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  1. As a young kid I grew up,spending a lot of time at my gramma’s waterfront cabin near Gibson’s B.C. When my Dad finally finished his university courses we bought a tent trailer and spent that entire summer on the road in northern B.C. on every off the beaten path road. Had a blast and saw many amazing sites and spent very little time on paved roads. Dont think we saw many flush toilets or had clothes that didn’t smell like campfire smoke for 2 months. There is a lot of vast unsettled land in northern BC even now.
  2. What it likes and what it gets will be two different things. At most I will burn mid grade.
  3. I think the fuel that was in the tank had lost its virginity after being in the holding lot for a long long time. Probably very very low octane after what could be 8 months.
  4. All done and inspected and registered with BC registration. A big Thankyou to Stroketeck Dave for helping me moving the car around and getting the registration done . Much appreciated. Went down and got a 5 gallon jug of premium fuel today and tossed it in the tank. The fuel in the tank was likely 7 -8 months old or older...It smelled old! Even at idle it ran smoother..
  5. Safe travels Dave. Even Canadians are stocking up on ammo and home defense items! Takes a lot for us to do that!
  6. Home in my own bed tonight. Nice drive,crappy sleep. Oh well,can’t have everything. Gonna stay home now and keep wifie company . No more being out in the germ laden virus air!
  7. It was a beautiful day to drive .Roads we’re bare and dry. Now to sleep like a dead man.ZZZZZZZZZZZ,!!!
  8. Wipe down yes, no ppe is required. I am riding alone in the pickup. Most of the hype is media driven bs. limit social,interaction and wash your hands. Foolidh infected workers moving around between care facilities are what has caused most transmissions so far in BC and Washington State. That bugs me a lot.
  9. It takes 30 seconds to uncouple the mower deck.There are 25 different attachments if you talk to the right people.
  10. Bits and pieces from a blown turbo can go in some weird places. We had fun finding all the pieces in my son’s 6 cylinder diesel,land cruiser when he blew the turbo. I feel your pain working outside in inclement weather ! I never seem to have vehicle work on nice days!
  11. This is the tractor with the addition of a winter cab and heater on it. Really well built and heavy duty..Good hydraulics and counterweights for cutting steep slopes. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. After getting lots done this week, I’m headed up to Williams Lake to deliver a new tractor with large cutting deck to the city of Williams Lake . Its part of the new product line at the nursery I work at in the spring. Really nice little rig with a small 3 cylinder Kubota diesel in it. I get to run the tractor up with the new Ram 3500 CTD and a 25 ft tandem cargo trailer. Should be a soft touch trip I’m hoping..
  13. Thought about dewinterizing, but,nah, not yet...
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