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  1. Ouch! That hurt someone’s pocket book!
  2. Don’t winterize until November usually. still have a hunting trip to Loon Lake Oct 4-11. Might even squeak in another short camping trip after that. Our trailer is a 4 season Coach, have used it several times in November in weather around freezing. Its ok,not optimal, but we got by...nothing froze with the tank heaters on and lots of propane in the tanks..
  3. I love spending other people’s money!
  4. How much fuel delivery and pressure is required in a little 302. Probably a lot less than a big block monster like Dave has . Walbro makes good pumps. Many boats my friends have in the fire service have them and they get fished in demanding situations a lot. Never want to have a fuel delivery issue out on the big ocean!
  5. Had a nice camper for one season a few years ago. I loved it,but the wife not so much. She couldn’t get far enough away when I snored bad,so, back to a travel trailer.. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. It comes off very quickly. Skid plate one minute, front connection a couple of minutes . The rear connection takes a bit longer as I had to use a wrench and only do two at a time as I needed the tcase locked in 4 low to loosen the 4 fasteners at the tcase end. It was easy to check the function of all the ujoints on the bench with it removed. You would be hard pressed to feel,or hear a dry joint while it’s still,on the vehicle. I wish the ujoints were greaseable, seems a lot better to me if you are out in deep mud or water at all... But,it seems the engineers know better than
  7. Have that tool... didn’t work on the truck, just made a mess. Many guys are using the needle adapter successfully. Worked slick for me once the driveshaft was off the truck and on the bench. It was either try that or not do it, didn’t have much choice as we will soon be going away and using 4 wheel drive in the truck. We are headed out for 3 weeks next week and will only be home for 3 days before our moose hunting trip. I will be cleaning and repacking fast. No time to piddle around with tools that I couldn’t make work.
  8. This is the item They were pretty cheap so I bought 2 to have a spare. Be careful not to stab yourself. A grease injection wouldn’t be so good!LOL! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Pulled the front driveshaft which took only 15 mins and greased it on the bench with a needle adapter. Reinstalled the driveshaft and skid plate, all done yesterday. A pain in the butt To do, but I know all is well lubed now.
  10. I have some really nice lime green neon paint ! Make the fence nice and visible to look at from their side! I agree , Nice is better than nasty any day of the week. I too have good neighbors... The deputy police chief has lived across the street from us for many years.. He is retired now,but still has pull when needed!
  11. yup. That’s it. Ive never worked with one before. Do they have a little ball in them or just a tiny hole you press the needle grease adapter into?
  12. It looked pretty dry, but who am I to know for sure. It might just have some crud in the hole when the needle adapter gets put. I like the good old zerk fittings. Call me old school.
  13. The first couple of greasing were done at the dealer supposedly. Being as there is only one spot to grease on my truck,I figured it would be easy. For me not so much. Took a bit to visualize the grease spot,but finally found it. No luck getting grease to go in where it’s supposed to. I finally realized it was dinner time and threw in the towel. Will give the area a good cleaning with brake cleaner and swab everything spotless. Some guys have no issues with this,but for me it’s a pain in the arse! Oh well, tomorrow should be better after a good clean and swab hope
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