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  1. ramn4evr

    98-02 injectors and nozzles

    Don't think so...thanks for thinking about the ol man Son....love you
  2. ramn4evr

    12 Valve Injectors question

    Save more money...
  3. ramn4evr

    Ugh.. Gotta let go

  4. ramn4evr

    2001 Sunnybrook 27' 5th wheel

  5. 2001 Sunnybrook, 5 new tires, slide. Large fridge, microwave, A/C, stereo system. Everything works. $6500.00 Text or call 5094eight0188four Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  6. ramn4evr

    Finally found our camper!

    Sweet....head to the hills...
  7. ramn4evr

    Fire pit patio project

    All that hard work going to be nice.
  8. ramn4evr

    Fire pit patio project

    Boys + dirt..,equal fun family times. Lots of work there.
  9. Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  10. ramn4evr

    Camper maintenance and repair

    It's a never ending job. Staying ahead on keeping a RV maintained. The sad part is that the newer ones are built worse than the older one. I bought a 2001 Sunnybrook 5th wheel. Still has orginal caulking on it, and it's in great shape. Now my 2013 Crossroads 5th, I've replaced all the caulking, it had separated. Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  11. ramn4evr

    I little family bombing

    Came home with a nice cap also....thanks Brian.... Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  12. A quick visit to Spokane this weekend. Our new grandson, 7 weeks old, 13lbs. Plus some extras. Valve adjust on my truck. And steering brace upgrade installed. It was a awesome weekend. Also found some flip mirrors for my son's truck on Craigslist. $50.00 for a pair. Look like new. Thanks Brian. What a fantastic son. And of course Elliot. Our little grandson. Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  13. ramn4evr

    Finally Bought a Diesel

    you know Dads Going to want a set also...
  14. ramn4evr

    Our new grocery getter

    Upgraded to some new wheels today...sweetheart was real happy. Rides so much nicer than the VWJetta. Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  15. ramn4evr

    Sad day...bye bye our 12V

    Mom & dad are really happy to see "Ugly Betty", go to a good home. She'll be cared for. And thanks for helping us out. Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk