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  1. I already have them on, so its remove and install new ones.
  2. Nope,its ftom the company itself.
  3. Well, i oredered clearance lights from the same company as paul. I waited for them to show up and nothing. I emailed them saying where are they? They emailed me back saying they must have gotten lost, do you want refund resend? I tell them resend. They send me another email the next day. Sorry, we out of that stock. We will refund. Ive seen pics of the oled lights on recon. Do you know anybody that has bought that style?
  4. Thanks, i just got new lights for the hvac panel ftom super bright and they were better than the last ones.
  5. I bought led lights for my hvac panel, but their not that bright. Who do you recomend for better led lights?
  6. Ive never dealt with amazon. I havent had issues with ebay. But ill look at amazon.
  7. Yea, i havent finished checking the rear lights wiring lately due to being slammed at work.
  8. I have been looking at the same clearance lights from ebay from the same company lately. Just amber.
  9. Those lights are sweet. Thanks for a pic of box and your truck. Question, are white cearance lights legal?
  10. I bought led clearance ligts, but they are the same brightness as a regular bulb. What do use or recomend for led lights.
  11. Update Sorry its been this long. I got the tail lights installed and when i got half way home. I had a guy flag me down to stop. He told me a tail light came out and hit the road. I went back and found it. I found out one of the screws came out causing it to come off. I put the stock ones back on. I sent pics to the company i got them from. And they told me warrenty is denied. They told me the only way for the lights to come off was for me to pry them off, which is bs. The screws they sent with the lights are crap. So i still have the stock lights on for now.
  12. Ive been thinking about changing my two piece drive shaft since the carrier bearing in my 05 is starting to wear out to a one piece.
  13. Ill buy your new fox shock. If you want, shoot me a price and i can send you a money order.thanks much.
  14. Well, i took a look at the wiring for the rear tail lights. I found who ever had the truck before me probed the crap out of the wiring to install the 7way plug for the goose neck hitch the truck use to have. I still have to dig into the rear wiring more to fix the issue.
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