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  1. RonA

    Woodinville to California.

    Purrs like 1/3 of a Cummins. 4.00 x 4.5 stroke 2cyl?
  2. RonA

    Theory of compound turbos

    Lots of incorrect info was spread back then. Mainly to sell stuff. The money I wasted buying over hyped junk is embarrassing. Learned a lot, but won't do me any good now that I don't plan on getting another truck, ever.
  3. RonA

    Woodinville to California.

    Generator on a boat.
  4. RonA

    Theory of compound turbos

    That s400 is a really good size, and not very expensive. Many different combos work well in that range, but I'm not familiar with the turbo the starter of this thread is trying to use. Anything variable seems overly complicated to me.
  5. RonA

    Woodinville to California.

    Came in early. Heavier than I thought(a lot). My little Ford Ranger isn't happy.
  6. RonA

    Woodinville to California.

    Picking it up on Friday.
  7. RonA

    Woodinville to California.

    FedEx freight was $286 with insurance. 52 x 40 x 46 @ 900#'s. Lately I've been using them for all of my larger shipping stuff.
  8. RonA

    Woodinville to California.

    Finally getting around to picking this up. Our county has decided to sue PG&E over the fires last year so I'm expecting a lot more outages with longer duration( I don't blame PG&E either). Burning 1 gallon of diesel every 4 hours sounds like a good deal with fuel heading up so fast.
  9. RonA

    COYOTES got my dogs attention this morning

    We hear them most evenings and mornings, but I don't have livestock any more so I let em yap. Got quite a few Grey Foxes around here. They come up on the deck sniffing around, but again, just a stray piece of cat food is all they'll find.
  10. RonA

    Woodinville to California.

    Got a high quote of $1690, and a low of $255. FedEx freight was $335(probably the one I'll go with).
  11. RonA

    Woodinville to California.

    Still looking for a ride for the generator. Even if I could get it down to lower Oregon so I can make a one day trip. On a pallet. Thanks.
  12. RonA

    Woodinville to California.

    Went to freightquote. Thanks.
  13. RonA

    Woodinville to California.

    Around 900-1000 lbs.
  14. Wondering if anyone is heading down towards the SF bay area in the next few months. I found a generator in Woodinville I'd like to purchase if I could get it moved a bit closer(Sacramento, Redding, etc.) Thanks. RonA
  15. RonA

    Tri Cities to NorCal

    I had no idea you had moved up this way. Township is almost like being out in the country. I made a last day effort to get mine ready to go up to Redding, but I blew a power steering hose on the new hydro boost setup and the new water/air between stages needs a couple of changes made before it's ready to let loose.