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  1. farmer

    late 99 7.3 HELP

    The fuel cap, I havent thought of that, That is a good idea. I will try it. Thanks
  2. farmer

    late 99 7.3 HELP

    No I didn't I took it apart and cleaned it and put it back in. Do you think that this could cause this reaction if it was bad. At a cold start you would never think anything was wrong with the truck. After it warms up some it goes straight down. I have unplugged that valve and tried to start the truck but it wont start with it unplugged.
  3. farmer

    late 99 7.3 HELP

    Hello, I am new here but I am looking for some help. I have completely put a new engine in my truck. It is a late 99 f350 dually powerstroke. Every thing is completely new, injectors turbo and everything in the engine. The reason I rebuilt it was it had 283,000 miles and had severe blowby and I wanted something really dependable. My truck was doing the same thing before I rebuilt it that it is doing now. I didnt replace any sensors on the truck. I put the old ones back on. Everything is stock on my truck, HPOP is new and stock. The truck will start from a cold start and run fine just like it should. I can start to get the truck up to operating temp. and go down the road about 1/2 mile and it will start to feel really hesitate. Then it will fall flat on its face. I mean I have to put it in low lock 4wd 1st gear to get back home. It sound like it is barely running on one cylinder. I installed a new motorcraft cam sensor thats not the problem. I have been into the fuel tank and it is perfect. I put a slit in the fuel pick up screen thinking it might be starving for fuel. I have never seen anything run as bad as it does. You can let it sit for about 10 minutes and it will sorta straighten up and you can make it a little farther. It throws no codes, I have a code reader and there is nothing. All my valve pan gaskets are new. There will be a little white smoke when it is doing this but nothing really bad. My engine oil psi never drops when it is doing this, I have a mechanical guage so I can montior it. I honestly dont know what to try. I am going to try to get hooked up and check fuel psi when it is doing this. It sounds to me like something breaks down when it starts to get warm. I am in despirate need of some ideas, I have too much money in this truck for it not to run. lol
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