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  1. Well?? Are you having fish and chips for supper?
  2. Got an interesting run Monday . Hope to load and leave by 1 p.m. .Head straight to Lethbridge Alberta,then start north to Calgary,Red Deer,Edmonton then up to Grande Prairie Alberta to pickup a bunch of empty racks at Costco then home. It will be a rather long and drawn out run,but I won’t have more than 6 or 7 drops.. Mostly time consuming. The road from Edmonton to Grande Prairie has tons of wildlife on it right now,but I will be running in daylight hours,so no big deal hopefully.. My trips are usually 2400 to 2600 KMS max .. This one will be 3400 km. Will try and get a remote mount for my camera .
  3. Pictures of your quests lying on the deck moaning for their mommies please! Never been seasick yet in all the crappy seas. Maybe I’m just lucky and it doesn’t effect me! Have a safe day guys!
  4. Reading all this makes me even happier I bought the 2018 CTD. It tows amazing, easy to set up, all I have added is airlift bags ..
  5. I buy very little from HF. Esspecially safety equipment!
  6. That makes the repair simpler Ben from what little I know. Sounds like Mike would be the preferred choice to get that old beauty shifting at her best,,esspecially if he did the tranny work on the truck before.
  7. So,are you going to go the cheaper easier route first to see if that’s all that was needed ? If it was my time and money I would take the advice of the people here who have experience with these beasts. I hate to waste money reinventing the wheel if there’s an easier way to fix things right. I also have torn up rotators,but in both shoulders. A real pain when under a truck in awkward places.
  8. Mike does good work from all the folks here that recommend him...
  9. First gen has no lockup. It would be nice if they had the same style TQ as the 2nd gens do,but no such luck. You got really good life out of your first tranny in that truck. Sorry the replacement is giving you fits. The boys here will get you on the right track.Just follow their Guidance , they won’t lead you astray.
  10. What Gary said. If it were me with a bumper pull trailer,I would put airbags on the truck and sway control in the trailer connection. If you are planning on a new rig in a couple of years than get your current truck to tow better with those additions. Having the trailer sitting flat and level when attached to the truck makes a huge difference for bumper pulls. I also don’t fill my water tank if I’m going somewhere with water. Water weighs 10 lbs a gallon, why haul 30 gallons of water (300 lbs) if not needed . Thats like another fat guy in the truck!
  11. I am in Canada and don’t have Les Shawn here. Toyo and Komstsu are not priced well here and the Cooper AT3 XLT was the best bang for the buck by far that should get twice the life out of them as the BFG crap I had on the truck. I got a very good discount as well locally... These tires don’t have the snowflake.. They are M&S rated which is the requirement here for winter. Everyone I could talk to rated Coopers as one of the best for longevity. That sold me ,they have been great on the highway so far,but I haven’t driven any gravel or off road yet. Too busy hauling to Alberta..
  12. I got the Cooper AT3 XLT. Should get way better life out of this set than the BFG KO2’s . And at less money.. They are a decent M&S tire and will work well for roadwork towing the trailers and the hunting and fishing I do. I no longer run mud up to my door handles. I drive around most bad stuff not through it.
  13. Sorry been working too much on the highway and my mom took a fall Friday morning . Been pretty run ragged the past few days getting Mom squared away.
  14. I only work mostly daylight hours.. the odd drive till 10 p.m.,but only on special occasions. But never any overnight runs. I’m too old for that crap and if asked I just say no thanks. If told I have to, I just put the KW keys on the desk and lay the fuel card beside them and say no thanks again. I usually get asked if I’m serious,to which I turn around and start walking. I have never made it to the door yet!LOL! It’s nice to be in my position already collecting a good pension. I feel,sorry for the folks working to make ends meet. That’s not a good place to be at the moment.
  15. Well, we have little if any deliveries to Costco on my routes this season. That’s ok by me as they like middle of the night deliveries...No longer a fan of working at night and trying to sleep in a truck during the day when the rest of the world is awake and making noise around you!
  16. I get along great with the workers and Garden shop managers at Costco,unfortunately there are many store managers or assistant managers that feel the need to tell me what to do all the time and loudly.. I just remind them I am not their employee so don’t feel you have the right to yell at me.. Im not deaf nor is it my first day on the job! That usually stops them in their tracks. Some of them I just let go on a bit till they get both feet in their mouths... I sometimes just kill them with kindness,, usually have them chuckling by the time I leave.. Some folks should never manage anything!
  17. Traffic is creepy absent. It’s weird driving through big cities during rush hour times and not even slowing down. Some places are like ghost towns. Tomorrow’s trip takes me off the beaten path twice on gravel roads. You feel like you are driving to nowhere. Good folks out in the boonies. Will help you with anything. One place has a small craft dairy, they always give me fresh milk and chocolate milk,ice cold! Their daughters run a farm based bakery and make me driving sandwiches on oven warm bread... I get spoiled... But, I always take time to chat with them and remember to ask how things are going as some of them really struggle to make ends meet. Salt of the earth people for the most part.. Fortunately they comprise most of my deliveries and Costco isn’t on board this year at all this season in Alberta . Just as well, they are full of so many rules and weird delivery procedures,I dont miss delivering to Costco this season.
  18. Well,two trips to Alberta under my belt. All is good, feeling better and better all the time. The truck is amazing, the 2020 Kenworth T680 didn’t get detuned before we got it and its set at around 500 hp. The Cummins X15 is really a joy to drive coupled with the Ultrashift 18 spd autoshift. The manual shift option with paddle shift is my selection for most of the time in mountain driving.. I have a Sirius XM radio that plugs into the stereo,so have good tunes all the time as well. Cooking in the sleeper is working out great to keep isolated. I got a Blue Parrot wireless headset last year and that works really nice to keep in contact with home and customers and keep both hands on the wheel . Bluetooth wireless is so good, don’t know what we did before that was invented! LOL! Spring is a great time to see the sights going to Alberta. Lots of wildlife everywhere. Every species now has their new babies with them. I don’t drive at night,pull over at dusk and call it a day. It’s like being a paid tourist most trips! Will try and get more scenery pics the next few trips where I have room to stop. I generally leave early in the mornings and that gives me a relaxing ,non hurried pace to get there and deliver the next day. My other coworker Darrel has the same truck and we alternate taking two trips one week and one trip the next week. I like that much better . When we are doing the two trip weeks they give that person the easy 4 or 5/drop trips. By June 10th we slow right down with perennials and the tractors generally get retired for the year.. I like the 8-10:week season. By the time it gets warm and Rv camping time we are finished driving. We call it our 18 wheel therapy. My pal Darrel and I are both retired firefighters.
  19. Do any of the coopers have the snowflake snow rated symbol?
  20. Looking to put new tires on the truck. Don’t know the first thing about coopers. There are a lot of models in the Cooper line. I need a tread that will be ok mostly on the highway load rating E and still an aggressive enough tread for some off roading hunting and launching the boat on gravel launches. I am overwhelmed picking the right Cooper.
  21. If I get a repair done to get another season out of the tires this is what my tire guy will use. The best repair patch/plug out there for off/on road truck tires. Used these successfully for many moons. Will make my mind up in a couple of days.. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. Took my first run to Alberta last Wednesday back late Friday. Went amazingly smooth. The No contact procedures in place were a little strange but everyone is doing very well with wearing ppe and maintaining their distance. Dr said the ribs are gonna be a little sore for months,but have healed enough to be fine.. He said you can sit around the house for 2 months if you want, but that’s not necessary. I’m good with that. Took all my own food and cooked in the sleeper.. I have a Jetboil for boiling water and a one cup Makita pour over, makes the best coffee I’ve ever had. For cooking I use a single burner butane stove, it’s what most truckers use for cooking.. very safe and compact. A small fry pan and a small pot are all I need.. I’m not gonna cook a prime rib dinner in there,but I’m a good enough cook to make some decent meals pretty quickly with a bit on thinking ahead. Next trip I might try butter chicken and one pan lasagna for my two suppers!
  23. Most tire shops will shy away from repairs that close to the shoulder. But I generally don’t go to the big shops. The small tire guy I always use has been doing tires foe 25 years and uses lots of common sense. He does err on the side of caution and won’t do unsafe work though.
  24. Picked this nice nail in the tire yesterday. Bad spot, but it’s a broad head nail with very thin shaft. Will see about a repair. Was looking at replacing the set of tires in September. Not a good time to spring for $1300 at the moment. Not sure if I’ll stay with KO’s or try Coopers. Unimpressed with amount of wear in 34,000 km.. That’s ridiculously short tire life.. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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