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  1. Looking at that red valve cover reminds me of Rob's, "100% Whoopass"! Perfection.
  2. Looks good Vaughn! But it also add's to my grief over selling my 02 and to pile on Paul throws in a shot about my 69 Bronco Sport! Dammit!
  3. I strongly considered Calibrated, but they came in #2 due to only offering "intact" tunes. I wanted the option of both and CTT fit the bill. Nothing against Calibrated, from my research online and talking over the phone, they were great!
  4. The only downside to CTT is their website is lacking in info, I would call it vague. The also do not sell direct anymore, you have to go through a vendor. There is also another guy Ive heard good stuff about, his site is Optimal Welding. Can't recall his name right now, but he gets lots of thumbs up for his tunes. Both CTT and Optimal Welding are located in Canada.
  5. Night and day difference! There was a lag before and the tuning took care of it. I was actually running a zero HP tune with the trans tuning for awhile and it put a smile on my face. It completely changed the throttle response.
  6. Just thinking, we've come a long ways since we first met Brother!
  7. I've been. running CTT using EZ Lynk for the last year. Absolutely love the transmission tuning! From the factory, it felt like I was lugging the engine all the time, not any more, it runs the rpms up to where they should be before it shifts. I purchased the full meal tune program, it includes intact and deleted tunes. Currently running a single 30 hp tune, with trans tuning. Also allowed for recalibration of the speedo for the 35's, enable the fog lights on high beam, code reading/clearing and a ridiculous amount of gauges using my phone as a display. Ver
  8. Nice car Paul! How does the top work? Retractable?
  9. Fun thread to catch up on! Looks like a fun car and project Shawn!
  10. Never should have looked at this thread.....
  11. Look forward to seeing the build of your truck! The Gladiators are really cool too!
  12. I can't post all the details, but these are considered one of the top two available. They did not fall off a truck!!! The will fit a 2014-2018 2500 or 2013-2018 3500. Under 1k miles on them. PM me for the whole story and more info. $250
  13. Thanks to both Mark's! Hope you all are doing well! Gary - I hear ya! I did the sport mod on my 02, one of the best BOMB's I did! Very disappointed on my 2015 lights! They look cool, put out nothing in stock form!
  14. Joe - I let it drip for over 30 minutes last time, disconnected the plug, everything. I even parked on a little slope to lift the rear end! As soon as I broke the seal....SPLASH!
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