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  1. In 1979 I had a 68 Dodge Dart with a 273 small V8. Nothing fancy... bought it for $200,tossed in a used auto tranny and drove it for 2 years. Bit of a beater, but it was better than walking..
  2. I have run GC batteries on my last 3 trailers. I built a solar panel bracket that is on the trailer while in storage. Works excellent with a good charge controller. I need to fix the inverter as the battery charger it has isn’t working . Currently if we are out at a full plug in site that’s fine. But boon docking I try and remember to take the solar panel with us and the Honda EU 2000 gen set.
  3. Great, now I have my afternoon coffee coming out my nose and I’m choking and laughing at the same time. My wife thinks I’m cracking up!
  4. I did a rear disc conversion on my 97 back in 2014. I lost the files with all the OEM part numbers for replacement items. The young fellow who bought my 97 needs rear discs and I can’t fir the life of me remember what OEM rotor was used in the kit. I know the pads and rotors are 76-78 Eldorado. Rotors ?? Vaughn did the conversion too if I remember. I have replaced the rotors on it before. Sucks getting old and forgetful!
  5. Glad to see our Canadian government doesn’t have the market on stupidity cornered .
  6. Like others have said also. Service the cooling system.. And carry lots of water and antifreeze with you...
  7. No matter how uncomfortable she is, impress upon her to turn off the AC on anything except downhill or flat roads. Having the AC on for the Dakota gasser climbing hills will overtax her cooling system huge and likely burn up,the truck.
  8. They use lab animals then human volunteers.. The immunity thing is getting worked on at the same time time. I have a hard time believing anything about China either from them or speculation from here. The 12 to 18 month development time for a vaccine is standard,but this virus has scientist worldwide working on it. Hope that means sooner.. As long as a Trump doesn’t get involved In the process..
  9. Being retired for a bit now,(5 years) I am being a bit more watchful of my spending. I took a 30k drop in annual income when I retired but We were smart and worked diligently to pay off stuff early . My bride started squirreling away funds when I retired and had enough hidden away when I bought the new truck to pay for it. There’s something to be said for wives that are organized accountants. Sometimes over the years I have wanted expensive non necessities that she made me justify, but, I can’t complain. I have plenty of toys to keep me entertained in retirement. Now if they would get the salmon numbers up so we can fish more!!
  10. I’m getting really tired of this Covid crap! Praying they get a vaccine soon thats effective and safe.. Not holding my breath though. Those take 12 to 18 months usually...
  11. Not wearing a gas mask, can’t smell all my good farts with one on... What a waste..
  12. In BC, provincial parks are closed to anyone not from BC,period. I’m glad you get to go and remember Grandad. He sure sounded like someone you all have great memories of. Hope you all have wonderful memories flood in...
  13. Not sure what moron let them across the border. Its very serious Ben as other than Quebec and Ontario most of Canada is on the downward trend in Covid cases. Dont need people from out of control states up here spreading their germs around. This is the time I wish Canadians weren’t so polite. Turn them around and plant a big size 12 in their arse and tell them no thanks,we don’t want you here just yet. Go give Donald a kiss,he thinks everything is good...
  14. The first wave is still going strong with all the dumb ass people not isolating and bars filling up on special occasions. Dont mean to flame anyone,but really. How are you supposed to start opening up things when the virus is still going strong. I just shake my head at how unmanaged some states are. Please keep the border shut until it’s absolutely safe. And to the twits who come to the border and say we’re just traveling through BC to Alaska, then head off camping in BC for a holiday,,, you deserve to get sent back to the border and booted back into the U.S. A. and we’ll keep your vehicles and RVs to sell and recover our costs! Sheesh, idiots!
  15. I think gloss black looks better than flat or matte black. I purposely left the small Caddy center cap and wheel lugs silver/chrome. They give a bit of accent to the wheels.
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