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  1. Howdy All, Photos of items for sale have been added to the first post in this thread. Dave
  2. Howdy Smokn Bio, I will try to dig it out today and post a photo, my garage is such a mess that is why I am selling all the stuff I don't use anymore, photo coming by this afternoon. Dave
  3. Howdy Smokn Bio, I honestly don't know if it will support a Cummins, I have had big block Chevy and Ford engines on it but never someting as long and heavy as a Cummins 6 cylinder. Dave
  4. Howdy All, Stock shocks, these shocks only have about 5,000 miles on them before I replaced them with Billstins, $100.00 for the full set of four shocks. Pick them up at my home a couple of miles outside of Granite Falls, WA three six 0-three 33- two 888 Dave
  5. Howdy All, ALL PARTS ARE FROM A 2018 Can Am Maverick X3 XRC, these parts will fit on any of the 72" wide X3 models. Stock upper and lower A-arms is GREAT condition with ball joints and lower A-arm factory skid plates, $200.00 for the full set. Seats in GREAT condition $75.00 After market tie rods in GREAT condition, $40.00 Stock rear radius rods full set of 6 rods $75.00 Pickup parts at my home a couple of miles outside of Granite Falls, WA 3 six 0-three 33-two 888 Dave
  6. Howdy All, FOUR used tires 50% tread. One tire has plugs still holds air the other three are in great shape all would make great spares. $100.00 for all four, $10.00 for the tire with plug, $30.00 for each of the other three. BRAND NEW NEVER MOUNTED Liberty tire, 30"x14"x10" that I had bought for a spare $150.00 Willing to make a package deal on all five tires $225.00 Pickup at my home a couple of miles outside of Granite Falls, WA 3 six 0-three 33- two 888 Dave
  7. Howdy All, DROPPED PRICES TO REFLECT LOWER PRICES ON THESE ITEMS WHEN BOUGHT NEW Cleaning out the garage getting rid of tools I no longer use, nice adjustable-rotating engine stand $55.00 Load Leveler to be used when pulling or installing engine tilt the load makes the job easy $25.00 ridge Reamer use to clear ridge from top of cylinder when rebuilding the engine $20.00 Package deal $95.00 for everything. Pick up at my home a couple of miles outside of Granite Falls, WA 3 six 0-3 three 3- two 888 Dave
  8. Howdy All, Going through the garage cleaning stuff out and came across this diff, Dana 60 Power-Loc, will work with LOW gear ratios, 35 spline, 1.5 diameter axles. This is a GOOD unit was in my Jeep before I installed the Detroit Locker. $50.00, pick it up at my place a couple of miles from Granite Falls, WA. Dave
  9. Howdy All, As one who has been afflicted the need for speed my whole life as I have gotten older and body reflexes have slowed I am a bit lighter on the throttle that said I still lust for MORE and appreciate it when I witness POWER in action. Going to the Freightliner as an RV tow vehicle made such a difference in comfort and the ability to just roll up the grades and coast down them without burning the brakes up, stepping up to the Peterbilt took this to a whole nother level. The Yeller Kitty under the Hood of the Pete, is rated at 550 horse power and 1,850 pounds of torque and it is way more then any sane person needs for my use but then again I nick named my first HDT "Semi-Sane" the Pete, is called "Semi-Sane II" that should settle the "sanity" part of the equation. If I were younger I would have a C-18 with at least a 1,000 horse power under the Hood, just because; I can't imagine what such a monster would be like to drive but you can bet your life on me dragging my gimped up body up into the cab and behind the wheel of such a beast and taking it to the limit "one more time". Dave
  10. Howdy All, Donna, and I, just returned home after a few days at one of the condo time share things she inherited, I was driving her turbo-charged PT Cruiser, which is a fun little family runabout. We were driving on State Hwy 2, east bound up and over Stevens Pass, which I have crossed many times in all kinds of vehicles to include a Dodge Ram 3500, the Freightliner, I used to tow with and the Pete, I now use. We were east bound out of Gold Bar, about a quarter mile behind a Pete 379 that was towing a 53 foot trailer, I have no idea if the trailer was loaded or empty. As Donna, was riding shotgun I was driving pretty conservatively and not once drove more then 5 miles per hour over the speed limit, that truck passed a few cars, was soon out of sight and topped the pass before we did and we didn't see it again until going down the east slope and spotted it sitting in the rest stop on the north side of the hwy. Even if dragging an empty trailer on that road and up that pass there must have been some serious horse power under that Hood, yeah power envy, I has it big time. Someday maybe I'll grow up and enjoy life in the slow lane, I hope NOT. Dave
  11. Howdy All, Back in the olden days when I drove a Ram dually, I had just about every Torklift product made on the truck, they all worked very well and installation was FREE if you bought the product at their store, also had the B&W companion 5th wheel hitch another great product. Dave
  12. Howdy All, I NEED a ball joint tool. What I really need is the screw C-clamp press itself as I'll have to make adapters to fit my intended use. So if you have an old ball joint press even if its missing some pieces I would like to buy it. Thanks Dave 3 six zero - 3 three 3 - 2 eight 8 eight
  13. Howdy Mark, Got room for an old Bomber and his little truck? 😉 Dave
  14. Howdy David, I knew going into the knee replacement that they would come with their owns set of problems, I know quite a few folks who have had new knees installed and everyone of them has had some issues. But I really didn't have a choice, I could barely walk as it was and it was getting worse, its only been a few months over a year since this was done so there is still quite a bit of healing going on won't know the final result till another year or so has passed. The not being able to comfortably kneel and the difficulty moving after being in one position for a long time is what bothers me the most. Dave
  15. Howdy Gary, I don't care what anyone tells you, after market knees are not as good as oem even when the oem are worn out. I realize I can't speak for everyone who has had knee replacement but for me they have their problems. The thing I miss the most is being able to kneel, I can do it but it just feels weird and it does hurt the other thing that really affects bike riding is that my new knees tend to lock up when in the bike riding position for any lenght of time. After about 50 miles it becomes both hard and painful to operate the brake and shifter, getting off the bike and walking are another challenge. I have sold both of my street hwy Ural's, still have the off road monster Ural but I'll probably be selling it too as I just can't stand up and use my knees as shock absorbers anymore. Time will tell if the Road King Classic, gets sold don't know if the knees can hold that 800 pound pavement eater up. Still have the R1, I can't even sit on that beast anymore. Gettin old ain't for sissies that's for damned sure but it tends to clean out the garage. Dave
  16. Howdy All, It's been a long time since I have visited this web site, long time away from just about anything so I thought I would give an update. First off THANKS for all the well wishes, the spinal surgery well extremely well, I now have no sciatic pain but still dealing with the nerve pain in my knees that the sciatica set off. I am taking a medication that is working pretty good for the nerve pain at least it's not something I can't deal with. Working hard now on getting ready to ESCAPE from the Nor-Wet GLOOM and head to some Arizona SUN AND SAND. Dave
  17. Howdy All, I want to again thank everyone who offered advice on my situation, I have found a fellow HDT-RV hauler who only lives about 15 miles from who has kindly offered to help me move the trailer. I went to the HDT forum, posted up an SOS as I did here and three different people who live within 50 miles of me offered to move the trailer, I had no idea other HDT'ers live so close to me now I'll have the chance to make three more friends. So again, thank you all. Dave
  18. Howdy All, My trailer can be towed with a smaller truck, however the problem doing so is this, I don't have the regular extended pin box, my pin sits straight down that means that the front of my trailer is two feet closer to the cab of a regular truck. As the pin is now two feet further back under the nose of the trailer hitching up to a regular truck unless it had a flat bed would cause problems when going around corners. Here's a couple of photos that will show you what I am talking about. These photos are of my old truck and old trailer, the new trailer also has a straight down pin box that I built and the hitch is in the same position on the Pete. This is what the stock extended pin box looked like, this pin box would work in a regular truck. This is how the pin box is now, notice how the trailer has moved forward. This is the hitch on the Pete, note it is at the rear of the bed. This the trailer hitched to the Pete, note where the front of the trailer is, with the trailer hitched and the Smart Car, loaded on the deck the truck can still be turned 90 degrees to the trailer with no interference. The reason I built and use the straight down pin box is because it makes the over all lenght of the truck-trailer two feet shorter, it also takes a lot of stress off of the front of the trailer frame. Dave
  19. Howdy All, Thanks for all the replies to my post. I knew going into this that there probably wouldn't be someone in the area that would be interested in doing this but I thought it was worth a shot to ask. I have been in consultation with the doctors and will be working on getting the surgery done at the Harbor View hospital, hopefully within the next couple of weeks month at most. I need to be recovered enough to drive to southern Arizona where we will be spending some time this winter. I have gotten pretty darn good at putting that trailer in some very tight spots, if you have ever arrived at a truck stop any later then 6:PM you know their lots a usually full and the few spots left open can be very narrow because of the way some lazy drivers park. I remember stopping for the night at the truck stop in La Grand OR about two years ago, I had only been driving the Pete at that time for about 4,000 miles so I was still getting used to how it backed the trailer. I drove though the lot a couple of times and found a spot between a nice shiny Kenworth, and even prettier Pete, I got out of the truck gave the spot a good look over, set myself up the back in and did the deed. I was very pleasantly surprised by the number of folks who complimented my back in job on the CB, it was late I assumed most drivers were asleep but at least ten drivers said job well done. Thanks again. Dave
  20. Howdy All, I FOUND SOMEONE TO MOVE MY TRAILER, HELP NO LONGER NEEDED. What can I say, this getting old ain't for sissys. My trailer is now at the Mt.Vernon Poulsbo RV shop, the slide is being repaired and it will need to be picked up and brought to my home a couple of miles from Granite Falls, just off of the Jordan Rd. As my truck is NOT a truck and is a legal motor home one does NOT need a CDL to drive it. However this is a full size tandem axle truck, my toy hauler is 45 feet long, so if your not familiar with such a vehicle this job is not for you. The trailer repair should be completed within the next 5-15 days, today's date is October 11th 2020. This is what needs to be done, drive the truck from my home up to Mt Vernon, hitch up to the trailer, drag it to my home and BACK it about 100 yards into its parking spot at my home. The drive has a slight UP HILL grade for about 75 feet, the driveway has a slight curve, the driveway is about 15 feet wide, there are TREES on both side of the driveway. I have done this so many times if I wasn't in such pain I could darn near do it blindfolded however it is something that is a challenge the first time doing it. Here's a photo of the truck-trailer so you have an idea of what your getting yourself into. Over all lenght is 72 feet. If this is something you are confident you can do and wouldn't mind helping an old gimped up guy with, I sure would appreciate it. Dave
  21. Howdy Hoss, EVERYONE knows that "I" am an electrical idiot. That said I know a man who is an electrical wizard. It took me a long time to see the sense of getting a good solar system installed on my toy hauler however spending ten days in the hinterlands of the northern Nevada desert with three other campers who all had a great solar systems convinced me that having solar is the way to go. You will be limited by the room you have to mount solar panels on your truck camper but you can still get enough panels to be useful. My advise put up as much panel as your roof can take, that way when you don't have good sunlight, you will still have enough collection to keep your batteries up. For example, on my trailer I have 1,410 watts worth of solar panels, I have two 8D AGM batteries with a total of 560 amp hours, this allows us to live like we are plugged into power and to run everything in the trailer except the air conditioners. Things to watch out for, using any type of heater, hot-crock pot, coffee maker, hair dryer, is a HUGE power draw, plan you day so that you use these types of things during the day when you have the best sunlight. Your choice of inverter will make a BIG difference, choose one large enough to supply your largest regular needs not just peak loads. Another thing to consider, install a "Soft Start" in your air conditioner, and when you install the inverter buy a "Hybrid" inverter, doing this will allow you to run your air conditioner on as little as 15 amp service, the Soft Start drastically cuts down the juice needed to start the air conditioner, the Hybrid inverter allows juice from the batteries to supplement the 15 amp 110 power just to get the air conditioner started, get a "Hyrid-Inverter-Charger" that way you can plug into shore power and keep your batteries charged. When at home I if I want to use the air conditioners in the trailer, l plug into 15 amp 110 shore power, this keeps the batteries charged and allows me to use the air conditioners on 15 amp service with NO PROBLEMS. If I am not running the air conditioners I don't bother plugging into shore power, I do run a 110 volt power cord from the trailer to the truck so that it powers the 110 volt inverter-charger in the truck to keep it's batteries charged and to power any electrical accessories in the truck if needed, all done with solar power. Having the solar system allowed us to spend three months in the desert last winter with the generator only running twice, we had a few spells where it was cloudy and raining for a couple of days at a time, total generator run time in three months about two hours. Your young enough to get a long time use out of the system, spend the money, get a good system enjoy it for years. Dave
  22. Howdy All, As one who travels a lot I really like how Washington has many FREE dump stations on its freeway exits, it's rare to find such things in other States, one of the FEW things Washington does right. If I ever witness such a thing happening the very first thing I will do is take my phone out and video the whole $hity affair, making sure the license plate is clearly in the video, I am too darn old to get in a fight and don't want the legal hassle of shooting someone so taking and turning in the video to the State environmental department as well as posting it on youtube should get some sort of hopefully helpful response. This is the reason we don't have or are losing public lands and public resources such as rest stops and dump stations, IDIOTS and people who simply lack any respect for themselves and others are running rampant through out the land applauded and appeased by politicians who could care less. Dave
  23. Howdy All, Up dating this thread, last winter while boondocking a few miles south of Quartszite, I took advantage of the warm and dry weather to install my graphics on the Pete. I asked around and couldn't find anyone to do it so I said the heck with it and did it myself. I think it turned out well. Dave
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