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  1. MSquare

    Travel trailer got vandalized

    I hate vandals and thieves! Lord helps us both if I get the pleasure of catching either in the act! Glad it wasn't major damage.
  2. MSquare

    OK Help me

    As it should be!
  3. MSquare

    OK Help me

    I am glad there is at least one person who feels the same way I do about the NWBHOSS plate. Here I go again, not reading the entire thread before popping off! What did you end up with?
  4. MSquare

    Another recall

    I'm getting tired of all these recalls! Tailgate, water pump, electrical stuff.....etc. But at the same time, I'm glad they are addressing them and making it right. Another "but", how about some quality control?
  5. MSquare

    The end of last years list

    Good stuff Paul! I really miss the sound of my 02, never a drone and had numerous compliments about it! Dimond Eye 4" with a small "muffler". lol
  6. MSquare

    Mini - Bomb Party of One

    I also added this little gizmo: Veepeak Mini Wifi OBD II Scanner and with that an App called, OBD Fusion This is probably the best "bang for your buck" bomb I have ever done or seen! I'm into this $16.99 for the scanner and $9.99 for the app. This thing is AMAZING! Pretty cheap, but fun, BOMB Party: Fuel and DEF Caps - $13.99 Tailgate Assist - $24.08 Fog Bulbs - $18.03 Scanner - $16.99 App - $9.99 Total - $83.08 By far the cheapest BOMB Party I've experienced!
  7. MSquare

    Mini - Bomb Party of One

    Well it won't let me upload the pics of the tailgate lift/drop assist from DeeZee ($24.08) and the Hella Optilux Extreme Yellow bulbs ($18.03) that I put in my fog lights.
  8. MSquare

    Mini - Bomb Party of One

    I've been doing some really simple, but fun bombs the last few days: $13.99 for both caps
  9. MSquare

    Diesel filler cap on new CTD.

  10. MSquare

    Diesel filler cap on new CTD.

    I've had my truck since 7/2015, never an issue. It is a two lid system, the first is the one you see, the second is activated by inserting the nozzle all the way in. Trust me on this, I didn't insert the nozzle all the once, it only takes once to learn. With that said, Geno's has an awesome selection of locking and non-locking caps. Now to go and order that tailgate assist.....
  11. MSquare

    Guess who??

    How many people does it take to lift that Smart car onto the deck?
  12. MSquare

    Looking for work?

    I recognize that place....
  13. MSquare

    Juice??? Or....

    I don't have anything productive to add to this thread, but it sure brings back some fun memories! Drag Comp, Smarty (on 9 Shawn), TST Powermax.......YAHOO!!!
  14. Nice write up Mark! Geno's makes a great kit to ease removing the grill, it takes me two minutes to pull 4 pins and set the grill to the side and that's if I'm taking my time! I sure wish Dodge/Ram would put decent lights in our trucks to start with! I did the Sport upgrade on my 02 after I realized my quad had better headlights than my truck. I had HID's installed in my 2015, huge improvement over the stocks but I worry about the longevity. I might go back and try this, if its about the same or even a little less, the peace of mind might be worth it. Especially since I have a Vision light bar between the hooks that the Space Station can see!
  15. MSquare

    Wenatchee to Tukwila

    Still here and willing to haul! 😀