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  1. Big Russ

    Cummins powered Trophy

    I saw that boat.... 260hp on our Trophy 2359 is pretty sluggish, I cant imagine what less than half the hp on a boat thats 3 feet shorter feels like. Probably uses the kicker to go a little faster... And an (I'm assuming) Alpha 1 with a turbo diesel.... There's a recipe for disaster. And I believe that is an Italian VM diesel as others have mentioned. Probably really sips the fuel though, just dont get into a situation where you need to get out of the way quickly.
  2. Big Russ

    Spray in Bedliner

    I'm betting this topic has been talked about Ad nauseam... But save me the search... maybe things have changed. Line X or ? They want $625 plus the gubmint share to do my truck. The fiver rails are gone so I thought it may be a good time to do it.
  3. Big Russ

    Olympia to Ben's place and back

    I'm headed to Longview tomorrow, in the Acura, if someone needs something small hauled.
  4. Big Russ

    OVERPRICED, but interesting

    Quite the overlander... Kinda cool actually, but worth five grand maybe.
  5. Big Russ

    Hard water stain remover

    Thanks for the tip - ordered from Amazon
  6. Big Russ

    Site was down

    From Webiness "Early Tuesday morning we had a switch in front of our DNS system go down to the point it needed replacing. It was replaced and all systems returned to normal operation."
  7. Big Russ

    Sounds of Spring

    Yes sir - indeed, 101 was four lanes through there as early as I can remember.
  8. Big Russ

    Sounds of Spring

    Hard to see in this picture but there's a Hummingbird sitting on her chicks... https://photos.app.goo.gl/voLmUpNK8ZSwRY2E9
  9. Big Russ

    Sounds of Spring

    I was born in Garberville and spent some time in Miranda and Phillipsville Small world...
  10. Big Russ

    Holy excessive top speed Batman

    I know... Mopar or nocar... but a 1990 ZR1 could go 175mph with less than half the horsepower... (375hp LT5) The Demon shreds it though...
  11. Big Russ

    Ok.... wife wants/needs a new tdi

    I loved the DSG - Best autoshifter I've ever owned. My 2014 Passat had DEF but the Jetta's were still DEF free - not sure if they retrofitted DEF on them after Dieselgate. I miss that car (The Passat) and it's 42mpg. My Acura averages 21. My only complaint about VW products in general is the cheapness of some of the door parts. I had to replace the window regulators in the Beetle and then the operating cables for the outside door handle froze in the Passat - I traded it back that way, the drivers side outside door handle inop. Other than that, routine maintenance kept them both happy.
  12. Big Russ

    Taking input and interest

  13. Big Russ

    Taking input and interest

    Where is the truck located?
  14. Big Russ

    Taking input and interest

    Hmm...... and its currently in AZ?
  15. Big Russ

    Taking input and interest

    Trying to weed through all the posts... How much did she want for it?