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  1. Do alot of the tuners display fuel pressure, to the pump? Or just rail pressure? Im looking to see if they do, like paul recomended. Especially the smarty touch. Or just get a gauge for the fuel pressure. Im sorry for all the questions about this stuff. Im used to my 12valve. And the commin rail stuff is new to me. I have been trying to do alot of studying on this.
  2. Why are some tuners more expensive and others less expensive?
  3. Stupid question What do you mean by pressure box?
  4. Thanks guys. I have been leaning toward the smarty touch or mm3.
  5. Thanks for the info paul. Its going on my 05. I do have a brand new air dog unit im going to install soon.
  6. What do you guys run for tuners? And what do you recomend.
  7. The tail lights look good on your truck I just upgraded my tail lights on my truck.
  8. I have been thinking of installing a gauge to monitor the fuel pressure, or rail pressure.i was going to buy the smarty mm3 tuner to monitor the fuel pressure, and other stuff, but I have been deciding to hold off on doing that until after I replace the injectors.but, im not sure. If I go with the gauge, do I get the fuel pressure,or fuel rail? Or are they basically the same? Thanks much
  9. Love the paint job on your truck.
  10. I had those same styles on my 97. I really liked them. I had hid head lights on them. I think when I get new head lights for my 97 I will go led head lights.
  11. I was playing with my new scanner and was reading the fuel pressure voltage. It's reading 1.50/1.52 volts. Is that normal? Usually on our big rigs, their around 5 volt area for certIain sensors.
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