r=9KXXRRWBV0E0JJ513MMT&psc=1&refRID=9KXXRRWBV0E0JJ513MMT The one in the Acura is probably seven years old and a little flaky. I have to format the card every few weeks, for some reason it quits recording after the 32g card gets full
  7. Big Russ

    2005 Victory Cory Ness Vegas

    It's pretty low, low enough for shorter folks. And I do have a windshield and the original seat to go with it.
  8. 40 sum thousand miles. maintenance is complete, newer belt, brand new front tire, new fork seals, new Corbin seat, etc... I'm really looking for a adventure bike in the long run, BMW GS 1150 or 1200, or maybe a 1000 V-Strom. But I'll take $4500 bucks too... https://photos.app.goo.gl/rUwNP2wWDfr9cdX77
  9. Big Russ

    Mounting a new ham radio in truck

    I need to take mine off and do this...
  10. Now thats a GREAT idea...
  11. and... I didnt mean to embarrass anyone with this post - I probably could have handled it differently.
  12. When you get a personal message from someone on the board, the board sends an email to you to notify you that you have a waiting message. I've been getting replies on the webmaster@nwbombers.com email address - some folks think they can reply to the message on their email with another email and it will send it back to the other party. This is not the case. It sends it to webmaster@nwbombers.com and then forwards to my gmail. You must go back to the forum and reply using the personal message system in order for the other party to get the reply. It took me a while to figure out why I was getting these messages Mr. Cob - Hoss didnt get your reply - I'll forward it to him.
  13. Big Russ

    Insurance advice

    Progressive here also - My total for both bikes, liability only is a 99 bucks/yr. (Concourse 14 & Victory Vegas) I've been with Progressive since 2010
  14. Big Russ

    Time for a new hobby

    I'm jealous.... Good choice! Those bikes are rocket ships!
  15. effing AWESOME!! Bad motor scooter...