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  1. Thanks guys. I’m enjoying the truck a lot! BOMBing will commence in the near future, I am swapping my tubular exhaust header and Garrett BB turbo over from my old truck and Bob is hooking me up with a Smarty.
  2. No worries Kelly, I can Google it. Was ring gear & pinon sets? Did you have someone install it?
  3. Skyking, what was involved in your gear swap, was it expensive? Luckily I only have to do the rear. MPG drops dramatically over 70mph, I ran part of a tank at 80 and only got 15.5 mpg which is terrible compared to my '98 which would do 19 at the same speed. I know there are two things working against me, higher RPM, and the fact 3rd Gen trucks have higher wind resistance than 2nd Gen. It does fell like at 80 this truck is having to work harder to push through the wind than my '98. I'm hoping with better gearing and tuning it can offset that. Now that I have put some miles on my truck it gets 18 to 19 in town, 17-18.5 highway. I've owned a lot of Dodge Cummins over the years, this is the first one I've seen that gets better mileage in town!!
  4. if anyone is traveling northbound from Bend Oregon there is a set of wheels I would like to get a hold of. Could meet you at Biggs Jct.
  5. After a lot of consideration I’m parting with my daily driver 2nd Gen and just replaced it with a 2007. It wasn’t an easy decision because there’s a lot to love about the character of a second Gen, and for me there’s plenty of nostgia, but a daily driver needs to be reliable and reasonably trouble free and not too demanding on upkeep. My ‘98.5 has been a fun truck but the last 1-1/2 years a number of issues have kept cropping up and I haven’t had the time and funds to keep addressing or resolving them. Secondly I needed a truck with 4 doors because I have a g/f now with several kids that I’m packing around the time. Time to move on. After a lot of searching the past few months I picked up a 2007 quad cab 2wd short box with G56 transmission. Finding a good 2wd with manual was not easy. So far liking the truck a lot. And I’m happy to be rowing gears again! Picked it up in Phoenix and drove it home a couple weekends ago. Interesting MPG is about the same in town as it is on the highway, probably because of the low gearing (2300 at 70, I usually set the cruise at 2400). Getting about 18.5 highway, last tank all in-town short trip was 18.7. My 98 was generally 16 in town, 20-21 highway. Hoping to get the hgihway MPG up on the ‘07. Don’t have a lot of pics but here’s a couple.
  6. Just bought a 2007 and now I'm debombing and putting my '98.5 up for sale soon. I'm pulling the tubular exhaust manifold off and need a stocker to replace it with. If anyone has one laying around they can part with let me know! Vaughn
  7. I don't know if anyone has ever tried Fuelab but I like the Prodigy 100 gph inline pump I put on my '98.5. Brushless motor and internal so no seals to worry about failing.
  8. Scotty how did you like the shifting of the 68? I have only driven one and the trans seemed soft and it sometimes seemed confused what gear to go into when modulating the throttle around town. And it seemed like it shifted into double OD in town and pulled the RPM down to around 1100 at light throttle. I am wondering if there's any options to firm up the trans a little without spending a lot or diving into it deep? Maybe the one I drove had issues. If I had a 68 that shifted well and had a tight TC I think I would be happy with it. It would make finding the right truck a lot easier. How have yours behaved in tow/haul mode?
  9. HOSS I should clarify, I can't speak of a 4th Gen's handling because I've only ridden briefly in a couple, but not driven them. I was comparing my '98 2wd to a couple 3rd Gen 4x4s I've driven lately, they felt heavy and sloppy in comparison. 2nd Gen 4x2 have sharper steering and handling than a 2nd Gen 4x4, then I have the low profile 20s and BOSS shocks which helps quite a bit. And sitting a lot lower center of gravity is lower. My truck tips the scales right at 6000 lbs, quite a bit lighter than 4x4s especially newer ones. I would consider a 4th Gen if I could afford one
  10. The more I think about it the more I'd rather stick with a manual trans. The issue with the 4-speed auto is the huge gearing gap between 3rd and OD. I have my 24' travel trailer I got not long ago that is going to get used quite a bit and I really don't like my 4-speed auto in the '98. I have had 3 manual trans Cummins and was fine rowing gears in a daily driver. traffic isn't bad here compared to the west side. I need to do more research but if the 6.7 can be tuned and easily deleted/bypassed, for good fuel econonmy, and it's reliable, I'd be fine with that. I am not interested in a 4th gen, mainly that Ram went away from independent front suspension on the 2wd trucks and they sit about as high as a 4x4. They tower above my 2wd 2nd Gen. I like the sharp handling and steering in my '98 compared to the 3rd Gen 4x4s I've driven lately, which feel heavy and sloppy.
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