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  1. chief jack

    New “14 Husky Mudflaps (2)

  2. chief jack

    New “14 Husky Mudflaps (2)

    I don’t have fronts but I’m pretty sure my rear flaps do look like Hoss’s. 🤙 I will verify when I’m home.
  3. chief jack

    New “14 Husky Mudflaps (2)

    I’m not home from work till next weds. I’ll take one when I get home. I don’t know how to post pics on here that don’t exceed the file size so PM me your email addy and I can send that way.
  4. chief jack

    Immaculate 1982 Suzuki GS750E

    Great link to an in depth review of the bike and full specs: https://motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/suzu/suzuki_gs750ez%2082.htm
  5. chief jack

    Immaculate 1982 Suzuki GS750E

    Yep I think in ‘83 they went to the square headlight among a few other changes. The GS750E was the top rated bike in its day, even beating out the CB750 from the reviews that I’ve seen from back then.
  6. chief jack

    Immaculate 1982 Suzuki GS750E

    I’ve never ridden an 1100 but I heard they were insane! And to throw nitrous in the mix?😳 I’m surprised you’re still alive, Hoss. 🤣 This bike is fast enough for me. I would have to say it is probably one of the best riding, smoothest bikes I’ve ever ridden and I’ve owned plenty of bikes over the years. Sportbikes, Harley’s, classics, carbed, fuel injected, you name it. This bike was way ahead of its time when it came out. Call me a wuss, but there’s way too many idiots on the road, and there’s been quite a number of senseless motorcycle deaths lately and I’m just re-evaluating my life right now. Not to get all philosophical and crap... 🤣 I feel like it’s gotten to the point that I’m riding just because the bike needs to be ridden and not sit there rather than because I want to ride... 👎 Soooooo, time to sell it. 😢
  7. I never thought this day would come but it’s time to part with this awesome motorcycle. 1982 Suzuki GS750E with 16k original miles. I’m the third owner. Entire bike has been completely gone through and or upgraded including a 530 chain conversion. New tires. Amsoil 10W-40 synthetic oil changes with oil analysis done every time showing a very mechanically sound engine. Tank is immaculate, onboard volt meter with USB port, AGM battery, updated SH775 voltage regulator and new Rick’s stator. I have the owner’s manual, factory service manual, and even the original tool kit under the seat. A file folder of receipts and a log documenting everything that has been done to the bike. Very well could be one of the cleanest of its kind in the country. A bunch of used spares included that I have accumulated over the years. Price is firm. I’ll keep riding it until it sells. Will update with more pics when I get home from my current work stint. Would not hesitate to ride it across the country right now. $3000 FIRM located in Tacoma, WA Pics here since I can never figure out how to post them without exceeding the size limit: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/407565766521501/
  8. chief jack

    Lost another air dog on the 04.5

    Slacker! 🤣🤣🤣
  9. chief jack

    Lost another air dog on the 04.5

    Speaking of failed fuel pumps...Hey Ben I’m still waiting for you to disect my 3 yr old FASS pump that failed and left me stranded and tell me what happened with it. You still have it? 🤣
  10. chief jack

    Lost another air dog on the 04.5

    🤙 I’m going on a year with my II 4G 165. 🤞🤞
  11. chief jack

    Catcher ECU

    Nope... 😎 I’m very happy with my setup right now. As you already know, TST Powermax Comp stacked with the Smarty on max timing/fuel saver mode and max torque is where it’s at for a 2nd gen VP44 truck!🤘
  12. chief jack

    Lost another air dog on the 04.5

    Was it the Airdog II 4G that failed? That is supposed to be the “new and improved” pump with a lovejoy coupling. That’s what I’m running in my truck after the FASS that was on it failed after I bought the truck. If this one fails, screw the warranty, I’m going with the mechanical belt driven off the damper pump from PDD.
  13. chief jack

    Catcher ECU

    Nevermind, I’m out on this one. Just saw your other thread where Bob Wagner recommends to not stack this with the Smarty I’m running. GLWS though! 🤙
  14. chief jack

    Catcher ECU

    Please post the eBay link here if or when you list it. 🤙
  15. chief jack

    Catcher ECU

    So just to confirm, it is used? How long was it in use/approx miles? I would think this would affect the asking price.