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  1. Howdy All, Well I got a tire, I went online and looked, prices all over the place the cheapest was from Simple Tire some warehouse in the midwest $383.00 shipped to my door. Looked local and the cost of the tire ranged from 575 to 675 dollars for ONE tire, Les Schwab wanted 726 dollars installed. I called a long time friend of mine who owns Snohomish Transmission in Monroe and asked Rick if he could recommend a local tire shop that didn't rip you off he said call Purcell and talk to them so I did. Long story short new tire mounted, balanced taxes disposal fees and a NEW state recycle fee out the door price $423.68 the tire only cost 303 dollars the rest is fees taxes mount and balance. So if your looking for tires give these folks a call you WILL save money "Purcell Tire and Service" in Monroe WA, 360-805-5049 Oh and another thing, when I was shopping online for a tire I asked what the build date of the tire would be every person I talked to told me that the tire would not be older the FIVE YEARS OLD and probably not newer then FOUR YEARS OLD. That's why they are selling them cheap no reputable local tire shop would sell you a tire that old, at tire has a useful life even if its rarely used on the road, I would wager that 90% of the tires used on any type of RV will age out long before they wear out. about 7 years, 8 years MAXIMUM before they are dried out it dosen't matter how much tread is on it an old tire is going to fail its just a matter of when. Dave
  2. Howdy Gary, Thanks for tip, I have never bought anything other then motorcycles tires on line I'll check this out. Dave
  3. Howdy All, When the rear spring bolt feel out on the passenger side of my trailer it caused the axle to shift and in so doing ruined the tire. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get a decent price on one of these very expensive tires? I can buy one online and have it shipped to the house for free at a cost of $388.00 That's close to two hundred bucks less then anyone I have contacted will sell the tire and by the time it mounted and balanced the price is darn close to 700 bucks. I don't want to buy it online as I won't have a clue how old the tire is until I get it, I am sure to sell such a tire so much cheaper then a tire shop the tires have to be old and close to their expiration date. I put to many miles on tires to buy one that's 4-5 years old before I put it on but at the same time I want to get as good a deal as I can on a current tire. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks. Dave
  4. mr. cob

    Guess who??

    Howdy Mark, I think the deal with toy haulers having large fresh water tanks is they know your going to get dirty so they try to give you some water to stay reasonably clean if your out for a while. Dave
  5. mr. cob

    Guess who??

    Howdy Gary, 20,000 gross, 4,500 carrying capacity. 165 gallons fresh water, 50 black 80 gray in the bath, 30 in the kitchen, I up graded to 17.5 tires and wheels so it'll carry the weight and then some and still be safe. Dave
  6. mr. cob

    Guess who??

    Howdy Gary I do as you do to your trailer my freash water tank holds 165 gallons and even when opening the large dump valve it still takes a while to empty It had stopped draining at the rest stop but past experience has proven it still had considerable water in it and the only way to get it out was to drive home with the valve open Dave
  7. Howdy Woodenhead My ultimate goal at this point in life is to perfect the art of being a Gentleman of leasure Dave
  8. mr. cob

    Guess who??

    Howdy All I always stop at the rest stop just south of the Arlington exit on I-5 north bound to drain my tanks in the trailer and then stop at the truck stop west of I-5 at the Arlington exit to fill the fuel tanks before going home that way when I leave for my next trip I am ready to go The liquid coming from the trailer was freash water I wanted to make sure it was all drained so I would not have any freezing problems the only way it fully drains is to drive with the drain open Dave
  9. Howdy Gary Its a darn good thing I noticed the trailer axle when I did if it had been dark I would not have seen it pulling with the Pete, I didn’t feel anything unusual I am now looking for the proper bolt and bushing not looking forward to doing this repair in the muddy driveway oh well first world problem I guess Dave
  10. Howdy Mark, its good to be back but I sure didn’t miss the rain, I will check out the thread Dave
  11. Howdy All, I am back home, two months on the road, 7,042 miles, 4 motorcycle rallies, the National HDT Rally, stayed at 4 off road parks in 4 States, had a really good time. Click this link to be taken to the photos and videos. https://mr-cob.smugmug.com/2018-Fall-Sojourn-ADV-R-HDT-R-Ural-get-togethers/ Dave
  12. The Can Am rides very well I have a bad back and neck but have had no problem with pain of any kind while driving this thing in some awful places
  13. Howdy Gary I am having so much FUN on this trip it has to be illegal I honestly don’t think I could get my truck and trailer into Mike place down by the river it was a job getting my Dodge and the trailer I was towing years ago down there when going down the grade right off the road the front of my trailer hit the rear of the camper on the truck My truck and trailer now is 72 feet long I don’t know if I could make the corner and keep the trailer out of the ditch Dave
  14. Howdy All, I have been on the road for the last 6 weeks, just before leaving home on this latest sojourn I bought a new CAN AM, Maverick 3XRC. So far I have been playing with this thing in most of the States I have passed through, I am now in Amarillo Texas visiting with a friend, he took me to a place known locally as "The River" an off road area about 30 miles north of Amarillo. Here's a link to my photo gallery of this trip, https://mr-cob.smugmug.com/2018-Fall-Sojourn-ADV-R-HDT-R-Ural-get-togethers/ go to page "8" of this gallery and you will find a bunch of short video's taken in the last couple of days. I have built and driven semi-monster Jeeps for decades, this thing is the most fun I have ever had with 4 wheels. In a couple of days I am off to a huge off road park in Oklahoma for a week before heading up to Kansas for the annual HDT rally, check into this photo gallery for future updates which will include MANY photos taken during the truck rally. Dave
  15. mr. cob

    The Freightliner, has been SOLD.

    Howdy Suprmn, Its really quite EASY here in Washington, Oregon is much the same. If I remember correctly its been a while since I have gone to the Washington DMV web site but there are 5-6 requirements to do a legal CONVERSION of a Class 8 truck to a "Motor Home", however you only have to meet FOUR of the requirements. The easiest one to meet is, that the truck has permanent sleeping quarters, buy a truck with a sleeper on it, leave the bed in it and you have met that requirement YOU CAN NOT make a motor home out of a day cab truck. Another easy one to meet requirement is that you must be able to prepare food, installing a micro wave takes care of that. Another super simple one to meet is going to the bathroom, simply buy a portapotty, no need to install it in fact the one I have has NEVER been taken out of the box it sits under the bunk but it is there and so meets the requirement. Another easy one to meet is shore power, that is being able to plug into electrical power from an outside source to power your appliances that are in the truck. I installed a Charger-Inverter, this allow plugging into shore power to charge the truck batteries, run the appliances on shore power OR power them from the truck batteries via the inverter. There is NO NEED for a State inspection, you provide receipts to prove you bought the items nessisary to make the conversion, you take the receipts to the local licensing place, sign a "Statement of Fact" attesting that you have installed these items into the truck, pay the frees and your good to go. IF YOU SIGN THE STATEMENT OF FACT SAYING THAT YOU INSTALLED THE NECESSARY ITEMS BUT DIDN'T INSTALL THEM, YOUR OPENING YOURSELF UP TO SOME BIG MONEY FINES The kicker is finding a licensing place that knows the laws and how to do this, MOST places have no idea of how to do this or that it is even possible so if you ask them they will simply tell you it can't be done as they have no knowledge of how to do it. I deal with a small licensing place called the "Mail Zone" in lake Stevens, located at the junction of Hwy 92 and 84th street just a couple of miles from Granite falls, ask for "Angie" she knows all the particulars and what needs to be done. Dave