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  1. kcv67

    Got moles?????

    Sounds good Mark I will give it a try.
  2. kcv67

    Got moles?????

    After early success I have not been able to catch another. The ground is too hard or the tunnel to shallow. I found a spot tonight and I will see in the AM.
  3. kcv67

    Got moles?????

    Last night I found a hole fairly undisturbed from my dog mole hunting and set up the Gopher Hawk. This morning it showed yellow. Yes one mole down! Good find Mark thank you. I think that mole had been terrorizing my dog for over a year and half. Casey
  4. New trailer makes the boat look bigger!
  5. kcv67

    Got moles?????

    My dog just dug up another one then she plays with it. She is a rototiller after those suckers. Its pretty funny till we mow the field and hit her holes.
  6. kcv67

    Got moles?????

    I watched some videos read some more comments and then ordered one. I cant wait till the new toy comes.
  7. kcv67

    Sounds of Spring

    The meadowlarks came back and started singing last week. It is a cool bird with cool songs.
  8. Soo I have 3 open recalls on my truck. I brought my truck into the local dealer to see if they would change the tpms to a reasonable psi . They assured me they would/could I asked them not to waste my time or their time if they would not / could not change the tpms. So brought the truck in I live 40 miles away, arranged a ride and left my truck. Not even 15 minutes later a call, we can not change your tpms. I pick up the truck without saying a much to the service manager he could see my displeasure. I get a customer care call on the way home saying they wanted to help me, I said fix the tpms they said they could not. Gave me free synthetic oil changes through 100,000 miles. Check the service write up and it says sheet metal work. So I changed the water pump myself, locked the jam nut and ignored the other recall. I will not bring my truck back to that dealer to check the air in my tires. Why would I bring the truck there to work on the engine or suspension. I have free oil changes on the truck but I do not feel safe letting the dealer change the oil for me. I do not want them to touch my truck again.
  9. kcv67

    2002 rebuilt title

    Sold my 96 after owning it for 17 years. It went to a firefighter's son in Great Falls where my son works. It is good to see the truck around. I miss it a little, but the 17 is a great truck and I have no regrets about selling he 96.
  10. kcv67

    Ok.... wife wants/needs a new tdi

    My son just bought 14 jetta wagon dsg this morning. I thought a pretty good deal. Karl Tyler Missoula has at least 20 used on the lot right now and will deal a little. Kevin is the sales man and he will own up if the car is rough or what it will or may need. My wife and I bought our 2015 tdi jetta dsg new from him. If you need hands on pm me and I will see what I can do. The def started on the jettas/golfs in 2015. The passats started earlier I don't know what years. Our 2011 dsg had its moments no problems just quirks. Our 2015 dsg has had no problems and can be half fun to drive.
  11. kcv67

    New truck def gauge

    I had the same question and I found this video was used on another site. Casey
  12. kcv67


    I tell the guys at work with them up that when they are up and no trailer they are trolling for gays. They usually fold the mirrors down right away.
  13. Power Service now has an endorsement from Cummins on the bottle. Power service is readily available and seems to work I have never been gelled up.
  14. kcv67

    VW DSG trans

    We have owned a 2011 jetta tdi dsg and currently 2015 jetta tdi dsg. The 2011 dsg had some quirky weird shift points and hesitations before we sold it with 50000 miles. The 2015 is nice and after the emission recall it seems to shift better. No tune and getting 43 mpg running 80mph on long trips. Just be sure to keep up on the service on the transmision. My wife will probably keep her jetta till the wheels fall off.Currently 60000 miles. Keep us updated on the tune she might be tempted. Casey