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  1. Ive been thinking about changing my two piece drive shaft since the carrier bearing in my 05 is starting to wear out to a one piece.
  2. Ill buy your new fox shock. If you want, shoot me a price and i can send you a money order.thanks much.
  3. Well, i took a look at the wiring for the rear tail lights. I found who ever had the truck before me probed the crap out of the wiring to install the 7way plug for the goose neck hitch the truck use to have. I still have to dig into the rear wiring more to fix the issue.
  4. The steering shock stabilizer is leaking. What brands do you use on your rigs and recomend. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for all the help guys. Thanks for the tips on the led lights. Ill start looking into the led's also.
  6. Ive been thinking about upgrading my 05 to hid's. And new housings. But do i need to worry about the canbus system with new headlights if i get them.?
  7. Ive been doing some studying on this truck. Now i get what fcm means. Thanks
  8. Oh, ok. Thanks guys. Im still learning about the little quirks this truck has. What resister do you recomend, and how do i wire it. Sorry about all the questions. Im so use to my 97 ram. Now im learning about this truck.
  9. Sorry,but im new to the newer dodge electronics stuff. Fcm???
  10. I have an intermitten wiper issue on my 05 ram also.the intermitten mode has a mind of their own. But low and high full work fine.
  11. I had the same problem with my 12valve, the squeek from hell. I tried everything like you did and still no luck. Then i talked to a coworker at the shop and he said to get the green belt. I bought one and never heard the squeek again. Finally got my sanity back.
  12. I hope i can come. Not sure yet. My neices birthday is that month.
  13. I now have an 05 3500. I bought new led tail lights for the truck. When i plug in the tail lights they are nice and bright. But when the marker lights and brake lights are on. The turn signals are now dim. But when the marker lights are off the turn signal and brakes lights are bright? Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks.
  14. I dought that very seriously. You're technically suppose to fill the def every other tank fill up. The tanks are not big enough to last 5000 miles.
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