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  1. Abbyfireguy

    Front hitch on new truck

    What gauge electrical supply lines should I use? Most of my winches on previous rigs have been 2/0 cable. That always worked well with no hot cables.
  2. Abbyfireguy

    Front hitch on new truck

    I found these in my shop... Plus,my Warn winch I picked up a while ago has one on the power cables as well! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Abbyfireguy

    Front hitch on new truck

    Draw-tite hitch installed. Reaching all the bolts to torque them was a pain in the butt,but it’s done.. Electrical connections next. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Abbyfireguy

    Front hitch on new truck

    The winch and mount weigh almost 75 lbs... Might make closing the tailgate difficult..
  5. Abbyfireguy

    Front hitch on new truck

    I like that idea a lot!
  6. Abbyfireguy

    Front hitch on new truck

    Yup Gary, already have a cheap receiver ready to mount in box and keep the winch snug and secure. Just planning out the most practical location.
  7. I hate to say it Scotty,but I’d rather see you back at work.. That means things are getting better! 🤓
  8. Abbyfireguy

    Front hitch on new truck

    Picked up a draw- tite front hitch for the 2018 2500,, Part # 65063. Will use that to use my warn 8000 in its transformer mount. Have any of you guys with newer CTD used a front hitch with a portable winch mount? I wanted to go for a factory look so went in this direction. I can also run power to the rear hitch and put the winch in that receiver if needed. Mud bogging and rock climbing aren’t on my agenda any longer as I get older,but still being many miles off the beaten path makes a winch and other recovery tools still part of my off road kit!
  9. Abbyfireguy

    Ultimate Callout Challenge

    I would think about the only improvement that comes to mind is fire suppression apparatus on site and ready to extinguish any fire right away...Sometimes portable extinguishers aren’t enough for fast control and snuffing the RED demon!
  10. Abbyfireguy

    First trip with new truck

    Back as far as Alex’s place in Merritt tonight. Home tomorrow mid day .. Was a great derby,lots of fun except for one thing,mosquitoes! Never seen them this bad before. Made a great time only a good time.
  11. Abbyfireguy

    First trip with new truck

    As a member of the derby committee, we look after the dinner on Saturday night.. As part of the entry cost($5 for kids and $10 for adults),dinner on Saturday is included and tons of prizes on Sunday after our simple church service. This year is pulled pork and salads and veggies... It’s always fun but sometimes a lot of work if volunteers don’t step up. We usually have around 200 people,this year is down a bit at 150.. of that,70 are kids! Lots of great time fishing and hanging out,meeting new folks and enjoying quality time around the campfire.. Always meet someone new ..
  12. Well,finally time to test out the new truck and haul the travel trailer up to our 30th annual church fishing derby. Its not a long haul, about a 3 1/2 to 4 hour drive. Trailer seemed to tow ok bringing it home from the storage lot yesterday. Took a few mins to figure out how to dial up the power on the trailer brakes. Once I saw the +/- buttons above the manual actuator it was simple! There are lots of hills and winding road on the route. the last 40 km into the Lake is a surface treated road with lots of potholes and hairpins. We will see home much different the new truck tows compared to the old beast.. Packing today,leave mid morning tomorrow..
  13. Abbyfireguy

    Got moles?????

    Horrible little creatures... Used seal bombs(waterproof miniature dynamite that commercial fishermen use) on the farm. Until my cousin lost the tip of his finger.. His mom was less than happy..
  14. Abbyfireguy

    One Piece Aluminum Driveshaft Conversion

    Noise people like us want to know.. Did you get any suntanning in on the return voyage from Hawaii? Lines out for tuna?