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  1. This would have been anothe milestone man. You were waiting for this day. The big 55.

    Love you


  2. wtf...whats going on, where, who, how, why, when
  3. my PDR 35 is also ...thanks again to Piers and company
  4. 5000 lb airlift bags delivered to your door, $206. jealousy from other brand owners.... PRICELESS
  5. thanks to all of you , it takes the pressure off of me. its nice to know that there are so many that care .
  6. absolutely ROFLMAO x infinity
  7. I'd offer my trailer but it is in Tri-cities for about 2 weeks.
  8. looks like a great time wish I was there.
  9. thanks to everyone that is making this happen It is a 2 5/16, double axle with electic brakes.
  10. sounds like fun, wish I could be there.
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