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  1. mr. cob


    Howdy All, Trailer trash like me would never be allowed in a place like that, but it would be fun to rollin at 3:AM with the Jake on full and the air horn blaring just to wake up the folks working the gate. Yes, I am a Cob, you folks already know that. Dave
  2. mr. cob

    Super sweet Kawasaki ZX14

    Howdy All, I am to gimped up to ride my R1, yes I still have it, but years ago I had a ZX11-D, at that time the fastest production bike on the planet, I never did have the balls to let that bugger run flat out but I did try a couple of times. The ZX14, is something I could still ride but I just can't justify another bike when I am trying to thin the herd I already have to feed. Dave
  3. mr. cob

    Getting out of hobby-R/C Aiplane liquidation

    Howdy chief jack, I have always wanted to fly model planes but have the fear of spending a lot of money and then crashing and ruining the plane the first time I try it out. 60 years ago I built a small .049 gas powered cars and boats what a mess that fuel was to work with. The new electric stuff has interested me but again my fear of crashing has kept me from getting into it. Dave
  4. Howdy Mark, Its on the calendar, if I am in the area I'll be there. Dave
  5. mr. cob

    Guess who??

    Howdy MSquare, The very first question out of most folks mouths when we pull into a campground is, "How do you get that car up there?" My smart a$$ answer is I wait until four people ask the question then we all grab a corner and lift it, that usually gets a laugh then I tell them about the ramps. The Smart Car weight about 1,900 pounds so it would take some pretty BIG fellows to lift it. Dave
  6. Howdy All, I was looking through the photos taken during my last long trip, 7, 042 miles and came across this short video taken whilst traveling north on Hwy 93 out of Las Vegas. If you don't like Classic Country Music, turn your speakers OFF. Dave
  7. Howdy Woodenhead, YES, I like it. Dave
  8. Howdy livingez_123, I paid BIG money to go from 16 inch to 17.5 three years ago, I have no idea if a person can get a 19.5 wheel with the correct offset for the trailer. If this is something that is possible I am sure some of the folks I know who tow trailers that weigh much more then mine would have done it. Dave
  9. Howdy Paul, I went to Les Schwab and Discount tire, neither place stocked this tire it would have to be special ordered, Schwab wanted 603 dollars for the tire, Discount wanted 597 and couldn't guarantee a tire that would be less then FIVE YEARS OLD, most of the tires they sell come out of a warehouse back in the midwest and are old stock that other dealers won't handle. The tire is covered by the Goodyear warranty good at any Goodyear dealer anywhere in the country. I have been buying tire from Schwab for the last 30 years but their price on this tires was crazy, it wouldn't have been cost effective to buy it from Schwab as I travel many States that Schwab dosn't cover so why pay the extra money. Dave
  10. Howdy All, Well I got a tire, I went online and looked, prices all over the place the cheapest was from Simple Tire some warehouse in the midwest $383.00 shipped to my door. Looked local and the cost of the tire ranged from 575 to 675 dollars for ONE tire, Les Schwab wanted 726 dollars installed. I called a long time friend of mine who owns Snohomish Transmission in Monroe and asked Rick if he could recommend a local tire shop that didn't rip you off he said call Purcell and talk to them so I did. Long story short new tire mounted, balanced taxes disposal fees and a NEW state recycle fee out the door price $423.68 the tire only cost 303 dollars the rest is fees taxes mount and balance. So if your looking for tires give these folks a call you WILL save money "Purcell Tire and Service" in Monroe WA, 360-805-5049 Oh and another thing, when I was shopping online for a tire I asked what the build date of the tire would be every person I talked to told me that the tire would not be older the FIVE YEARS OLD and probably not newer then FOUR YEARS OLD. That's why they are selling them cheap no reputable local tire shop would sell you a tire that old, at tire has a useful life even if its rarely used on the road, I would wager that 90% of the tires used on any type of RV will age out long before they wear out. about 7 years, 8 years MAXIMUM before they are dried out it dosen't matter how much tread is on it an old tire is going to fail its just a matter of when. Dave
  11. Howdy Gary, Thanks for tip, I have never bought anything other then motorcycles tires on line I'll check this out. Dave
  12. Howdy All, When the rear spring bolt feel out on the passenger side of my trailer it caused the axle to shift and in so doing ruined the tire. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get a decent price on one of these very expensive tires? I can buy one online and have it shipped to the house for free at a cost of $388.00 That's close to two hundred bucks less then anyone I have contacted will sell the tire and by the time it mounted and balanced the price is darn close to 700 bucks. I don't want to buy it online as I won't have a clue how old the tire is until I get it, I am sure to sell such a tire so much cheaper then a tire shop the tires have to be old and close to their expiration date. I put to many miles on tires to buy one that's 4-5 years old before I put it on but at the same time I want to get as good a deal as I can on a current tire. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks. Dave
  13. mr. cob

    Guess who??

    Howdy Mark, I think the deal with toy haulers having large fresh water tanks is they know your going to get dirty so they try to give you some water to stay reasonably clean if your out for a while. Dave
  14. mr. cob

    Guess who??

    Howdy Gary, 20,000 gross, 4,500 carrying capacity. 165 gallons fresh water, 50 black 80 gray in the bath, 30 in the kitchen, I up graded to 17.5 tires and wheels so it'll carry the weight and then some and still be safe. Dave
  15. mr. cob

    Guess who??

    Howdy Gary I do as you do to your trailer my freash water tank holds 165 gallons and even when opening the large dump valve it still takes a while to empty It had stopped draining at the rest stop but past experience has proven it still had considerable water in it and the only way to get it out was to drive home with the valve open Dave