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  1. Abbyfireguy

    Rear hitch on new Rams

    Yup. There was stuff in both my hidden boxes..
  2. Abbyfireguy

    Rear hitch on new Rams

    Watched an old MASH show last night and Radar kept mentioning that beverage... My bride was clueless as to what it was!
  3. Abbyfireguy

    Rear hitch on new Rams

    Check inside the two under floor compartments. You might be surprised what’s hiding in there! 😎 Gary hides his a Grape Knee Highs there! JK buddy!
  4. Abbyfireguy

    Rear hitch on new Rams

    I did the same thing in September... I was in a small town and fortunately found an aftermarket one at the local parts store. I picked up a new factory one when I got home. A pin is always in the hitch now as a habit.. An extension for a camper might work.. Not sure how the rating would be...
  5. Abbyfireguy

    Dash cam for 2018

    Well, it’s high time to get a dash cam for the 2018. I have had a cheaper one in the VW for a couple of years and it works flawlessly. I wonder if there is anything to plug into the system that’s in the truck? I have a factory backup cam that displays in the mirror.
  6. Abbyfireguy

    Mounting a new ham radio in truck

    I am having a hard time sourcing the 2 inch clear heat shrink anywhere... Any leads would be good. Local supply as far as Burlington is best. Thanks.
  7. Abbyfireguy

    Mounting a new ham radio in truck

    I have a mod for that with Teflon washers and heat shrink tube. Installed several on new trucks with the Abbotsford Ham Radio Club.
  8. Abbyfireguy

    Mounting a new ham radio in truck

    The above 2 pictures is what I want mine to look like . looks like I might have a few days with nothing to do this week. Better give it a good try and finally install the Yaesu...
  9. Waiting till mid day to change the oil at the warmest part of the day. At least the wind is not blowing today. Time to head out to Black Friday sales soon. More stuff for the Dewalt 20V kit!
  10. The filters weren’t too bad,, the rear one was a bit awkward but not bad. The wind was stupid bad the last two days here. Winds gusting to 80 kph or more. Oh well, all good here ,at least the power stayed on. Just gotta change the oil now. Not horribly bad,but that oil filter!!! Kind of a pain to get at. Being a contortionist helps!LOL! Then the truck will be ready for Merritt and the sub zero weather..
  11. Waiting for the wife to take off to her volunteering work and I get access to the garage. Still windy here,not my favorite weather issue. Stuff blowing all around or neighborhood.. I actually find the new truck easier to work on,the ground clearance is better and I can almost sit up under the back end.. Its the crappy weather and wind that makes outside work not as much fun!
  12. No worries,, it’s not a big deal...
  13. I have used a Jetboil and a single cup drip for two seasons in the Kenworth for coffee. Works fast and clean. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. The weather looked cold be not frozen and Dave was busy so I gave the front fuel filter a go. Wasn’t too bad, didn’t have any spills and the truck started after cycling the key 6 times to fill the filter.. Tomorrow the rear filter.. Unless the weather turns worse. They are warning of a wind event tonight. Up to 80 KMH (50 mph) gusts for a few hours. Hope the power stays on. I might be brewing the coffee on the campstove in the morning!🤓
  15. That filter plug is a must for the oil filter. Crappy location,not my favorite oil change.