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  1. I'll throw this on the calendar. Would be good to see everyone.
  2. It really can be that simple. My 98 had the same symptoms. Changed out the sensor and all was good.
  3. Or the compressor could be going. My 98 acted similar when the compressor was going out.
  4. The 6.4's have had some problems with the injectors sticking, same as Cummins CR engines. The earlier jobs have had some head gasket issues, but I hear they resolved that by job 3's. There are some other issues and can be found with a search on the internet. The suck part is that the cab has to come off on some of the repairs. With that being said, I have read and heard that if you remove the DPF, EGR, and put a tuner on the truck, it is a very reliable vehicle. We shall see....... Working on a 6.4 is expensive though.
  5. Thanks Jeff. Save your pennies.... they are proud of these rigs. I was talking to someone the other day and they were telling me that they saw a Ford truck that was going for close to 100k. Don't know if he was exaggerating, but it wouldn't surprise me.
  6. Painful. Glad everyone walked away.
  7. Hey Robert. Last time I saw you, you had a white Ford IIRC.
  8. Dang near. Tailgate has a pull out step with grab bar
  9. Initially I was on the fence on buying it, but the amount of cab room and comfort made my decision for me. I am still learning about all of the options this thing has. Appreciate all the compliments. Hoss, my red Dodge was a 3500 and this Ford is a 2500. I couldn't believe how much more stout the Ford front ends look (tie rods, etc.) Nice looking rig Torque.
  10. You should have our correct one as it has never changed. I'll resend it to you.
  11. The parts will start falling off by this weekend. Man those tuners are spendy. Mileage is around 12 right now. Yes it has an auto tranny. Can't tell you how many times I have jumped in it, being used to a stick and slapping my left foot on the floorboard. 6.4's have their issues, but I'm doing some things to make it more reliable.
  12. I know I haven't been around for awhile. Been very busy with work and life. Anyway, I had a guy approach me that wanted my truck and had cash, so I had to buy something else. Be gentle, please........
  13. I am in need of one too. EBay has them. Also you can check other sites in their classifieds for people parting out their wrecked trucks.
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