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  1. That’s for backyard jobs... This car needs a bit more love and finess than that. Unibody frames need more skill and planning than brute force... Mind you.. a couple of projects I did many years ago involved a telephone pole and a farm tractor as straightening tools... One was a CJ5 which I drove for 6 years after rebuilding it with zero issues..
  2. My amazing brother in law said “bring it up for a weekend we’ll put it on the frame rack and get everything straight and fixed in 2 days” Gotta like having in-laws like that.. He can do this work in his sleep and the shop is ultra modern and super well equipped. He said one of his apprentices really likes this kind of easy clean car to learn on and will likely come help out if I buy lunch and toss a few greenbacks his way. Looking forward to learning a bunch and watching someone who knows how to do things proper and not waste time! Now if the weather lady cooperates in March for the 3.5 hour drive through the hills. The better half will tag along and spend time with her folks. They aren’t doing so well lately.
  3. Yup, that’s me! My wife has less gentle words than that,but pretty much the same meaning.🤕🤐
  4. The shoulder feels better today, still quite stiff and sore ,but ice and gentle movements help a lot. Its so thrashed it doesn’t take a lot of abuse to move in and out of joint. Will likely get it fixed sooner that later .
  5. Got a friend who was visiting me to lend his two good arms and we got the old hood off and the new one one. Color matches well and it looks a lot better already. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Stupid me!!! Things were going great today until my neighbor came over and we chatted while I worked on the Caddy. He then asked me for a hand to move a milling machine a couple of feet over in his garage . Not the brightest thing for me to do,but, I seldom turn down a request for help from the good neighbors. I’m now sitting here gritting my teeth after popping my shoulder back into place... It only came out a little bit to the front and it usually goes back in really easy and not too much pain. Not so much this time.. Ice and gentle movement help it to not seize up. I have been behaving myself so well the last year with this wounded wing,I may have to talk to my surgeon again and see how his schedule looks .. gotta be good for summer time. Might be a good reason to avoid this springs 12 weeks of hauling plants! It’s fairly minor surgery, likely about 15 mins... Unfortunately I react severely to most forms of anesthesia no matter what the hospital staff try. That’s the only reason it hasn’t had any warranty work on it yet.
  7. Picked up,the new trunk and bumper assembly yesterday. Really good parts and colors match. That cut the repair cost and time substantially as painting is a very expensive part of these repairs. Its hard to,justify backyard paint work on cars like these and in this weather it’s impossible.
  8. This CTS is not the V model. Its the Performance model. Tuned suspension and a bunch of handling options. Its listed as 307 hp I think.
  9. Getting cleaned up. My brother in law pulled some strings today and has color matching parts for me. A complete trunk lid assembly and a full bumper assembly. And they are only in Surrey only 30 mins away. I’m pretty happy. Almost no painting if I play it right.. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. First order of business is a much needed bath for the whole fleet. Gross road grime and silt on everything. I don’t even want to touch anything until it’s clean. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Just got home from a whirlwind tour of Alberta. Left at 530 a.m. yesterday, stayed with dear friends in Airdrie just north of Calgary last night. Drove up to Nisku(20 mins south of Edmonton) this morning . Loaded the CTS on the trailer and hit the road. Not the most fun trip I’ve had. Snow and ice didn’t make for a relaxing drive. Only slid the truck sideways once in the mountains, enough to activate the pucker muscles! More tomorrow,I’m going to sleep. Not getting up early!
  12. I am very happy with my new truck. No tunes or power upgrades. handling options and creature comfort,and better lighting so far. Heading out for Alberta at 5 a.m. with the tandem car hauler in tow to get the CTS. So far I have been very happy with the power and performance. Under some crappy situations and lousy road conditions. All aspects of the new truck have worked pretty good so far. Haven’t got squirrelly too often on the snowy roads through the mountains. Managed to keep both units pointing the same general direction most of the time. 🥳🤓😎
  13. The butt needs a bit of work,but I have most of the obvious parts tracked down. If it doesn’t work out to get it ship shape and ready to drive I can sell it whole. I got it cheap enough..
  14. Repairs and parts aren’t going to be too bad. My cousin looked over the car and it appears to be e extremely well looked after. He has done body repair for decades and I worked in the industry going to high school and have done tons of collision repairs as a hobby and helping my brother in law in his shop in Kelowna. Likely not going to keep it too long ,but you never know. I might get to like it!
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