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  1. My little experience happened 40 years ago. It still seems pretty fresh when I think about it. One of the scariest things I’ve experienced in my 64 years for sure..
  2. In 1981, driving a fully loaded Concrete truck down a 200 yard construction road down to the fish ladders we were expanding. Had a D9 cat cabled to my mixer. It was craziness. The 10 meter mixer truck grossed at 102,000 lbs on 5 axles(twin steer axles,twin drive axles,and one booster axle). That scared the living crap,out of me . Never forgot that feeling,nor the feeling of relief when empty and dragged back up with the same D9 onto pavement. Steep down hill grades are usually not my favorite roads for sure.
  3. Bang! Yum! Freezer filled. trees safe.
  4. I really found the Tiguan comfortable to ride in. Wasn’t in the market for 2 expensive vehicles. But my wife is getting really bad arthritis in her hands and back now. Her days of being a manual granny lady are rapidly ending. She winces with a lot of shifts on bad days! It’s hard to,watch. A Tiguan would for the bill pretty soon . She is a dyed in the wool Honda owner though!
  5. Now Rusty can cause more mayhem when he comes up to The Fraser to fish. 😬
  6. I hate rodents. I have traps in my boat during winter . I harvest several rodents in the first few weeks then they get the message. The new owner where I store the boat has 6 cats. None of the boats stored there have rodent damage this winter. I love cats! I had to go out and look at my truck ! All ok...
  7. The intermediate shaft has been known to be one of the clunk noise makers.
  8. Better slow than rushing along and making mistakes. Nice you have a dry warm shop with elbow room. You’re right about the resin. It might come down to what is cheaper for a small boat like that,as well as availability in your area. Glad to see your boy wearing a respirator.
  9. Simple answer, bigger sticks(injectors) lower mileage. It gets worse if you put your foot into it a lot. My neighbor had a nice 93 CTD and did the injectors and pump . He had a fair bit more get up,and go, a big grin on his face but a bit higher fuel bill.. You gotta pay the piper some time if you add more fuel...
  10. I quess they didn’t learn the first time! I held my breath as it started to tilt. Glad it didn’t roll over .
  11. The easy thing is a timer for the block heater. That would save on the life of the block heater for sure. As far as timing adjustment, not sure how far it is from Oak Harbour to Hoss’s place ,but if he’s willing to help adjust timing that might be the best route. Biggest thing for me is having a good mechanic who knows these trucks well before I ever let anyone loose on my rig. Even with my new truck, the dealer hates when I come in. There’s only 2 guys at the dealer I prefer for warranty work that know squat about deisels. A piece of paper diploma means little t
  12. When Dave did my cam in my 97 this is what it looked like.. I have no idea how he kept everything in order. But, it turned out perfect. And it was a huge improvement over the factory cam. A half trough gets slid in when the old cam comes out and the tappets get lowered into it on a string with a magnet if I remember.. Sounded kind of sketchy, but it works! Saves pulling the head... I didn’t stay around for all the work. I was getting a headache with the truck looking like a bomb went off in the engine bay. But,Dave had it all organized.. The sign of a good mechanic with
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