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  1. Abbyfireguy

    I got a recall notice for my truck

    The batteries were disconnected on my truck.I had to reprogram a couple of things ,but,not much. I stopped just short of using the f bomb at the dealership when describing my nervousness about them welding on my truck improperly and more than absolutely if at all. The service manager was very attentive and agreed with my concerns. I seldom get that interaction at a dealership. I even talked to the mechanic and frame tech that inspected my truck. I think they were glad to see me go home... This is an almost intolerable situation that has been thrust upon us and I hope it doesn’t come back to bite anyone in the ass. But, we all know the way some guys weld the lazy way,protecting nothing and not grounding anything... I am very selective who I let work on my vehicles. Fortunately I have one of the best CTD techs close by and also a really good and ethical VW tech that I have developed a good friendship with over the last 16 years!
  2. Abbyfireguy

    I got a recall notice for my truck

    I would hope if and when they redesign the nut they would also deem it proper to retrofit those trucks like mine that got the backyard hack repair..
  3. Abbyfireguy

    I got a recall notice for my truck

    No idea... One would think there r better options than welding it . Esspecially on a brand new truck.
  4. Abbyfireguy

    I got a recall notice for my truck

    That’s why I basically interviewed the service manager and pretty much needed his confirmation they had someone of skill . The frame guy from their body shop came in a gave his advice and help too... I guess they knew I was familiar enough with MIG and TIG to know that most mechanics don’t have a lot of welding finesse.
  5. Abbyfireguy

    I got a recall notice for my truck

    I got my new truck into the dealer in Mission.. I guess I expressed my concern about welding on a new truck and asked will the extra costs for future wheel,alignments and adjustment be covered. I had the service manager looking after me and I just told him I was in an unpleasant position. Wanting a safe truck for my family and the other traveling public versus a welded nut as the fix. They only put two small tack welds on the nut and I’m sure they could easily be cut if one was real careful. Once it stops rain cats and dogs I will try and get a couple of pics. Another thing that my neighbor who is a senior insurance investigator said,is if you ignore a safety recall like we have got,and the steering fails, the insurance company will use that to refuse payment and coverage, absolutely guaranteed! They look for any avenue to deny payment... I won’t put my family in that possible position at this stage of my life.. I think the service manager heard my concerns and I was firm but polite when I told him I expect his best welder to use the absolute least amount of welding possible to accomplish their objective.
  6. Abbyfireguy

    OVERPRICED, but interesting

    Scarey... I would put my shoulder out of joint trying to shift that thing...
  7. Abbyfireguy

    Might have to sell my ‘16 Ram...

    It’s a really nice truck..Hope it sells for you Scotty!
  8. Abbyfireguy

    Pretty wicked sounding old motorcycle

    I had several Honda CB bikes.. A couple of 500’s,two 750’s and one 900..... Loved the sound and smoothness of the 4 cylinder engines. Rode one of the 6 cylinder CBX bikes... Found it uncomfortable and ungainly. Poor handling,but lots of straight line grunt. Gave it back to my friend after an hour of riding in the mountains and was glad to get my 500 back. I would love to have a CB900 now except I promised no street bikes to my wife when we had kids. Too many fatalities at the time.. She would probably give the ok now, but I have too many toys already.
  9. Abbyfireguy

    Might have to sell my ‘16 Ram...

    Come on guys... It even has a speedometer in miles!
  10. Abbyfireguy

    I got a recall notice for my truck

    Got the recall notice that others have got with the solution of welding to outboard jam nut! Not a chance letting the mechanic at the dealership weld anything on a brand new truck . Will Chrysler Canada pay for any further wheel alignment checks and adjustments? I will find out today.. Its says my truck “MAY” have been built with an outboard jam nut.... Does this mean some were not built with said offending nut?
  11. Abbyfireguy

    Thinking of Selling 97 Dodge CTD

    Next week I am going to try real hard to get the truck on the market. It just needs the exhaust brake tweaked to work as it should. For someone that knows everything about these Pacbrake units it will be simple. Thats not me! I’m just plain simple!
  12. Abbyfireguy

    2002 rebuilt title

    Can’t imagine how I will feel when I sell the 97(hopefully soon). Had that truck for 20 years..
  13. Abbyfireguy

    First trip of the season.

    No pancakes here....😥 Keto!!
  14. Abbyfireguy

    Wiring for new canopy

    I forgot how heavy the wheels and tires were compared to my VW wheels and tires.
  15. Abbyfireguy

    Wiring for new canopy

    Will put the heat shield and spare tire back underneath where they belong today . That will hopefully be the last time I crawl under the truck until I run the power cables for the winch sometime before it goes off road.