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  1. I did local freight as a casual for 5 years and Costco was a pain. But one of the assistant managers was a neighbor so I could call him and get in fairly easy.
  2. How is the traffic? It is really slowed down here going to work is at least 15 minutes quicker because of the schools, University and businesses shut down. Casey
  3. I have been researching the 2.8 Duramax any body here have any experience. It has my interest piqued. Wondering about a replacement for my 2004 Grand Cherokee. Then there is the ZR2 option. Casey
  4. My son took the turbo off brought it to a diesel shop and they found someone painted one fin black and the paint was cracked. It looked like a cracked fin, the mechanic looked at the freeplay, overall condition and gave his turbo a clean bill of health. Thanks for looking Casey
  5. My son was replacing the alternator on his 98 12v took the intake boot off for easier access and found a cracked fin on the intake wheel. Does anyone have a stock hx35w that they would like to sell. He is kicking rocks at the moment he just bought red tops and an alternator. Thanks for the help
  6. Update 5 moles so far. Hoss's tricks worked I am being particular how to set up and digging the hole, sometimes I leave the trap set 72 hours and catch one in the last 24. Good find and buy Casey
  7. My wife's 2015 Jetta TDI is eating the insides on all 4. We are due for an alignment and new summer tires, we are hoping to get an alignment on it then put the blizzaks on this fall. I hope it doesn't need a bunch of alignment parts.
  8. Friend of mine had a mechanic flake out on him and he is left with a partially assembled 2009 cummins isx 15L . Does anyone here have a service manual available to buy? Just thought I would give it a try here. Casey
  9. Sounds good Mark I will give it a try.
  10. After early success I have not been able to catch another. The ground is too hard or the tunnel to shallow. I found a spot tonight and I will see in the AM.
  11. Last night I found a hole fairly undisturbed from my dog mole hunting and set up the Gopher Hawk. This morning it showed yellow. Yes one mole down! Good find Mark thank you. I think that mole had been terrorizing my dog for over a year and half. Casey
  12. My dog just dug up another one then she plays with it. She is a rototiller after those suckers. Its pretty funny till we mow the field and hit her holes.
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