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  1. I know I can pull at least $1000 out of BECU ATMs. I think the max is $2000. 😳
  2. The guy literally said he couldn’t buy it because he went to the ATM to get cash and it wouldn’t give it to him... 😂😂😂
  3. Guy flaked on me so still available. Not sold till cash in hand. 😂
  4. May have it already sold in FB marketplace. Will keep you guys updated.
  5. Patiently waiting for Ben to post them for me as I can never post them on here. 😎 File size too large
  6. I pulled my Pro-Tech headache rack at Ben’s this weekend and am selling it and my Ultima in bed tool box. Would prefer to sell both together for $400. Headache rack and tool box are in great shape. Light bar is insanely bright. I believe one side market light is out. I disconnected the wiring for the side markers when one of them went out. Tool box is locking and has a key. Box could use a weather striping reseal as it leaks some water in heavy rains. Had it sold to my buddy but it doesn’t fit a 7.3 Powerstroke. For sure fits 2nd gen Dodge Ram 2500 trucks.
  7. I don’t have fronts but I’m pretty sure my rear flaps do look like Hoss’s. 🤙 I will verify when I’m home.
  8. I’m not home from work till next weds. I’ll take one when I get home. I don’t know how to post pics on here that don’t exceed the file size so PM me your email addy and I can send that way.
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