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  1. Oh no. I used it at his house. I haven't used a lawn mower in 10 years. I was tired. 😆
  2. Finished up at High Noon. My Black Bart is alive again. So nice to have some power back under my seat. Big thanks too my son. Two days of working on my truck. I rewarded him with a new Honda lawn mover.
  3. Welder Up, one step closer. Custom going to cost me extra. Sent from my LM-G710VM using Tapatalk
  4. Exhaust manifold, exhaust brake, DDP 100HP Injectors, EGT, Boost Gauge, Fuel Pump Relocation, tune up, My son is getting it handle. Only a few curse words. Day one complete. I'm a proud papa supervising his work and talent. While working on my truck. Sent from my LM-G710VM using Tapatalk
  5. First. We have a 10ft garage in our Raptor toy hauler. So a 2 seater is a must. New or used second ?. Brands? RZR Cam Am Artic Cat ? Thanks in advance Gary
  6. My 01.5, Focal 6X9 front. They rocked. Just put JL 6X9 in 98.5. a real close match to the Focal for half the price. Have fun.
  7. I know you know Yakima is a hot spot. Be careful. Drive safe.
  8. Mike, I can meet up with Kelly. Then swing it by your place. If my days off match up with Kelly.
  9. Better head to Ennis Montana. Below my sister's RV park. Smart Elk, hang out with the cattle. Sent from my LM-G710VM using Tapatalk
  10. Well ordered a second actuator. This one works. darn China crap. Oh wait... The second is China also....
  11. Replaced passenger side door actuator today. Quit working a couple weeks ago. Now it only unlocks. Does not lock on either doors. Any clues? 98.5 Dodge quad cab.
  12. I've got these coming tomorrow. Along with new headlight housing. Get rid of my yellow headlights. https://www.headlightsdepot.com/perde-solar-series-platinum-9004-xenon-enhanced-halogen-bulbs-left-right-pair-sku-9004-65-bx2.html
  13. Glad to see "Ugly Betty" back on the road son. It's been a few months of good and bad. But you never threw in the towel. Great job getting her up and running. Dad
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