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  1. My cousin has had two boats with the same Volvo engine out drive combos as you have pictured Mike. They are only single engine boats not twins. He guides for a living and is pretty rough on his boats and big seas on northern Vancouver Island. He’s currently looking for a Volvo diesel and out drive boat,but, those can be hard to,find a real good one that is still in good shape and not beat to death. The guides in his neck of the world like Volvo for reliability esspecially up in the far reaches of northern Vancouver Island.
  2. Well, that was quick. VW got sold yesterday. Dont need to do a 500,000 service! LOL! Down to a CTD only guy now..
  3. Not going to worry about the 500,000 km check, I hope to have the TDI replaced shortly as the old girl is getting very tired . Still runs ok, but it’s showing the current 492,000 km on her. Got a few lines on newer Civics and Corollas. Came close on a Civic,but the paperwork from Alberta was screwed up so I passed on it.Gotta wade through a lot of crap to find anything with low KMS that’s worthwhile getting.
  4. Had to get the starter replaced on the side of the road in Alberta last year in the Kenworth T680. It was pretty cool,watching someone who knew what they were doing. That truck had the Cummins X15 engine and an 18 speed.. I wondered why the Inland service truck showed up with 2 guys. Forgot how awkward it is to wangle a heavy duty starter in close quarters that weighs that much. When squished in there with your arms wrapped around stuff it feels twice as heavy.. Always nice to have a starter that works as it should..
  5. Ouch! Doesn’t sound normal,at all... Hopefully they figure it out and fix it under warranty in a timely manner.
  6. I had my squirrel cage explode. The worst part was having plastic blades go everywhere inside and missing 3 .. After the repair had a really smokIe bad night when the 3 pieces got melted and caused a lot of smoke and panic in the trailer when the detector went off . Waking up to that sound and smell of smoke is no fun!
  7. Me too. I expected a demolition charge. I had my RV furnace apart 4 years ago.. Its really nice to flick the switch on when it’s chilly in the old trailer and get some toasty heat going!
  8. Got home around dinner time tonight. A tiring but successful week. We we’re fortunate to take 4 mulie bucks . I’m just cleaned up and partially unpacked. Tomorrow will be cleanup and wash the truck day. The deer were all 2 point bucks so didn’t take many pictures. Had a fantastic time hunting with my son as he and his gal came up Thursday night for the last 3 days. He got one of the bucks. Also 90 year old Uncle Doug had a blast and he cut his mulie tag too. Such a good time was had by all! No accidents ,everything went pretty darn smooth!
  9. I’d be there in a heartbeat to help you Dave. Piece of cake for me. But I don’t think there is any way with this crappy Covid thing that I can get across the border and back . If anyone has any ideas how I can do that properly in a legal method let me know..
  10. One more sleep. Got up early and started cooking my famous chicken curry to take along. It has become a tradition with us. If I forget to make it my hunting partners give me heck and I end up driving to town for the ingredients... Glad my wife isn’t home this morning. She wouldn’t be impressed getting woken up at 630 to a house smelling like curry! LOL!
  11. Unfortunately moose aren’t open when we are going to Loon Lake tomorrow. Just mulie Deer and whitetail Deer. I might pop back up there in Early November for a few days to get a crack at moose. We bombed out in the moose limited entry draw,so the only moose we can take is an immature bull in November. 2 points on one side 3 on the other max. Its hard to see those little points... If you get an immature bull they are smaller and quite tasty compared to the older trophy bulls. I always try to take smaller moose for that reason now. Can’t eat antlers, and I
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