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  1. Vaughn MacKenzie

    Valve adjustment.....

    I have always done mine at .008 and .018. On my '98 24V it's at .008 and .016. when I adjust them I tried to keep them really really close to each other, as tight of tolerance as I am capable of.
  2. Vaughn MacKenzie

    Wow, that could have been a disaster!

    Yeah Mike I'm glad I didn't have your experience breaking down on the road. I have AAA which would have helped. My foster son is planning to make a trip to Bellingham with is soon, glad we found this before the trip. Ben, if a bearing is going bad will the wheel shift more when the tires leave the concrete? HOSS I'm glad the '96 is back on the road after being parked almost 3 years at 483k. It'll be rolling 490 next week. Running good but the engine is definitely getting tired, it uses quite a bit of oil from blowby.
  3. lately I've torn into the front end of my '96 4x4 to do a major brake job, and tonight when I pulled the hubs off I found one of the bearings about to let go. I thought I had heard a noise, but it is so bad that when I spin it by hand it keeps locking up! glad I found it that way versus having a disaster on the highway! i'm ordering some quality hub bearings from rock auto, planning to go with Timken versus your local Duralast AutoZone specials. I bought the truck at 351,000 miles and have not replaced the hub bearings yet. it's a 489,750 right now. they are sealed unit bearings. My 98 2wd as traditional wheel bearings. The brake job will include new slotted rotors and performance brake pads. should have it back on the road soon!
  4. Vaughn MacKenzie

    Oh what a day!!!! Not in a good way

    Good looking truck Hoss!
  5. Vaughn MacKenzie


    HOSS have you had the same pyro all along? I know sometimes they can be off, I've seen on TDR guys sticking pistons hanging around 1200F sustained. I never let mine get over 1150, if so only briefly. . .it's the sustained high temps that can get ya. But it didn't sound like you were pulling hard on this last unfortunate episode.
  6. Vaughn MacKenzie


    Well just saw your other thread. . .I think you're making the right move going to a newer truck after all you've been through. . .
  7. Vaughn MacKenzie


    Man that bites HOSS!! Might just walk away and let it sit for a time then before you know it you'll be ready to dig into it and get 'er fixed back up again. It's hard to let a truck go that's been with you for a long time. My ol' '96 is pretty tired and needs tons of work and just passed 489,000 but can't let it go.
  8. Vaughn MacKenzie

    Annual August bomb party! Aug 18th

    I should be able to make it this year! No major solar eclipse this time around lol. I'll probably bring Coco and Toby the bomb party mutts along.
  9. Vaughn MacKenzie

    Camping trip this spring/summer?

    Here's a short video to give you a little taste of what it's like there: https://youtu.be/Lol2i0vwLCY
  10. Vaughn MacKenzie

    Camping trip this spring/summer?

    You're welcome Bob! So it looks like 2018 is their Triennial meet, which is always huge. It will run from Monday June 25 to Sunday July 1st. People come from all over the US with their equipment and even outside the US. They are already registering people and the price keeps going up . . .if you register by Dec 31st it's $60 for individual, goes up $5 every month. There's family rates as well. Info. . . http://trainmtn.org/tmrr/pages/tri_info.shtml It won't be the only meet of the year though. First one is last weekend of April, then there's a narrow gauge meet the last weekend of May. Then the big triennial meet, then the last weekend of July, and then Sept 7-9, then a final one the first weekend of October. To participate in these is probably cheaper than the Triennial one.
  11. Vaughn MacKenzie

    '98.5 Going through Coolant

    well stumbled on the problem last night when I was looking underneath with my flashlight for the block heater plug. found coolant at the front of the engine and traced it to the weep hole on the water pump. I'm glad it's going to be an easy fix!
  12. Vaughn MacKenzie

    Camping trip this spring/summer?

    yeah train mountain is a cool place. It is 1/8 scale and they operate actual steam powered locomotives on the track, as well as "desel" locomotives which are actually gasoline powered. I visited there in 2005 and went on a couple of fairly long rides. it can take over an hour to make a trip without going on the same track twice. they have flat cars with seats on them, usually three to a car. they generally operate at 5 to 7 mph but since you're sitting though it feels faster than that. since they've laid so many miles of track it's not that smooth so it's a pretty bouncy, rough ride to go over 7 mph. The biggest downside is you pretty much have to buy a membership just to be able to come and visit and ride on the large track system. there is a much smaller track layout next-door which is free and operates on Sundays, but if you buy the membership which I think is around $50 you can show up when they are doing a meet which means there will be a lot of equipment there and cars and people willing to give rides. they do four or five meets a year, usually 3-4 days over a weekend. anyway you can Count me in!
  13. Vaughn MacKenzie

    '98.5 Going through Coolant

    Hoss I like chocolate with peanut butter! lol but not on my Cummins of course. Hope it's not a head gasket Scotty, that's an interesting scenario of it burning it off in the culinders. I might try the dye trick Gary suggested if I don't figure it out.
  14. I did a complete cooling system flush & service over a month ago, during which I found a leaky heater core hose. I replaced it and everything looked good and leak free. Lately I had noticed heater core gurgling in the morning and when I checked the cooling system the overflow bottle was empty and the radiator was down 4-5". That is concerning. I refilled the radiator, took nearly a gallon, not counting the overflow. A couple days later it took another 1/3 gallon after the air worked out of the system. I'm going to keep a close eye on it but I can't tell where it's going. I have driven a ton in the last month, around 3000 miles, and towed about 600 miles. Here's what I know No coolant smell or fogging in the cab (heater core should be good) Coolant and radiator are nice and clean (head gasket and oil cooler should be good) No sign of coolant in the oil, clean and clear (again, evidence head gasket should be fine) No smell or visible leaks or evidence of leaks under the hood (no leaky hoses, my 53 block is fine) I'm going to keep track of how much I add over the next couple months but hopefully I can figure out the mystery!
  15. Vaughn MacKenzie

    What to do? I really need help

    Eric it's odd you had a 53 block in your '01. Yes it's a fairly early '01 but it seems most of the 53 blocks wound up in 4x4s while 2-wheel drives more often had Mexican blocks. My '01 I let you drive that Evan Beck had ordered, and then the second one Evan ordered and still has, both have the Mexican block. It's the best block to have, higher nickel content and harder walls and none have been known to crack. From the information I have my truck spent much of its miles before me towing a 5th wheel, all over the US and Canada, until I bought it at 157,000. I haven't towed much since then, but have turned up the power a little with Stage 2 injectors (no box). I just rolled 222,222 a couple weeks ago.