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  1. Abbyfireguy

    OXE 150 at Miami Boat Show

    The price and maintenance repair work will/is the two big factors holding back the popularity of these units. any lodges or charter operators need instant service and repair wherever they are based. Im not talking tomorrow or the day after. The boat has to get operational that day. The fuel economy alone would outweigh the price for a lot of charter operators who fish off shore on the BC coastline. If a good diesel mechanic was nearby who knew these engines for service work and in season repairs, these engines will boom off the shelf. Until a few operators with well known names have them and put lots of trouble free hours on them, people will still be hesitant. I’m not talking company test boats but real,well know charter operators in active popular fishing locations! Bamfield, Rivers Inlet,Queen Charlotte Islands, Prince Rupert, some of the Alaska destinations as well. I really like the clean and quiet operation. Smooth transmission. Ben,, I agree, the guy doing the filming was mega annoying. I turned the volume off until they were on the boat. I just wanted to say, Shut the heck up! Wouldn’t be a bad thing to tip him over the side!
  2. Abbyfireguy

    Winter weather

    Mexico is looking good... Wish we could get away now,but unfortunately timing just isn’t good...
  3. Abbyfireguy

    Wiring for new canopy

    Ok, so I need to get around to connecting all the wiring in the new canopy. There is a fuse box with harnesses already running to dome light,3rd high mount brake light and remote lock on the canopy. I dropped in to Cap It who are the local Leer distributor and they gave me the wiring harness that connects everything to the fuse box from the truck(for free)! Amazing because I didn’t buy the canopy from them. All the wires seem to be readily accessible at the rear of the truck,I just need to source good weatherproof taps as I really hate the cheap pinch taps for stuff open to the elements.
  4. Abbyfireguy

    ISO Canopy for new truck

    Would like to put led strip lighting tucked up under the bed rails and tied into the overhead light. Seen a couple of truck with that. It really helps finding crap in the dark. Plus LED strip lighting is cheap!
  5. Abbyfireguy

    ISO Canopy for new truck

    Put this Leer canopy on the truck today. Was on a new truck at the Chrysler dealer that a customer didn’t want as it was not tall enough for his quad.. I just happened to see it yesterday come in and it was color matched for my truck,but a way higher value canopy than I was looking at. It was priced as a used canopy,but,only drove 2 km to the dealer and back.. Basically new.. I am in my happy place now.[emoji2957][emoji41] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Abbyfireguy

    Bought 2018 dodge 2500, need

    I too am wondering what this unit is for. If I drove my truck in BC with that I would get ticketed and ordered to remove it.
  7. Abbyfireguy

    Travel trailer got vandalized

    Got down and went through the trailer at 9 this morning. Couldnt tell it was entered from the outside except the grab handlecwas still folded out. locks and doors were undamaged. The interior had obviously been searched,but nothing was broken or ever really messed up. We don’t keep any booze, meds or money in the trailer over winter. 3 or 4 of the rigs had major damage in their interiors as if the dirtbags were mad but then and took out their rage on the trailers. Guess ours was one of the first entered. They entered through the chain link with wire cutters
  8. Abbyfireguy

    Travel trailer got vandalized

    Still dark out, I did sleep pretty good last night in spite of my thoughts as I drifted off. Hopefully it’s just broken stuff. The worst I am worried about is Dry Z Air humidity units. The liquid in the is a low grade acid,Hope they didn’t get dumped all over the trailer. I have 8 of them in ice cream buckets for safety. We May look for a private storage place, maybe one of the retired farmers at church who use their barns for RV storage? We have used this place for over 20 years...
  9. Just got a call from the fellow we store our trailer at. 22 of the trailers got vandalized,ours was one of them. Too dark and cold now,will go there after the sun comes up in the morning. I really hate vandals. It would be nice to catch them once! Well maybe not, probably go to jail ...
  10. Abbyfireguy

    Bought 2018 dodge 2500, need

    Did you get a bed canopy? Thats what I am looking for next..
  11. Abbyfireguy

    Winter weather

    Mike, those units are very nice...I have 4 friends with TDI cars that have installed them. Most of these guys are snow boarders and 2 live in Prince George(the winter deep freeze capital of BC). Everyone seems to be getting their value out of these units... And the price is good at $149.00
  12. Abbyfireguy

    Winter weather

    I haven’t used the block heaters in the truck and VW so much before. This cold snap the past few weeks has shown they are very nice when doing their job. The unit I installed in the VW a few years ago works so nice. If I leave the heat control on high and the defrost setting on , the small amount of heat that comes off the heater core and comes up the ducts by convection is enough to keep the windshield mostly defrosted. The car isn’t warm, but it warms up quick once started. The units are called Frost Heaters, good items and the install was pretty straightforward if I remember.. Sorry for thread hijack..
  13. Abbyfireguy

    ISO Canopy for new truck

    Interesting concept... A moose wouldn’t fit in that type of canopy.🤓
  14. Abbyfireguy

    Winter weather

    Up at 530 getting the wife off to work. Told her to go back to bed but she was insistent on going to work. My truck is plugged in and ready for the day. Gotta get my daughter to a specialist appointment in the snow. Nice to fire up a warm truck... Glad I remembered to plug it in last night!
  15. Abbyfireguy

    ISO Canopy for new truck

    I might just bite the bullet and get a new color matched canopy here in Chilliwack. Its an Arrow Mark 1. Will be $2400 CDN$ installed taxes in . No need to go through the hassle of repainting it to match... This will be after we get finished with all the snow our southern cousins are sending us this week.😎😉