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  1. kcv67

    DEF fluid

    The bottle that vw sells is handy. The def fill is in the trunk on the jetta and vw has a special def bottle. I bought the first bottle from vw and now refill the bottle with def of my choice.
  2. kcv67

    2015 VW Golf SportWagen S

    My wife's car is a 2015 Jetta TDI Tornado red dsg 36000 miles. She loves it checked the fuel mileage driving hard home from Billings 85 MPH + it still got 47 mpg on that trip.All we have done is service it. We still need to do the dieselgate recall all the paper work is in just need to make an appointment.
  3. kcv67

    Another long weekend

    My first car a 1973 cougar xr7 351c was in my shop till last month when I needed room for a tractor overhaul. I owned it since 1983 has not run since 2005.
  4. Bulldog thanks for taking time to stop by and put your hands on the tractor for me. If you end up in the Bitterroot look me up I will burn some steaks for you. Have a great weekend Casey
  5. Scholtens equipment has a jd 1050 that I have been talking to Jim the salesman about. It sounds like clutch and possibly transmission problems. I was wondering how beat up everything else was. If you happen to be by that way in the next couple of days. Thanks for the reply Casey
  6. Looking at a tractor, it would be nice if someone put their hands on it to check it out before I drive that way. Thank you Casey
  7. kcv67

    So I did a thing......

    Nice truck!
  8. kcv67

    Ball joint press

    http://www.quad4x4.com/catalog/category/balljointtools I bought the ball joint press and the adapters about 10 years ago great tools and workmanship on the tools. Casey
  9. I have been thinking about tandem too. What is the opinion on hobie tandem mirage drive kayaks?
  10. kcv67

    The stupid elk are back

    We put livestock panels around all of our trees, the elk seem to like to taste every tree and try to girdle everyone of the trees. I have lost count how many trees I have replanted and have given up on the little apple orchard. We can shoot cows here with the bow but they are gone at shooting light. I thought it was payment all the elk I have harvested. Last year I have a video of 200 head walking past after hunting seasons have closed.
  11. kcv67

    trailer light issue

    Run a extra ground wire from the trailer to the truck. Try it with alligator clips find a good ground spot on both the trailer and the truck to hook the alligator clips to. It seems like lots of trailer problems is the ground. Casey
  12. kcv67

    I'm ordering a new 3500

    Nice two tone
  13. kcv67

    96 has gone to a new home

    Kind of hard isn't it. My 96 went to a kid 300 miles away so i can still visit it. Casey
  14. kcv67

    Week of Clutches

    Nice clutch work. Austin when you travel is there a shop tool box you work out of or do you have to ask to borrow tools? Casey
  15. kcv67

    3 weeks Pacific Disposal

    Looks like fun!