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  1. Howdy D C, I am much more recovered now then when I posted asking about the e bike, I talked it over with my wife and she says we don’t have room for it. Now that I no longer really need it I will pass on the deal. Thanks for getting a hold of me I really appreciate it. Your price is very reasonable, your about 90 miles from me so 180 round trip so the cost would be about $50.00 You should have no problem selling it for that price. Thanks again. Dave
  2. Howdy D C, what type is it can you provide any information Can you give an estimate of cost how much room does the E bike take up thanks for contacting me Dave
  3. Howdy All, I am putting new seats in the Perterbilt, they are held in with 3/8-16 threaded bolts. Of course one of the original floor inserts fell out, so I need to install a 3/8-16 RIV-NUT, NUT-SERT, if anyone has the tool to do this and ONE insert in the Arlington, Everett area please contact me. Thanks. Dave
  4. Howdy All, I have been working with a place out east that does custom vinyl decals, they have set me up with some nice old school flames and lettering for my Peterbilt. I would like to have these decals installed, but don't have anyplace where such work could be done. If someone has a large enough shop to get out of the weather and has knowledge of how to do this please contact me. Thanks. These are the photo mock ups the vinyl shop gave me using photos of my truck that I sent to them. Not all of those mock ups will be used, some of the lettering is shown in different styles on the mock up photo, in total there will be three pieces of flame on each side of the hood, one piece on each side on the top of the hood, one flame on top of each front fender. There will one Semi-Sane on each side of the sleeper, there will be one Mrs. Cob on the top of the passenger door, there will one Mr. Cob on the top of the drivers door, there will be one Wiener Dog sticker over the lower view window in the passenger door. So a total of 15 separate decals that need to be installed. I will pay to have this done and do as much of the work as I can under the supervision of a knowledgeable person. Dave
  5. Howdy Woodenhead, If it were summer time, I'd drag the trailer over and make a nice camping trip out of the drive, as it is its to darn cold over there this time of year and the cost of fuel to get this done just isn't worth it. That said, THANK YOU for your offer of assistance I really appreciate it. Dave
  6. Howdy Scotty, Thanks, I am getting better every day. Dave
  7. Howdy Steve, Thanks for your reply. I am now able to drive the truck that is why I had the left knee done first so the clutch leg would heal first and be usable when the right one could push the throttle. I just can't knee or crawl around in order to get under the truck where most of the grease fittings are. I have plenty of room where the truck is parked but I don't have a garage for it its parked in the open. A friend of mine has a jack that he said I could have I just need to go get it now that I can drive the car I should get off my arse and go get that jack in case I might need while on the road someday. The only other guy in the area who works on trucks does it as a regular business and he wants 175 bucks and hour with a minimum of an hour, no way I am going to pay a someone 175 plus dollars to squirt grease into less the 20 grease fittings. All the loggers around here have some kind of service contract where they get their trucks served, so they aren't interested in crawling under someone else's truck. This getting old can sometimes be a real pain the arse as well the knees. Dave
  8. Howdy All, Sadly the man who used to take care of my truck has neighbors who complained about his working out of his large garage and they have shut him down. I am recovering from knee surgeries and even when fully recovered I don't know that I will be able to crawl around under this truck to grease it. I can handle the oil changes and filter changes they are easy to get too, greasing is another problem. What I need worked on is a 2001 Peterbilt 379, tractor, I need to have a full chassis lube, this would include being able to jack up each side of the front axle to properly grease the king pins, also need brake slack adjusters checked to make sure they are within spec. If you can do this type of work, please contact me at this website or call at ( three six 0 - three three 3 - 2 8 eight eight ) Thanks. Dave
  9. Howdy Gary I waited until I could get the VA to pay but NOT have the VA do the job I have had nothing but bad luck when dealing with what the VA considers a health care system I know that many have had good care through the VA but that has not been my experience I had Doctor Paul Manner do the work at the University of Washington NW hospital using custom made joints by a company called Conformis this is about as good as it gets This was made possible because of a new program that allows a veteran to ask that care be given outside of the VA system something President Trump has been pushing and that I am very thankful for It has been a struggle but I am hopeful that the current pain will be worth it in the long run and I will be able to live a better life in the near future Dave
  10. Howdy Steve, I didn't want to do this, I really didn't have much choice my knees were so bad I could hardly walk the last couple of years. If you have time to put in a good word with the man upstairs I sure would appreciate it. Thanks. Dave
  11. Howdy Scotty, Thanks for the suggestion. Dave
  12. Howdy Dave, If you have something on the side of your boat that says, sport fishing boat for hire, YOU ARE commercial, if you participate in ANY activity that you MIGHT be compensated for in ANY way, a ribbon or a trophy is considered compensation by the State, you ARE commercial. it really is that simple and its that way in every State that I am aware of. Hobby car racers and hobby rodeo riders are being caught up in this because many of them use class 7-8 HDT's to haul their race cars or horse trailers. If you have "Joe Bob's racing team" on the side of your truck or trailer or "Sally Anne's Barrel Racers" on the side of your truck or trailer you ARE considered commercial even if you go broke in your participation of those sports. The law is starting to crack down on such folks and the fines can be pretty darn HIGH. Putting "Not For Hire" on the side of your truck-trailer is such a case will do you no good and will actually attract attention to your rig. Dave
  13. Howdy All, As my truck is no longer a truck but a legally registered "Motor Home" the CDL thing does not relate to me. However, the term "Not For Hire" has been mentioned and I think it needs some clarification. Most of us who use a class 7-8 that is registered as an RV, do NOT use the term not for hire in any lettering that may be on our trucks. Many are mistaken thinking that the term not for hire means that the truck is not used for commercial purposes, this may or may NOT be true. Many commercial use only trucks are "Not For Hire" in that they are contracted to a specific company and haul ONLY for that company such as Walmart for example thus the truck is NOT for hire to haul loads for any other entity. In the group of HDT drivers I know personally that use their trucks as an RV, a number of them have worked in enforcement of the commercial trucking laws, these folks discourage using the term not for hire on an RV as it will only confuse the issue if an unknowing LEO pulls you over for whatever reason, many LEO's who are not familiar with the commercial side of law enforcement seeing not for hire on a truck will "ASSUME" it is hauling commercial goods for a specific company. The reasoning of these retired LEO's is why clutter the issue, if your not commercial stay away from ANYTHING that may cloud the issue and cause you trouble. My first HDT-RV, did have not for hire on the side, it was there when I bought the truck, my present HDT-RV, the Pete, does NOT have not for hire on the side and I will NOT be putting it on there. Dave
  14. Howdy All, I am in recovery from getting both of my knees replaced and could really use a exercise bike, I don't want to spend a lot of money as hopefully I won't need it for a long period of time. I know someone must have one of these things sitting around collecting dust if you do please contact me. THANKS Dave
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