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  1. Howdy All, Photos of items for sale have been added to the first post in this thread. Dave
  2. Howdy Smokn Bio, I will try to dig it out today and post a photo, my garage is such a mess that is why I am selling all the stuff I don't use anymore, photo coming by this afternoon. Dave
  3. Howdy Smokn Bio, I honestly don't know if it will support a Cummins, I have had big block Chevy and Ford engines on it but never someting as long and heavy as a Cummins 6 cylinder. Dave
  4. Howdy All, Stock shocks, these shocks only have about 5,000 miles on them before I replaced them with Billstins, $100.00 for the full set of four shocks. Pick them up at my home a couple of miles outside of Granite Falls, WA three six 0-three 33- two 888 Dave
  5. Howdy All, ALL PARTS ARE FROM A 2018 Can Am Maverick X3 XRC, these parts will fit on any of the 72" wide X3 models. Stock upper and lower A-arms is GREAT condition with ball joints and lower A-arm factory skid plates, $200.00 for the full set. Seats in GREAT condition $75.00 After market tie rods in GREAT condition, $40.00 Stock rear radius rods full set of 6 rods $75.00 Pickup parts at my home a couple of miles outside of Granite Falls, WA 3 six 0-three 33-two 888 Dave
  6. Howdy All, FOUR used tires 50% tread. One tire has plugs still holds air the other three are in great shape all would make great spares. $100.00 for all four, $10.00 for the tire with plug, $30.00 for each of the other three. BRAND NEW NEVER MOUNTED Liberty tire, 30"x14"x10" that I had bought for a spare $150.00 Willing to make a package deal on all five tires $225.00 Pickup at my home a couple of miles outside of Granite Falls, WA 3 six 0-three 33- two 888 Dave
  7. Howdy All, DROPPED PRICES TO REFLECT LOWER PRICES ON THESE ITEMS WHEN BOUGHT NEW Cleaning out the garage getting rid of tools I no longer use, nice adjustable-rotating engine stand $55.00 Load Leveler to be used when pulling or installing engine tilt the load makes the job easy $25.00 ridge Reamer use to clear ridge from top of cylinder when rebuilding the engine $20.00 Package deal $95.00 for everything. Pick up at my home a couple of miles outside of Granite Falls, WA 3 six 0-3 three 3- two 888 Dave
  8. Howdy All, Going through the garage cleaning stuff out and came across this diff, Dana 60 Power-Loc, will work with LOW gear ratios, 35 spline, 1.5 diameter axles. This is a GOOD unit was in my Jeep before I installed the Detroit Locker. $50.00, pick it up at my place a couple of miles from Granite Falls, WA. Dave
  9. Howdy All, As one who has been afflicted the need for speed my whole life as I have gotten older and body reflexes have slowed I am a bit lighter on the throttle that said I still lust for MORE and appreciate it when I witness POWER in action. Going to the Freightliner as an RV tow vehicle made such a difference in comfort and the ability to just roll up the grades and coast down them without burning the brakes up, stepping up to the Peterbilt took this to a whole nother level. The Yeller Kitty under the Hood of the Pete, is rated at 550 horse power and 1,850 pounds of torque and it is way more then any sane person needs for my use but then again I nick named my first HDT "Semi-Sane" the Pete, is called "Semi-Sane II" that should settle the "sanity" part of the equation. If I were younger I would have a C-18 with at least a 1,000 horse power under the Hood, just because; I can't imagine what such a monster would be like to drive but you can bet your life on me dragging my gimped up body up into the cab and behind the wheel of such a beast and taking it to the limit "one more time". Dave
  10. Howdy All, Donna, and I, just returned home after a few days at one of the condo time share things she inherited, I was driving her turbo-charged PT Cruiser, which is a fun little family runabout. We were driving on State Hwy 2, east bound up and over Stevens Pass, which I have crossed many times in all kinds of vehicles to include a Dodge Ram 3500, the Freightliner, I used to tow with and the Pete, I now use. We were east bound out of Gold Bar, about a quarter mile behind a Pete 379 that was towing a 53 foot trailer, I have no idea if the trailer was loaded or empty. As Donna, was riding shotgun I was driving pretty conservatively and not once drove more then 5 miles per hour over the speed limit, that truck passed a few cars, was soon out of sight and topped the pass before we did and we didn't see it again until going down the east slope and spotted it sitting in the rest stop on the north side of the hwy. Even if dragging an empty trailer on that road and up that pass there must have been some serious horse power under that Hood, yeah power envy, I has it big time. Someday maybe I'll grow up and enjoy life in the slow lane, I hope NOT. Dave
  11. Howdy All, Back in the olden days when I drove a Ram dually, I had just about every Torklift product made on the truck, they all worked very well and installation was FREE if you bought the product at their store, also had the B&W companion 5th wheel hitch another great product. Dave
  12. Howdy All, I NEED a ball joint tool. What I really need is the screw C-clamp press itself as I'll have to make adapters to fit my intended use. So if you have an old ball joint press even if its missing some pieces I would like to buy it. Thanks Dave 3 six zero - 3 three 3 - 2 eight 8 eight
  13. Howdy Mark, Got room for an old Bomber and his little truck? 😉 Dave
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