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  1. Howdy All, I want to again thank everyone who offered advice on my situation, I have found a fellow HDT-RV hauler who only lives about 15 miles from who has kindly offered to help me move the trailer. I went to the HDT forum, posted up an SOS as I did here and three different people who live within 50 miles of me offered to move the trailer, I had no idea other HDT'ers live so close to me now I'll have the chance to make three more friends. So again, thank you all. Dave
  2. Howdy All, My trailer can be towed with a smaller truck, however the problem doing so is this, I don't have the regular extended pin box, my pin sits straight down that means that the front of my trailer is two feet closer to the cab of a regular truck. As the pin is now two feet further back under the nose of the trailer hitching up to a regular truck unless it had a flat bed would cause problems when going around corners. Here's a couple of photos that will show you what I am talking about. These photos are of my old truck and old trailer, the new trailer also has a
  3. Howdy All, Thanks for all the replies to my post. I knew going into this that there probably wouldn't be someone in the area that would be interested in doing this but I thought it was worth a shot to ask. I have been in consultation with the doctors and will be working on getting the surgery done at the Harbor View hospital, hopefully within the next couple of weeks month at most. I need to be recovered enough to drive to southern Arizona where we will be spending some time this winter. I have gotten pretty darn good at putting that trailer in some very tight spot
  4. Howdy All, I FOUND SOMEONE TO MOVE MY TRAILER, HELP NO LONGER NEEDED. What can I say, this getting old ain't for sissys. My trailer is now at the Mt.Vernon Poulsbo RV shop, the slide is being repaired and it will need to be picked up and brought to my home a couple of miles from Granite Falls, just off of the Jordan Rd. As my truck is NOT a truck and is a legal motor home one does NOT need a CDL to drive it. However this is a full size tandem axle truck, my toy hauler is 45 feet long, so if your not familiar with such a vehicle this job is not for you. Th
  5. Howdy Hoss, EVERYONE knows that "I" am an electrical idiot. That said I know a man who is an electrical wizard. It took me a long time to see the sense of getting a good solar system installed on my toy hauler however spending ten days in the hinterlands of the northern Nevada desert with three other campers who all had a great solar systems convinced me that having solar is the way to go. You will be limited by the room you have to mount solar panels on your truck camper but you can still get enough panels to be useful. My advise put up as much panel as your roof can take, tha
  6. Howdy All, As one who travels a lot I really like how Washington has many FREE dump stations on its freeway exits, it's rare to find such things in other States, one of the FEW things Washington does right. If I ever witness such a thing happening the very first thing I will do is take my phone out and video the whole $hity affair, making sure the license plate is clearly in the video, I am too darn old to get in a fight and don't want the legal hassle of shooting someone so taking and turning in the video to the State environmental department as well as posting it on
  7. Howdy All, Up dating this thread, last winter while boondocking a few miles south of Quartszite, I took advantage of the warm and dry weather to install my graphics on the Pete. I asked around and couldn't find anyone to do it so I said the heck with it and did it myself. I think it turned out well. Dave
  8. Howdy ramn4evr, Don't worry, it gets steeper and slicker but its a FUN ride. Dave
  9. Howdy ramn4ever, Let the FUN and money spending begin, I have had me XRC for a couple of years now and am STILL buying accessories for it, have a package from S3, showing up next week. Dave
  10. Howdy All, Thanks to everyone who has replied to this thread, I really appreciate your sharing your knowledge and advice. Having not kept track of used vehicle prices for decades I'll admit to being a bit shocked by what these used small trucks are being sold for, especially after the bath I took when selling my fully setup dually with only 89,000 miles on it. I don't really need a truck but have missed having one to haul something every now and then or to tow my utility trailer should the need arise. I keep hearing about the glut of used vehicles and the low cost of buying them
  11. Howdy All, I have NOT checked any car lots for a Tacoma pickup but a quick check of craigslist shows these things 10 years old with 250K+ miles on them going for 15-20K+. I know nothing about this brand or style of truck that seems like an awful lot of money to me. I should have just kept my Dodge. Dave
  12. Howdy Shawn, I really don't know what I want or need, I don't want to spend more then 10K at the most 5K would be better, not going to be a daily driver more of an emergency winter rig or something to haul small loads in. I know NOTHING at all about pickups other then 1970 and older domestic trucks I have NO knowledge of import trucks at all. Have motorcycles to trade if someone wants one and has a small truck they would like to sell, trade. Dave
  13. Howdy All, I miss having a pickup but don't want a full size one. I know NOTHING about the small trucks so if anyone can offer any advise on what to look for I sure would appreciate it. Things that I want, 4x4 drive, short box, some sort of extended cab, things I don't want high cost, crew type cab, big engine, so fire away. Thanks. Dave
  14. The guy would like it asap, however shipping costs might be a deal breaker, if he can hold off until next December of so I could deliver it when I escape the Nor-Wet gloom.
  15. Howdy All, Thanks for the suggestions. Dave
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