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  1. Darkside's Callin'

    small package Tacoma (Spanaway) to Auburn Ca.

    Thanks Shawn, but Iowa doesn't really help...
  2. Darkside's Callin'

    small package Tacoma (Spanaway) to Auburn Ca.

    anyone?? will chip ini for some fuel?
  3. Have a couple of small block chevy boat exhaust manifold (about 70 lbs each) that I'm hoping to find a ride down to auburn Ca to save the cost of shipping ($$$). No hard timeline right now, but from the sound of it he will be needing them in the next couple of weeks. Thanks, Gary B> Darkside
  4. Darkside's Callin'

    dumb question... head interchange

    waited too long and someone else got it... thanks though!
  5. Darkside's Callin'

    dumb question... head interchange

    yes, was thinking spare head for the '93.. so the 97 head will or won't fit.. confused now. I know the 89-91 non-intercooled heads had a different injector bore, wasn't sure about the 94 adn up P-pump injectors..
  6. Darkside's Callin'

    dumb question... head interchange

    I remember the early non-intercooled injector issue.., but good to know guys, thanks. May pick it up and have it crack checked
  7. is the head on a 93 12 Valve and a 97 12 valve the same? Have a chance to pick up a spare head off a fairly low mile wrecked truck for $100.
  8. Darkside's Callin'

    Need lower shift boot, 93 Getrag

    have the interior back out again, found out the drivers kick panel vent was leaking.. not a plugged drain, just weeping past the seal.
  9. Darkside's Callin'

    Need lower shift boot, 93 Getrag

    Kevin.. that's the upper that is visible in the cab... Yogi, hard to make something else work since the inner visible boot mount to the lower boot body.
  10. Darkside's Callin'

    Need lower shift boot, 93 Getrag

    Hoss, realizing it's gonna be fun to find.... hadn't checked trans shops because it's not the boot ON the trans (Which I think is actually missing too), but the one that screws to the floor and provides the base for the visible boot. N7gxz, no not the trans shifter input boot.... but I may need that one too... thanks for the link! Guessing my best hope is to find someone parting out a truck...
  11. Darkside's Callin'

    Need lower shift boot, 93 Getrag

    no one??
  12. Darkside's Callin'

    Need lower shift boot, 93 Getrag

    Had to strip my interior to work on the floors (yeah, I let it start rusting), adn found the lower shift boot is torn... may have contributed to some of the wet under the rubber mat. Anyone have a good one from a pars truck? '94 and up won't work, not sure how early but guessing early to mid 80's to 93. It's almost square, and has the raised lip for the outer boot to screw down to it. Can get a picture if needed
  13. When I got the Cummins truck 15 years ago it was a base model with rubber floor mats, adn the noise echoed in the bare interior. I installed the silver backed insulation material under the mat and up the sides adn back.A couple of years ago I started getting a little water in at the top of the windshield, but couldn't find the leak... put off tearing into it until 'I had time', big mistake... This week I finally figured out the leak, rain gutter body sealant had dried adn cracked out, letting water seep thru the seam adn into the window frrame. Checked under edge of mat adn insulation was wet, so pulled the seats adn mat out, stripped the insulation adn found... a big darn mess. Apparently it's been leaking longer than I thought, and the rubber mat didn't let the water evap out, just moved it up to the higher surfaces. I have significant surface rust from front to back, with a little rust thru beside the driver side seat riser.. Will be hitting it this coming week with a flapper disc to clean it all up, and getting the rust converting primer adn Por-15 to 'fix' and seal it after I repair the rust thru. Truck is also going over to a buddy who has a body shop for a rain gutter reseal, hoping the windshield frame is not rotting from inside out. REally don't want to pull the headliner and upper trim, but ... Words or warning: DO NOT put off finding ANY water leaks, they casue too much damage and work!
  14. Darkside's Callin'

    Wanted Cummins fan support

    oh, good luck.. buddy needed one, had to buy a used one online adn rebuild it.
  15. Darkside's Callin'

    2 fuel tanks, versatile

    yep still have amps, but need to make a new list.. will try to work on this weekend and get back to you.