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  1. I'll be there! Looks like we'll have a good turnout! The last party I attended was when Peter from SBC joined us. . .maybe he can make the trip again 😎
  2. Just submitted my signature to the link above! I was just reading about how buildings and structures around the world account for 40% of carbon emissions. Why isn't anyone getting on these guys? The hospital building I work at was built brand new in 2014 and its HVAC system is grossly inefficient. I have been told the power bill is "atrocious." My '98.5 runs pretty clean but next year I am wanting to do some upgrades to no only improve power but make it even cleaner if possible. Injectors from DDP and good tuning with a Quadzilla should go a long ways to that end.
  3. Right on! I'm with HOSS, pictures [img]http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c164/dragonunlimited/Avatars/worthless_thread_wo_pics.gif[/img]
  4. Mine was out almost that much! Pretty amazing.
  5. Perfect, in time for the blizzard we had! Looking good Gary!
  6. No worries Russ. Thanks Hoss I’ll message you later tonight.
  7. That reminds me, I need a new NW Bombers sticker. Russ the guy to talk to about that?
  8. My brother Rick was headed to work the other day and was following this guy for a while. Said he’s a terrible driver, cutting people off and smoking people out. Just kidding, he was a good driver 😂 Wondering who it is . . . Vaughn
  9. Yes on my “98 I kept having a vibration/bounce from the back at ~45 and 70+ MPH and after a lot of troubleshooting I found the wheel studs were drilled off center on the axle flange. That was with aftermarket wheels. I found another used hub and swapped it out and it took care of the problem.
  10. Oh no worries Hoss. After some more digging I think I would be better off to get the whole package from South Bend. Their flywheel doesn’t require a spacer, I’d rather have a flywheel without a spacer. The price difference isn’t as much as I thought it would be, I would only be saving maybe 100-200 dollars using a NV5600 flywheel.
  11. That’s fantastic, thanks you guys! I got to give South Bend a call tomorrow to make sure this route will work.
  12. Next thing I’m looking for is a flywheel from a truck with NV5600. That’ll save me quite a bit on the clutch kit. Supposedly that flywheel works with a spacer then I can get a regular priced clutch from SB instead of paying a lot extra for a whole conversion kit with flywheel included. Anyone have one kicking around they’d be willing to let go of?
  13. Transmission has arrived. It looks fantastic! Judging by how clean it is and zero wear on the shift knob it’s definitely a low mile unit. It’s also lighter than I expected. Googling says 200-225 pounds dry weight, but it felt like a lot less than that lifting it out of the truck with my son. It is empty but I would say 175 lbs, I can almost pick it up by myself.
  14. J Dansie I got it from www.alltruckinc.com. I found it using www.car-part.com which seems to be a good used auto parts search tool.
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