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  1. Howdy All, I won’t be able to make it this year I am getting my left knee replaced on August 12th the right one will be done 6 weeks later so I ‘ll be pretty gimped up for a while. Have FUN everyone. Dave
  2. Howdy srt6, They don't spell out what the restriction are they just leave it up to the individual towns and county's to decide what is and what is not legal. Dave
  3. Howdy srt6, The money grubbing ba$tards that run (ruin ) this State are in it for nothing other then taking money from the taxpayers anyway they can so they can spend it on crack whores and illegals, if that makes me a hardhearted racist so be it I am tired of this $hit. Remember when the State controlled the liquor and was against pot, when they couldn't make money on the booze all of a sudden pot was OK cuzz they could tax it. Same thing with this so caled restricted license plate, take your money but won't allow you access. Walker Valley, oh yes the land of rock, roots and ruts, many years ago I played there often have the scars to prove it. I haven't been up there for years but looking a the maps online it looks like SxS are pretty much restricted to the roads and a couple of 4x4 trails. East of the hump more are is open, if it weren't so darn cold over there I would move to northeastern Washington, northern Idaho or western Montana. Dave
  4. Howdy Gary, I remember riding the Ural on the trails over there during one of the summer bomber camping weekends, had a great time. Until they locked everything up in my area I used to be able to ride or drive out of my yard and within a 3/4 of a mile get onto logging roads and ride for hundreds of miles, that's all gone now, pi$$s me off. Dave
  5. Howdy srt6, Yes I have the "Restricted" license plate, the street legal light kit and full coverage insurance and the ORV tag. Good ole Peoples Republik of Washington, they'll take your money for a plate, force you to spend money making the rig street legal, force insurance and then tell you that its up to the individual county or city if you can drive the rig on the street. For example, I live two miles fromGranite falls, I can legally drive the rig IN Granite falls, but its illegal to drive it on the road to get there, also can't legally drive on the forest service roads in my area, east of the Cascades its legal to drive them on most secondary roads and forest service roads. I don't mind buying the plate and having insurance but to spend that money and then be denied access is total bs due to the mind set of the damned seattlites. Dave
  6. Howdy Woodenhead, Many years ago when I was still semi-flexble I rode dual sport motorcycles on the Green Dot Roads in eastern Washington bu that was a long time ago I am sure half of them are locked up by now. Dave
  7. Howdy Mark, I really don't think I am going to be much of a dune driver, I have done some but its really not my thing I much prefer hard trails and open desert terrain where you have many different things to ride through over or around. This thing comes with 172hp right out of the box I have not yet needed anywhere near that much to drive the terrain I have so far encountered, if I were racing or climbing huge dunes I can see where more power would be nice or needed, I must be getting old, this thing is plenty powerful as it is. Dave
  8. Howdy Woodenhead, I have been checking the forecast, supposed to be in the mid 60's and NO rain, I sure could use a bit of that. Dave
  9. Howdy All, Now that I have a new toy a Can AM Maverick X3 RC, just wondering if any other Bombers play with such vehicles and if they have any favorite places to go in the NorWet. This weekend if all goes well I'll be going over to Moses Lake, with some friends to ride over there,never been there before so it will all be new to me, hope we have decent weather. Dave
  10. mr. cob


    Howdy All, Trailer trash like me would never be allowed in a place like that, but it would be fun to rollin at 3:AM with the Jake on full and the air horn blaring just to wake up the folks working the gate. Yes, I am a Cob, you folks already know that. Dave
  11. mr. cob

    Super sweet Kawasaki ZX14

    Howdy All, I am to gimped up to ride my R1, yes I still have it, but years ago I had a ZX11-D, at that time the fastest production bike on the planet, I never did have the balls to let that bugger run flat out but I did try a couple of times. The ZX14, is something I could still ride but I just can't justify another bike when I am trying to thin the herd I already have to feed. Dave
  12. mr. cob

    Getting out of hobby-R/C Aiplane liquidation

    Howdy chief jack, I have always wanted to fly model planes but have the fear of spending a lot of money and then crashing and ruining the plane the first time I try it out. 60 years ago I built a small .049 gas powered cars and boats what a mess that fuel was to work with. The new electric stuff has interested me but again my fear of crashing has kept me from getting into it. Dave
  13. Howdy Mark, Its on the calendar, if I am in the area I'll be there. Dave
  14. mr. cob

    Guess who??

    Howdy MSquare, The very first question out of most folks mouths when we pull into a campground is, "How do you get that car up there?" My smart a$$ answer is I wait until four people ask the question then we all grab a corner and lift it, that usually gets a laugh then I tell them about the ramps. The Smart Car weight about 1,900 pounds so it would take some pretty BIG fellows to lift it. Dave
  15. Howdy All, I was looking through the photos taken during my last long trip, 7, 042 miles and came across this short video taken whilst traveling north on Hwy 93 out of Las Vegas. If you don't like Classic Country Music, turn your speakers OFF. Dave