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  1. Abbyfireguy

    Fire pit patio project

    Might have to come visit for a bbq....I’ll bring the salmon...
  2. Abbyfireguy

    clutch not disengaging

    Being the owner of an old truck,an old car,an old boat and an old body, I can relate to working on vehicles to keep them on the road. It seems like the older the vehicles get the more tinkering I have to do to keep them running and driving safely and quietly. And,the older I get,the less I am thrilled about crawling under a vehicle to do repairs. Sometimes I think about selling the truck and car and getting a newer truck like Hoss has... My wife is actually almost on board with that amazingly...
  3. Abbyfireguy

    Time to fix hunting trip damage

    Got the new steering dampers in 2 days ago. Yesterday Dave installed a new Flo Pro exhaust for me(thanks buddy). sounds much better now . The Prothane sway bar bushings have arrived, I am waiting on the new Suspension Maxx links,they will be here next Monday. Things are almost back to good with the old girl...
  4. Abbyfireguy

    Time to fix hunting trip damage

    Ordered the Prothane bushings, and a set of Suspension Maxx front sway bar links. Got the new Rancho Steering Stabilizers and they will go on tomorrow when it gets sunny.
  5. Abbyfireguy

    Time to fix hunting trip damage

    Thanks Mark.
  6. Abbyfireguy

    Time to fix hunting trip damage

    My front sway bar is stock. What brand name sway bar bushings and end links do you guys prefer. the current ones got about 6 years out of them. I think they were energy suspension?
  7. After 2 weeks away hunting I have a few things to make right on the old truck. The exhaust system, front dual steering dampers got crunched and need replacing and I noticed my front sway bar bushings and links need replacing. Not a long list,but I hope to get everything made right this week. Need the truck to be roadworthy next week for another trip to Merritt to do more house reconstruction with my son and firewood cutting. I was going to get Dave to just put a straight pipe exhaust in but after the long trip home, realized that my wife would not enjoy the drone and loudness. Guess we better at least put a resonator in...
  8. Abbyfireguy

    One more sleep

    Home,safe and sound. Tagged our second bull on Wednesday night at last light. He laid down in some Poplar trees and it took us 45 mins to find him as it got dark quickly! Twice as big as the first little bull. No battle scars and his teeth were not worn down(not too old). Didnt get him back to camp and hung up in the trees until 2 a.m. Too many bears around to leave him out in the bush till morning. It got real cold that night(-12), so the meat cooled down nicely. At the butcher in Mission yesterday the skinned quarters weighed 614 lbs,,, by comparison the little guys quarters were 358 on the hook. It was a long but enjoyable trip. Nice to have Uncle Doug out at 87 years young,and really nice that he pulled the trigger on the first moose. He also was stellar on grouse with his little 410 Remington 870. He was nationally ranked in trap and skeet for many years in his younger days...
  9. Abbyfireguy

    One more sleep

    The exhaust pipe that still exists is about 2 feet ahead of the rear end... glad it didn’t break under cab... I will be careful of the fumes Dad! 😇
  10. Abbyfireguy

    One more sleep

    Don’t think it should look like this Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Abbyfireguy

    One more sleep

    Just another day in paradise. Had a large bull tease us a bit but didn’t present a shot. Had my muffler back to tailpipe fall off... other than that not too exciting a day... Always wondered what a straightpipe exhaust sounded like..
  12. Abbyfireguy

    One more sleep

    One nice bull last Monday.. Got it into the butcher in Prince George to hang and cut. Will pick it up this Friday on our way home... Such a beautiful country out here. Turned real cold last night and an Arctic front is here now with low of -6 Celsius and high of 5 Celsius till Saturday.. Should turn the rut on for the moose.. good camp,good firewood supply. Didnt pick up Mike on Wednesday morning at PG Airport as he came down with viral meningitis and was in Vancouver General Hospital. For 4 days. Now no flights with brain illnesses or injuries, altitude changes are bad when recovering.. Oh well, back to glassing and calling...
  13. Abbyfireguy

    Quartering a moose

    Well,as expected, woke up at 430,too excited to leave. Gotta wait for my one hunting partner to drop off his gear at 830. I am glad I have lists for all my gear . Just about forgot one of my best tools that I started using a few years ago to Quarter a full moose carcass. Almost always we can winch out the moose whole and suck it into one of the trucks in one piece fairly quickly... Back at camp we have a meat pole set up high between two trees. Snatch block on pole and winch line hauls moose carcass vertical for easy skinning. Splitting the carcass into two halves is always a chore cutting along the spine until I had a vision of using my big Makita recip saw with a 12 inch pruning blade. Set up the Honda generator nearby and off to the races. Nice and straight cuts,clean and quick...Lop off the bottom front quarters and hang all 4 on a low meat pole for final cleaning and wrapping in game bag materials. no fuss ,no muss, big animal ready for the butcher. Not sure if any of you guys quarter big animals like this,but, a full size bull moose is rather intimidating if you don’t have the right equipment or are alone...
  14. Abbyfireguy

    One more sleep

    Heading out tomorrow morning on our moose trip up north. Getting pretty excited to see what presents itself for harvest. That area also has a decent herd of elk so I also have an elk tag in my pack... Found a great butcher a few days ago. The number of butchers that cut game meat in my area are few and far between. My daughter and I went and checked out his shop, great guy,clean facility and a good 10 year history in the business. Driving by myself in my truck as my pal Mike has to stay home till Tuesdsy then fly up to Prince George. His best friend who was his best man at his wedding took his own life this past week and Mike is a pallbearer and giving a eulogy. Not a good thing to have dropped on us, pretty sad.😢 I will meet the other two guys part way up there.
  15. Abbyfireguy

    Fall is here

    Even had rain in Merritt,they don’t get lots... Had to put an extra blanket on the bed, it was a little cooler in the trailer last night.