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  1. Howdy Steve, Wise words to keep in mind. I have fun but I am not reckless to darn old for that stuff. Dave
  2. Howdy Mark, The thread hasn't been hi-jacked, its all good discussion and worth the time and effort to participate. What I fear is that before long the States will get greedy and start requiring or setting some sort of standard for RV's especially tow vehicles. If done properly this in my opinion would be a GOOD THING, if done just to collect money to spend on illegals and crack whores it could become a nightmare for the RV owner and the RV industry as a whole. Sadly the way it works now most RV sales persons will flat out LIE to many perspective RV buyers who honestly don't know that hooking the new triple axle trailer up to their SUV or 1/2 ton pickup is an invitation to disaster. I hate laws and regulations as more and probably more then the next guy but traveling as I do I see things that if I had the power to do so I would pull folks over until they had a truck worthy of safely towing the huge trailers that are now being built. Again the plain truth as I now know it, when I bought my Dodge it had the largest carrying capacity of the major one ton pickups being sold at that time, 12,500 pounds if I remember correctly, when I first loaded the BigFoot camper on the truck with NO food, NO water, NO clothing, NOTHING other then the camper it self when I drove it across the scales the truck was already over loaded. I think the only reason that the RV industry can get by building and selling these huge trailers is because they are buying off the politicians who may be tempted to pass more stringent laws which would eliminate many jobs and kill an industry. All that said, the country is broke, the states are broke and its only a matter of time before RV's are going to be required to enter weigh stations and when that happens owning a towing company is going to be a very lucrative thing. Dave
  3. Howdy All, Thanks for the replies. Mark, I'll use your post as a jump off point concerning SAFETY. What I am about to tell you is the absolute truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I have LESS money invested in my Pete even with all the work I have done to it then I had in my Dodge Ram 3500. I can only say that if I had known how CHEAPLY a person could buy or build a real tow vehicle I would not have wasted many thousands of dollars trying to make the Dodge into something it would never be; a tow vehicle that could not only pull the load but SAFELY bring it to a controlled STOP. A person doesn't have to go as Mark, has said to the extent that I have but common sense should point out the benefits of using the proper tool for the job. "I", simply didn't know about the real world capabilities and the inadequacies of so called big trucks like the 3500, I believed the hype, I figured that Dodge would do everything I would ever want to do, and made the statement, "My rig will remain stock." and with very few performance mods but a LOT of safety related mods I followed through on that statement. And then, reality started to set in, I wanted more then a slide in camper, I wanted to be able to drive up the pass without gluing an eye to the pyro gauge, I wanted to travel more then a few hundred miles before being forced to find fuel at whatever cost, after having the trailer push the truck through an intersection while making a panic stop to avoid an idiot who ran the stop sign I wanted a truck that could safely bring my trailer to a controlled stop. It was after a very good friend of mine who towed his large RV trailer with a Volvo, started to EDUCATE me that I finally saw the light, I only wish I had been enlightened years earlier, and so my Brothers I preach onto you this Gospel of truth, if you have a heavy load to move, get a real truck to move it. Thus saith the Gospel according to Cob. Dave
  4. Howdy Woodenhead, Got a lot of comments over the CB, folks seemed to like it. Mileage, well its not as good as the Freightliner, but then again the Freightliner didn't have to be braked in the corners going up Cabbage or top the grade at 75mph. I filled when we left, set the odometer at zero, filled again when we got home, hand calculated it gave me 6.71 mpg. I honestly think I can add at least 1 mpg if I could just keep my foot out of this thing, that big yeller kitty under the hood just begs to PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURE. Honest to God I havn't had this much fun with a machine since my drag racing days or when I was limber enough to ride sport bikes. Dave
  5. Howdy All, If I don't end up in jail driving this darn Peterbilt, its going to be a either an act of God or just pure dumb luck. Drove to Caldwell Idaho for a HDT-RV rally, spent 4 days at the rally and then drove back home, had so much fun running the grades I took the long way home and added Blewett Pass and Stevens Pass to the trip just cuzz this thing LOVES to climb mountains. Going up Cabbage, had to slow down for the corners and topped the grade well in excess of the speed limit. Its got to be illegal to have this much fun. Dave
  6. Howdy Scotty, Yes I can load from either side, but its easy to drive up and then back off, much easier then carrying the ramps to the other side of the truck. I set it up so I could load from either side as you can't always count on being able to load from the passenger side. Dave
  7. Howdy Gary, The deck is 102 inches wide, the legal limit, the Smart Car, is 109 inches long so yes it is technically illegal. That being said folks have been hauling Smart Car's, like I am now doing for years, no one that I know of has yet gotten a ticket but there is always the first time. The Pete, when hitched to the toy hauler is 73 feet long, again technically illegal but they seem to not bother with RV's so long as your not doing something stupid and asking for trouble. Dave
  8. Howdy All, First time loading and tying down the Smart Car, getting the car on the deck is easy, tying that bugger down and putting the ramps away is work. I am sure after I do it a few times it will get easier, having help with the ramps will also make it easier but I wanted to do it all myself just to see how it would go and to learn what needs to be done so that if I do have help I'll know what to ask the other person to do. After I tied the car down, I hitched up to the trailer, now all I have to do is decide which toys to bring and load them, barring unforeseen circumstances, WCR here we come.
  9. Yup. I enjoy the full spectrum of motorcycling. When I first got it, it didn't run. I put a lot of work and a few bucks into it, it now ran great. Playing a few miles from home near Granite falls. This was taken in northern Arizona, About a year ago I put an air ride Harley seat on it, with no suspension other then the tires these are some hard riding little buggers.
  10. Howdy Woodenhead, It depends on where I am going, I usually have the off road Ural, the Road King Classic, and the Rokon, in the box, that way I have a toy for any type of fun environment. Dave
  11. Howdy All, It's DONE. Picked it up about an hour ago, yes it's raining but I am smiling. Here is Kevin and his helper Chris who built the deck. The left side. The rear. The storage boxes, one on each side. The ramps are stored in a box that sits under the open storage space at the rear of the deck, at a later date doors will be added to the now open storage space there was not time to do this before my trip started. In addition to the wheel chocks there are 8 stainless steel D-Ring tie downs on the deck. I think it looks very nice now that it's all done. I didn't want something fancy, I wanted something simple, practical and something that complimented the truck, not something that had full sides, I want the Pete, to remain looking like what it is, a TRUCK, well motor home to keep the law satisfied. I want to thank everyone who offered suggestions and guidance on getting this done, I could not have done it without that help and I am grateful for it. A SPECIAL THANKS to Kevin, who worked his butt off even on weekends to get this done in time for me to use it this summer and for the WCR which is only a couple of days away. Dave
  12. I have touch up paint that is supposed to match the original color. This is some high dollar paint in spray cans that once used it it recommended that it all be used so I have to wait until I get the truck back before I can give this a try as there some places on the front fenders and the fuel tanks that need to be touched up. I am NOT a painter I am afraid of screwing it up.
  13. Howdy Paul, I scrounged the internet for over a year before I found this truck, it's setup just the way I wanted, big engine, 18 speed auto-shift the only thing lacking is locking diffs but that is something I can get along without just watch where I am going and be sensible about when and where I am driving. I like the auto-shift as it still has a clutch so you have much better control over getting started in slippery conditions and when backing up to the trailer pin, the newer two pedal autos in large trucks that I have driven are really awful to get moving from a dead stop when it's slippery or when trying to back into the pin, the fuel and brake pedal dance is something I hate. Yes it would be nice if there were some purple on the trailer, the small aluminum fenders on the trailer are now just brushed aluminum, I am thinking just painting those to match the front fenders on the Pete, would set it off. Dave
  14. Howdy Gary, These are the ramps I use, 12 feet long, 19 inches wide, load rating of 1,500 pounds per ramp. When I bought these ramps they didn't make a 14 foot lenght, now they do I wish I had the 14 footers as the angle loading the Smart Car on to the deck of the truck with the 12 footers causes the front air dam on the car to scrap along the first part of the ramp. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Big-Boy-144-Aluminum-Folding-RV-Trailer-Smart-Car-Loading-Ramps-MF2-14438-SC-/312140848647?rmvSB=true Dave
  15. Howdy Austin, Folks have been hauling Smart Car’s, on a deck behind the sleeper for many years I just finally got around to doing it. Dave