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  1. Crap! I'm on duty again! It will be the last time I can use that excuse though! I'll be retired the next time August rolls around! Hope you all have a good time!
  2. MSquare

    Catcher ECU

  3. MSquare

    4.30’s in the truck!!

    Mark - What size tires are you running? Any engine mods? Thanks - Have been thinking about a gear change and some other changes...
  4. MSquare

    Vulcan Perfomance

    Great guy! His lift pump relocation and big line kit were the ticket for 2nd gens before FASS came around.
  5. MSquare

    2015 side steps

    The back and forth in this had me LOL!
  6. MSquare

    Anyone photoshop truck pics?

    Ha! Nice to see you here and glad to see you still have your truck! Sorry I cannot photo shop!
  7. MSquare

    Taking input and interest

    They are offering uconnect for half price right now. I was seriously thinking about it if for nothing else the remote door lock and unlock and start with my phone. That way when ( not if) Terry locks the key fob in the truck I can unlock the doors with out having to get anywhere near her or the truck. Much safer for me when that happens! That price is a bit more reasonable, but it still bugs me driving a truck that cost $60k and getting tagged for it. Fancy mounts are cool!
  8. MSquare

    Taking input and interest

    The factory nav is not that great, Google Maps and Waze are much better! Plus the want a ridiculous amount of money to subscribe to Uconnect, about 150 a year. Pro Clip USA makes very nice mounts for all cell phones, they are sturdy and custom for each vehicle. My b/u camera is in my tailgate handle and shows on my dash screen.
  9. MSquare

    Taking input and interest

    Ha! I had to look twice! The Rip Van Winkle beard threw me! Congratulations!
  10. MSquare

    ISO Canopy for new truck

    http://www.cargoglide.com Just to add an idea, on my 2015, I put an ARE canopy on it and added something that I will add to every truck I own from this point on! You lose some space, but it is so nice, no more climbing up and in to get something!
  11. MSquare

    Taking input and interest

    Paul - 35k is a steal. I know these numbers bounce all over but I was offered 43k to trade mine in on a Tundra!!! Quit laughing, its a long story and I'm not doing that. Mines a Laramie with 61xxx on it.
  12. MSquare

    Rear hitch on new Rams

    I'm on my second one! I rarely tow anything, but one of the few times I did, I pulled the ball mount out, walked away and forgot about the adapter.....until a few days later! I don't have a clue as to where it fell out.
  13. MSquare

    Travel trailer got vandalized

    I hate vandals and thieves! Lord helps us both if I get the pleasure of catching either in the act! Glad it wasn't major damage.
  14. MSquare

    OK Help me

    As it should be!
  15. MSquare

    OK Help me

    I am glad there is at least one person who feels the same way I do about the NWBHOSS plate. Here I go again, not reading the entire thread before popping off! What did you end up with?