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  1. Oh man MSquare you let a 69 Bronco go?? just had to pile on too lol Paul yeah the 4x4 shifter came up missing a long time ago, haha...I do want to put something on the outside of the air cleaner housing because it really picks up the heat from the turbo and exhaust. Planning to wrap that in the near future but I'm thinking about doing a set of compounds, putting a S475 under that Garrett. Woodenhead looking online and Youtube there almost seems to be a resurgence in 2nd Gens. There's quite a few young guys buying them and turning them into impressive rigs. 2nd Gens
  2. Scotty that RV air filter took some effort to fit up! Even without the battery there. The highest flowing BHAF you can get is 680 cfm at 8” restriction, this one flows 960 at 8”! Some BHAFs flow less
  3. You guys are good! LOL. All good answers. The 710 cap is broken, I need to pick up a billet one from Wagner. Stroketeck hit it, the APPS is missing. Actually just relocated for a cleaner look. I moved it to the spot on the fender where the grid heater relays are mounted, then mounted those on top of the APPS bracket. I chopped up the original APPS mount to use for mounting on the fender. The headlights are a real improvement, but the fit of the housings in the headlight pockets is terrible. I guess that’s what you get for spending $225 versus $600.
  4. One reason I’ve been quiet lately is I’ve been busy working on my truck the last month, Mainly has therapy to recover from a bad relationship with a girlfriend the past 20 months. The wrong woman can sure mess you up! In the past several weeks: BOMBed the valve cover, installed a massive honkin’ air filter, installed a DSS sterring stabilizer, repaired my lift pump, did some sound deadening (didn’t help much) and installed LED/HID headlights. Been a busy boy! Oh and I threw on 4th Gen wheels. By the way, there is a component missing from the engine bay...bonus points t
  5. I wish but the injectors are original. Runs really good and very smooth idle so they seem to be fine. I had two very interested people wanting 2-wheel drives but the fender bender steered them away. Yeah maybe I should CL it down south.
  6. Yeah it’s been a while! Been so much happening in the last year. I will post about it in members soon. I’ve been pretty busy bombing my 98 lately! J Dansie Where would I find a companion? This is just going to be a one time deal so wouldn’t be worth buying one.
  7. Times have changed in my life and I bought a station wagon and am keeping my old truck. So that means the 3rd Gen has to go. It's in nice shape and nothing wrong with it, runs and drives great. The flaws are a few small dings and the paint is flaking some on the right rear fender area. The map lights are broken. The G-56 main shaft bearing growls some at lower RPM. The biggest issue is I had a fender bender last December so that shows on the Carfax. The body shop replaced the passenger side front fender and front bumper, didn't harm the frame. I put 4th gen wheels on
  8. This discussion has my interest, I am wanting to swap my '98.5 Ram from automatic to 6-speed manual next year. Was planning on the G-56 but now I'm thinking to look into the ZF-6. Quick googling rebuilt ones look to be a lot less expensive than the G-56. And look physically smaller, so hopefully it would be an easier fit into a 2wd truck. I would have to research and see what it would take to mate it up to a Cummins and connect the clutch, trans mount and reverse switch, etc.
  9. My cousin has a 5th wheel travel trailer, 27 footer, he's wanting to move from near Cle Elum to Rathdrum ID. Doesn't have a hitch in his truck. If anyone happens to be rolling east on I-90 in the next week or two who has a 5th wheel hitch he'd appreciate a lift for his trailer.
  10. I'm alive and kicking, I haven't checked in for a long time. Hope all is well with everyone. I bought a 3rd Gen last summer but never sold my 98.5 I've had for almost 8 years. Just can't part with it, even though Iike the 3rd Gen okay. But now I am thinking to sell my 3rd Gen for a SUV as daily driver and stick with the '98 for my truck duties. I would like to make the '98 a manual. At 258,000 miles the virgin automatic is still working great. But I want a manual for towing. My preference is a G56 but I am a busy guy and so going the more practical, economical route is likely t
  11. Thanks guys. I’m enjoying the truck a lot! BOMBing will commence in the near future, I am swapping my tubular exhaust header and Garrett BB turbo over from my old truck and Bob is hooking me up with a Smarty.
  12. No worries Kelly, I can Google it. Was ring gear & pinon sets? Did you have someone install it?
  13. Skyking, what was involved in your gear swap, was it expensive? Luckily I only have to do the rear. MPG drops dramatically over 70mph, I ran part of a tank at 80 and only got 15.5 mpg which is terrible compared to my '98 which would do 19 at the same speed. I know there are two things working against me, higher RPM, and the fact 3rd Gen trucks have higher wind resistance than 2nd Gen. It does fell like at 80 this truck is having to work harder to push through the wind than my '98. I'm hoping with better gearing and tuning it can offset that. Now that I have put some miles on
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