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  1. Howdy All, Up dating this thread, last winter while boondocking a few miles south of Quartszite, I took advantage of the warm and dry weather to install my graphics on the Pete. I asked around and couldn't find anyone to do it so I said the heck with it and did it myself. I think it turned out well. Dave
  2. Howdy ramn4evr, Don't worry, it gets steeper and slicker but its a FUN ride. Dave
  3. Howdy ramn4ever, Let the FUN and money spending begin, I have had me XRC for a couple of years now and am STILL buying accessories for it, have a package from S3, showing up next week. Dave
  4. Howdy All, Thanks to everyone who has replied to this thread, I really appreciate your sharing your knowledge and advice. Having not kept track of used vehicle prices for decades I'll admit to being a bit shocked by what these used small trucks are being sold for, especially after the bath I took when selling my fully setup dually with only 89,000 miles on it. I don't really need a truck but have missed having one to haul something every now and then or to tow my utility trailer should the need arise. I keep hearing about the glut of used vehicles and the low cost of buying them maybe for worn out cars but it doesn't appear to have had an impact on used small trucks. After doing a bit of research I don't think I need a small truck for what little use I would have for it and surly not at the prices I have seen. Dave
  5. Howdy All, I have NOT checked any car lots for a Tacoma pickup but a quick check of craigslist shows these things 10 years old with 250K+ miles on them going for 15-20K+. I know nothing about this brand or style of truck that seems like an awful lot of money to me. I should have just kept my Dodge. Dave
  6. Howdy Shawn, I really don't know what I want or need, I don't want to spend more then 10K at the most 5K would be better, not going to be a daily driver more of an emergency winter rig or something to haul small loads in. I know NOTHING at all about pickups other then 1970 and older domestic trucks I have NO knowledge of import trucks at all. Have motorcycles to trade if someone wants one and has a small truck they would like to sell, trade. Dave
  7. Howdy All, I miss having a pickup but don't want a full size one. I know NOTHING about the small trucks so if anyone can offer any advise on what to look for I sure would appreciate it. Things that I want, 4x4 drive, short box, some sort of extended cab, things I don't want high cost, crew type cab, big engine, so fire away. Thanks. Dave
  8. The guy would like it asap, however shipping costs might be a deal breaker, if he can hold off until next December of so I could deliver it when I escape the Nor-Wet gloom.
  9. Howdy All, Thanks for the suggestions. Dave
  10. I'll be headed that way late next fall, early winter but I am sure the guy wants asap. Thanks for all the suggestions, I am getting some god information. dave
  11. Howdy All, Years ago I put an ad in the market place to sell a new Kia Sportage hard top, I was contacted by a guy who used to live up here but is now in the Phoenix AZ area and he wants the top. Its around a 100 pounds or so, about 56 inches wide by 50 inches long by close to 24 inches tall. I don't have a pallet nor do I know where to get one, any tips on how to send this top down the road sure would be appreciated. Thanks. Dave
  12. Howdy All, A guy who lives near Phoenix Arizona, found the ad I post here at least three years ago and wants the extra Kia Sportage top that I have been tripping over for years. Just trying to figure out a way to get it there that doesn't cost as much as I a selling the top for. If anyone has room to carry the top its about 24 inches high, 56 inches wide and around 50 inches long, probably a 100 pounds or so. Let me know if you can transport the top from the Arlington WA area to the Phoenix AZ area, and we can work out payment. Thanks. Dave
  13. Howdy All, Thought I would update this thread, we left from Arizona a couple of days ago and arrived back home in Washington yesterday the 26th. First I want to THANK all the folks who made this trip so enjoyable, Chad who did our solar install it worked GREAT Donna loved having power all the time whenever we needed it with out being plugged in, next Jim, Aaron and John, our main slide was not working but with the help of our above camping friends we muscled that darn slide in and out when needed. We had a wonderful time some days just doing nothing but soaking up the sun and the warmth, other days disturbing the environment with the SxS, others working on my truck or trailer, helping my campmates when I could. However all good things must come to an end and so it was that after nearly three months away from the gloom of the NorWet it came time to return to the land of WET, gloom and now this Coronavirus crude. The trip home was an adventure first driving through torrential rain, sleet and then SNOW, this was to happen in Utah, Idaho and while crossing the Blue Mountains in Oregon, some misty rain in Washington and very light snow when crossing Snoqulmie Pass our last high mountain pass just a 100 miles from home. Oh, I almost forgot the rear passenger side rearmost spring mount on the trailer broke allowing the rear axle on the trailer to move forward about 4 inches. Luckily this happened 8 miles from a small rural welding shop, I used a bunji cord to hold a piece of 4x4 on top of the spring and then used a large ratchet strap to pull the axle back into position, this allowed me to drive slowly to the shop where a good repair job was done to not only the side that broke but also the other side which upon inspection was cracked, both sides were reinforced. Small shop run by good people total cost 125 bucks a darn good deal that I was happy to pay. And so we are home, it’s cold, gloomy and wet, sometimes a person just has to do things they would rather not, it’s called life. Dave, Donna, Newt and Willy
  14. Howdy All, We will leave from Arizona on Monday the 23rd of March should be home by the 27th if all goes well. Thanks to everyone for your well wishes they are appreciated, our best to all of you in the NWB community. Do what you need to do to protect yourself and those you love, to include keeping your powder dry. Dave
  15. Howdy All, This year we escaped from the gloom, cold and wet of western Washington on January 9th, if you remember the weather that day was AWFUL. Our first stop was at a good friends home in northern commifornia, Chad had installed a super duper solar system in my toy hauler 1,420 watts of sunshine goodness, we picked up the trailer and convoyed with Chad and his wife down to Quartzsite Arizona where have spent the last nearly three months socking up the rays and playing in the sand with the SxS. Sadly its time to come back home, its bad enough coming back to the awful weather but now with this virus crap going around I really don't want to leave the relative safety of the desert where there are few people and no big cities. Donna's Mom who now lives in an assisted living village is reaching a stage where she has to be moved to a place that will accept medi-care that is the main reason we are coming back this needs to be done asap. I hope that everyone is well and doing OK financially, this crap is hurting our country bad, I don't know if its real or contrived, we have had more deaths from other things in the past and it has NEVER before shut the country down. I can't get out of my mind that the dumbocrats are using this in another effort to get rid of Trump, it is also being used by the big banks to AGAIN get their asses bailed out of the mess they have made losing other peoples money, it also seems like every big company is standing in line to get free money. If this is real I hope for the best for everyone, if its contrived I hope the bastards hyping it are held accountable for the loses, suicides and general disruption this is causing our country, I know that would NEVER happen but a person can only hope. We should be home by the end of the month, take care of yourselves, your family and friends if the crap does hit the fan I don't count on the government to do much about it. Dave
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