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  1. Alot of great info, thanks guys. Im alwas trying to learn stuff about my truck. Im open to ideas. Ok, PSC ??? Gear box.
  2. I was recomended to get a steering brace for my 05. What do you guys think?
  3. Update on steering knock. Had the truck at goodyear to try and pin down the noise. They finally found it. They found the trac bar bushings were shot. They got replaced, and now no more knock. Thanks for all the help with trying to figure this out.
  4. Im with you on the location on big rigs. I work for peterbilt and at times they can be a pita to remove. At times, i have to cut off the wiring and remove with a socket.
  5. Im looking to get some seat covers for my 05. But id like them with the cummins logo. If not, oh well. What do you have, from who, and was it expensive?
  6. Im going to try and look at again this weekend.
  7. I thought i put the year of the truck in my first post. Sorry about that. Its an 05 3500.
  8. I would get it fixed. But i dont know whats causing this.
  9. Aww ok. Im starting to get it.thanks for all the help guys.
  10. I dont know. Im new to the 4wd stuff. And im still learning.
  11. Just one knock. And only when the steering is at the end of its turn, nothing before. Its only when turning. Not going straight.
  12. It wont do it when its on the ground standing still. It does it when moving.
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