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  1. Well, it’s time to grease the only fitting on my truck again. Like a stubborn old coot, I thought maybe I could get it done quick yesterday. Nope,, should have remembered how easy it was to just pull the shaft out and grease it on the bench. That’s one of the very few things I dislike about my truck. I don’t think I’ll be using 4 wd on this trip, even when I go exploring up on the plateau around the lake to see where the mulie bucks are hiding.. Its very dry up there. Last time when I finally decided to pull the shaft out it was all done and back in quickly. Like 30-40 mins … Its good now that I know all the tools required to do the job so I don’t have to crawl under the truck several times with the old carcass… I must say though, I do fit under the truck a lot easier now after shedding some of the GVW of my fat butt! Glad our trucks aren’t full time 4wd. There would be a lot more stuff wearing out…
  2. Headed out hopefully between 1030 and 11 today. Had a couple of long interruptions in packing yesterday helping a couple of the young guys in our mentoring group. Their dad has gone off the rails completely. Had them both working on their mom’s car doing an oil change. For 14 and 16 year olds, going through the crap with their dad, they are turning out to be amazing young men who people enjoy being with. I have a lot of time for these guys. Somehow their mom had a fresh blue berry pie baked for me to take on our trip delivered to our doorstep last night. I wonder if she knew that was my favorite? 😎 Their go my sugar levels!
  3. Headed out to Loon Lake next Tuesday with my sweetie for 10 days. Got a few friends popping in for a few days here and there. Looking forward to relaxin, fishin, scoping out the local deer population and not having my phone buzzing every 10 minutes.. The hunting group heads up there on Sept 30th for 8 days… Last year we had an amazing time with friends and even harvested 4 nice mulies!! This year, who knows what will happen with all the fire activity..
  4. Back late last night. Got our limit of spring salmon.. Most in the 12 to 15 pound range ,a few bigger. Weather was good only rained on us on Thursday. Just finished processing and vacuum packing my fish and plopped them in the freezer. Nice to sleep in my own bed last night. Now to get ready for 10 days up at Loon Lake just above Cache Creek,leaving here September 7th..
  5. Getting packed up and last minute things fixed and checked. Head out this Monday on the 625 a.m. ferry for Vancouver Island and eventually up to,Bamfield. I drew the short straw and get to drive my truck all the way 1.5 hours up the nasty gravel road after towing the boat up,to Port Alberni and launching the boat and parking the trailer. I would much rather be the one running the boat but friend Dave has to,learn to run it and navigate. He bought his Uncle’s boat as Doug turned 90 and has a rough time fishing alone. We invited Doug to come along and he is tickled to come and put his feet up. He deserves it after the decades he has looked after us hunting and fishing.. He is taking an experience fellow with him who knows the way up the inlet. It will be excellent to finally get out to the big ocean and leave the smoke and fires behind… Any fish will just be a bonus …
  6. I’m depressed, stuck here with the rest of the Canadians. Darn Covid.. Oh well, looking forward to heading to Bamfield on Monday morning for 5 days of fishing!
  7. As a parent I’m worried for my son,but, also proud of the abilities he has developed. I’m saying a prayer for cool weather up,there with zero wind… This will be a summer to remember esspecially with Covid thrown into the mix!
  8. Our son is having a rough time in Merritt B.C. The fish hatchery he manages west of town is almost surrounded. But they let him and one other technician in yesterday to get things fixed up . Should be allowed to take a full crew in today to spawn the waiting adult salmon. The town of Merritt now is under an evacuation alert. Hope the rain last night and cooler terms help. They are packed and ready if evacuation is ordered. He is juggling his responsibilities at the hatchery and I must say, I’m proud of his amazing decision making abilities in emergency condition. He’s a sharp kid! The fishery and forestry guys think highly of him…
  9. I think if anyone owns a TDI long enough they will have a broken belt. I had 2 failures on my TDI. One belt and one head related. Had an idler bearing seize up on the way home from Skagit speedway . limped home on the battery and didn’t shut off till across the border. No internal damage. Dropped a hydraulic lifter in Vancouver and roached the head and cams. New loaded factory head did the job, that was at around 300,000 km if I recall. Got another 200,000 km out of the old girl. I did check the serpentine belt regularly after the first failure. As we all know,there ain’t much room on that end of those motors for anyone other than a 10:year old to get their arms into! I liked the TDI most of the time,but, I think I’ll stick to Japanese and North American builders now. No more German engineering . I swear that VW has engineers that reverse engineer stuff just to frustrate mechanics that repair their vehicles! And the brittle plastics in those cars,,,don’t get me started!
  10. I’m hoping the borders will be open to come down. I’m trying to be optimistic, but the wheels of government grind very slow for both our countries. I would likely run down for the day, or just sleep in my truck.. Its comfy enough for 1 night…
  11. This is mostly above my pay grade.. Thanks for keeping us rolling Russ..
  12. Finally got the young fellow here and started out new lawn dig out yesterday after supper. plan is to remove most of the existing lawn. Dig out all weeds and rake out all the moss.. They worked till pitch dark and between Aaron and his younger brother and Maryanne yanking weeds and bossing them around(LOL,,,NOT REALLY), they got a fair bit done. I had been out in the heat all day puttering around and was feeling the effects(stupid me,I never learn). So I hung out in the AC cooled house... Got 4.5 yards of topsoil coming midday,hopefully the little dump can get it on the bottom of my driveway not on the sidewalk. (the city gets weird in our subdivision about little things!). Depending on my energy level and blood sugars I may even wheelbarrow some soil( but likely not, that’s why we are paying young strong backs to do the job,LOL.)
  13. Nice trip, glad you guys had a great day. Can’t wait to get a line wet in the near future. I always find fishing cures a lot of the stress and problems. And we all have had enough of lock downs with this Covid crap. Here’s to a better summer and fall doing what we all love with those we love in the great outdoor.
  14. How much weight will this boat hold. With your growing boys, I don’t think you will fit in there with them Mike! 🙂
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