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  1. Getting out of the hobby. No more time to fly. 5 R/C planes, 3 of which are new in the box, a Hobbico Dromida quadcopter, Tactic TTX650 6 channel radio, tons of spare parts, Lipo batteries, 3 Lipo chargers. Included for $600 firm is: Flyzone DeHavilland Beaver in outstanding condition, Qty 2 Tower Hobbies Millennium Masters, one is like new and only flown a couple times, the other one not pictured, is new in the box, Hobbico Dromida drone in outstanding condition, Flyzone B-25 Mitchell new in box, never flown, Flyzone Micro Calypso new in box, never flown. Have Lipos for all planes, three Lipo AC/DC chargers. I’m sure I’m forgetting things so please ask. $600 cash firm, no trades takes everything. If you know anything about electric R/C planes, you know this is a steal. Not interested in separating planes at this time. Want it all gone at once! Do your research online about these items. Tons of videos of all of these on YouTube. Watch the videos! I have some pics but can’t figure out how to make the file size small enough so PM me your email if you like.
  2. I know about upgrading the front brakes on my ‘02 to 3rd gen components, and plan to do so but will I realize any improvements by doing the same thing to my rear disc brakes or do they use the same components as 3rd gens?
  3. chief jack

    Ben's Party

    I had a fantastic time! Great to meet everyone! A huge thank you to Ben and Kim for the hospitality! I hope I am home for the next one!
  4. chief jack

    Southern Washington Bombparty

  5. chief jack

    Southern Washington Bombparty

    Pay it forward.... I will be bringing extra fuel filters from my FASS system free to whomever can use them. Long story but upgrading to an Airdog 2 4G. Not compatible. So I have Qty 3 Cat 1R-0750 fuel filters up for grabs and Qty 1 Cat 175-2949 Water Separator. Will gladly take donations in beer or other consumables! 😎 Also will be bringing a stock Fleetguard fuel filter element that fits my now non-existent 2002 Dodge stock fuel filter canister. All free to good homes! Like I said, donations gladly accepted but not required. 😂🤘
  6. chief jack

    Southern Washington Bombparty

    Oh wait, she’s nice and cozy in the killer shop where she belongs! 🤫
  7. chief jack

    Southern Washington Bombparty

    Hey why isn’t my truck in one of those pics? 🤣 She’s a permanent resident now!
  8. Looking for a reliable vehicle for my twin 16 yr old girls. Prefer a 4WD or AWD as they live in Ellensburg but FWD is ok too. Looking to spend $4k or less.
  9. Bummer! Yes you are! I already bought the TST and it is installed. Too bad I didnt see this sooner I would have been all over that!
  10. chief jack

    Southern Washington Bombparty

    Yup! Howd you guess?
  11. Im not home from work until 6/1 so anytime after that. PM me your phone number and Ill text you mine and we can go from there.
  12. chief jack

    Southern Washington Bombparty

  13. chief jack

    Southern Washington Bombparty

    🤣🤣Very true! It doesnt get to stay inside at my place. Wont fit in the garage!